Apr. 28, 2007

Like a lot of Newfoundlanders,growing up in a town of about 300 people at its prime.Moving away from home to find work after finishing school was inevitable.But there's that connection that's always there.It draws you back to the peaceful setting that every little town has to offer.No matter how far away you are.That call to come home can be felt deep in your bones.Pulling you to the smell of the salty mists riding on the ocean breeze.That's what i miss the most.
Pacquet today is even quieter.Just a few fisherman and retired couples.Houses sit empty becouse whole families hand to pack up and go to find work.Its a shame these isolated communities along Newfoundland's coast have to be abandoned.Families up-rooted from there homes because the provincial infrastructure could no longer afford to service these small areas.I'm not blaming the government.Newfoundland as a whole suffers from isolation from Canada's Cost conscience industries.Maybe the federal gov. can help that.

Current and former residents are welcome to add facts and history about the town of Pacquet.
- Jride11

Apr. 27, 2007

I am looking for a needle in a haystack and was wondering if I could get some online help. My brother is buried somewhere in Toronto, he died August 20, 1965. I am looking for a list of cemetaries to contact or his obituary. I realize this is one big task but any hints or leads as to where to start would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much
- StarryOne

Apr. 26, 2007

We would like to know if Greig Lake is good for fishing. We are looking for a place that is good to take our grandchildren, and they love to catch fish.
- poole11
Thinking about moving to the area, can anyone tell me more about the place?
- victoriarose

Apr. 25, 2007

Am looking for any descendants of john priestman strong who was born in britain on 14 june 1859 and died in battleford or north battleford in 1922. He had 6 children mary e 11 Dec 1822,Esther 24 sep 1884, Meryl 06 Dec 1886, Fergus 08 nov 1888, Olga 15 Aug 1891 and Francis 16Jul 1901. I am trying to find my family history but as I am in Australia am finding it difficult. To anyone with any info my e-mail address is Here's hoping
- johnf
Looking for any Duvals in Nicolet
- ddpd

Apr. 24, 2007

I am looking for information on Donald Angus MacLeod born in Malartic on March 21, 1935. If anyone has information please let me know. I tried to place an ad in a newspaper but can't find a link to do so. I do not speak French so it may be a little tough. Thanks in advance
- StarryOne

Apr. 23, 2007

yeah to other people, hobbema is a very bad place!
but sure the news reporters only come to hobbema when theres a murder...makin it seem like compton jr.
but hobbema is really a nice place...not that much older people, dress them selves up nicely basically bcuz no-one in hobbema cares all about what other people say there just being watevr they want!
and theres a bunch of interesting people, and a bunch of kids who wander hobbema and they ain't scared of getting shot! that bcuz only gangs get shot!
and yeah theres basically every clique in hobbema for the kids there the punks jocks lozerz ghettos nerds!
but serioussly who cares these daya
- settledown
Hi my name is Douglas, I am looking for Alistair and Anne Maclennann who emigrated to Canada from Scotland. Alistair has a brother William and a sister Christine. If this is you or you know of them could you please ask them to get in touch with us.

Regards Douglas
- dougie78

Apr. 22, 2007

Are there any cabins to rent at Stablers Point campground?
- maripohl
I lived in Geraldton from 1945 until 1959. I went to St. Joseph's Catholic school and Geraldton High School.
My mother was a home maker and my father was on the OPP force.
I think that Geraldton is a wonderful community and I have very fond memories of growing up there.
- Flossie
lol, theatres-none, grocery stores-1, lumber yard-1, theres about 10 churches, used to have lots of pizza places, but i think they've died down. Harrow doesn't really have any major franchises, Mac's variety store, godfathers pizza, and naples pizza. i think ive named them all. wineries are starting up in harrow, theres about 3 or 4 at the moment, we've got one of 19 agricultural research centres in canada. couple minutes from the beach. BUT GREAT PLACE TO GROW UP. im currently living out of harrow, but ive lived there my whole life.
- cmpragosa

Apr. 21, 2007

I don't know anything about Victoria other than what I've read in guide books, which has been very positive. I'm trying to find out more.
- mainemom

Apr. 20, 2007

I was hoping to find out something about Shubenacadie....we're thinking of moving there and wonder about the community, arts, education, etc.
- tpmvf
I was born and raised in Woodstock, graduated from high school there in 1960. I started my radio career in Woodstock with Radio Station CJCJ and then went on to Ryerson University and worked in radio all over the Maritimes and in Toronto.
The Woodstock of today is vastly different from my heyday when we used to go "down to the island", Island Park in the Saint John River.
Olde Home Week was a great time and everyone got potato picking near the Fall.
I am coming up to 48 years in broadcasting and would love dearly to retire in Woodstock.
- dmcraig
Scots Bay is great if you want to pick nice rocks ... At low tide, you can hunt for and find agates and quartz (I was told the occasional amethyst can be found, but I've yet to find one there ...)

You will often see peeple there with buckets, searching for nice rocks ...

At the end of the Scots Bay Road, is beginning of the trail that leads out to the end of Cape Split; a two hour trek out and two hour trek back ...
- Hlfxdan
I am looking for any information on Donald Angus MacLeod born in Malartic Quebec on March 31, 1935. If anyone knows any information or can point me in the right direction to find him please let me know. Thanks so much in advance
- StarryOne
There are so many memories of growing up in Willow Bunch that I dont even know where to start.
- sage55601

Apr. 19, 2007

looking for a family who would have adopted a girl by the name of Francoise Gerlinger she would be my father in laws twin sister please any info will be
- Janine

Apr. 18, 2007

I am moving to young this summer. any information on anything from employment, to activities anything would be appreciated
- mciverangel
I moved to Elmvale at a very young age, and I grew up there leaving when i was 19. Elmvale holds the best memories of my life. For some people reading this they will know what Im talking about when I say I worked at the Oylmpic Flame restaurant my whole time in high school. I had the most amazing friends, there was a big group of us, Cindy Ritchie, Donna Moreau, Vikki Dempster, Randy Abrey, Jason Desroches, Leigh Ann Richards, Brad Kenny, Grant Adamason, and so many more. Some of these people are still a part of my life today, ten years later, some I have lost contact with, but they will always be a part of the best time in my life. House parties, bush parties, keg fests (haha), the fairs, it just didn't get any better than that. I try to make it home as often as possible, Im in Edmonton now. Elmvale is the best place to live, and it is the place where I met all my best friends.
- sugar78

Apr. 17, 2007

I lived in Wembley for about 5 or so years so i know a bit about how this little town works :)
It can be a pretty happening town for such a little place. The people are wonderful there and very friendly. Its easy to make friends being as everyone knows everyone.
There are so many things that i miss about Wembley. When i lived there i was young and had lots of friends and we would go down to Sunset Park and hang out or we would go on long walks on the backroads around Wembley to pass the day time away and talk... Yaa i miss those days... and boy do i miss the people
- Keylah
I would like some pictures of of Francis for my uncle he was born their Redman was his last name
- colt

Apr. 16, 2007

I want to thank the two kind gentlemen that helped my husband on Saturday. We were visiting the home show at the arena and my husband went for a ride on his scooter to see the river. Unfortunately when he turned around his scooter slid backwards down a steep embankment towards the river. The two gentlemen on bikes stopped and helped get the scooter off of my husband and made sure he was not injured.
The people of Walkerton are so friendly and kind and I just wanted to pass this on.
I tried to write this in a letter to the editor but could not find a link in the Herald's website.
If you could forward this to them it would be great.
Thanks again
Carol Walberg
Port Elgin
- CarolWalberg
some ifo about the cost of housing or lots to put a new mobile [16x80] on would be helpfull.
Also tax costs.
- dougsimoneau
Between 1910 & 1914 my great grandparents, Anders Johan Johannessen (aka Andrew Johnson) and his wife, Katrine Eriksen operated a Hunt Camp at Mileage 45. The location was between Shawanaga and Pointe au Baril. At that time there were no roads. Travel was by train. Off the train at Shawanaga one had to walk 3 miles to Mileage 45. I have some photos which I believe to be of an "historical" nature which I will submit.
- mileage45

Apr. 15, 2007

Looking to find info regarding Rosthern. I'm hoping to relocate to Sask in 2008.
- m2aria
what is it like in Bolye
is this a good place to visit
- snail101

Apr. 14, 2007

I would like to know about the lifestyle in Harrow, Movie theaters, churches, demographics, shopping ie: lumber, auto, groceries, pharmacy, Canadian Tire, Walmart, etc.
- albert
This is a question. My father and grandfather and uncles served in WW2. My question is that there is supposed to be some kind of a memorial plaque in Coldbrook. Their last name is Wood....first names are Alexander 1 & 2, Andrew and William. Does anyone know where I would go to look for this plaque?
- sheilaw

Apr. 11, 2007

I am trying to find accommodations for the summer (from April 30 to August 31), preferably in Pine Falls, MB or in nearby locations (Powerview, Great Falls, St. Georges, Lac Du Bonnet). A bachelor, basement apartment would be ideal. I am a quiet, clean and neat, female university student. I have a well behaved, neutered, indoor, male cat. If you have (or know of) an available place please send me an e-mail:

Thank you!
- PineCone

Apr. 10, 2007

Elmvale is my home town, and i am home town proud. Even though this town sucks ... to grow up in, i realized how much i missed it when i went away to school. From the fall fair to the maple syrup festival, to stealing pumpkins from randoms ppls houses...yeah all fun. We have good parties and everyone knows everyone and is not a hate thing. We all love each other. I feel at home when im here. The best part about elmvale is Steelers. I love that place. When i was the cricklewood i grew up there. thats where we went every day almost. It changed to steelers and it became my new home and a awesome bar to have fun at and have good times with all the regulars. Well elmvale im moving home and i will never ever abandon you again. Elmvale is my home...and im proud to say soo!c
- ElmvaleGurl05

Apr. 9, 2007

lived on alice street thornbury from 1945 to 1957
John Walter
- johnwalter

Apr. 8, 2007

On Good Friday I visted Mountain Grove for the second time, the first being in 1963 when my father and I attended the wake of his aunt Ada Price. My wife and I visted my cousin Clark Price whom I had not seen since then. We later visited the Olden Pioneer Cemetery where some of my ancesters were buried. I saw for the first time the graves of my great great grandparents Nicholas Price and Mary Sanderson and my great grandfather Daniel Price to name a few. My grandfather Frank Price was born there however he and my grandmother Lillian Sproule are buried in Brockville ON.
My wife and I were quite impressed with the area and plan to go back. The next time I will plan to take the rest of my family there as well.
Paul Price
Kingston ON
- PaulPrice

Apr. 6, 2007

Looking for anyone who has information about the Hawkins family of Kenville, Manitoba. Please email
- minnow
Lucky Lake property
- luckylake
I lived there from 1999 to 2004
Wonderful people,and wonderful village
- bobjac

Apr. 4, 2007

I am researching the Gesiorek ( genshorek) name from back in the 1930's
- genshorek

Apr. 2, 2007

I lived in Elsa when i was a child and It was the bestr experience to date in my life. It was a real community not like the towns and cities i have come to know recently. i would love if some one could please send me some pics or even info on Elsa Yukon as i miss her dearly. I do plan commin up there in a year or two Please send to Dannica Turner 1984-1989 At thx
- Dannica
Who is the Earl of Loreburn?
- beancounter
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