Aug. 28, 2007

Hope to visit it for first time this Fall.
- gv1305

Aug. 27, 2007

hi i recently painted a picture of the tornado that tuched down in elie manitoba and i was woundering if any one was interested in buying it
- gardeninggal
Will pay to have your DNA done if you are a Kennedy and your family has lived in Balcarres for over 50 years.

- cjomason
This is CJ, still looking for a Kennedy from Balcarres.

- cjomason

Aug. 25, 2007

hi i am just looking for a web site about lewisporte. i am from there but been gone for a few years now so if you know of a good site please send it to me thanks
- james1970

Aug. 24, 2007

I am looking for info on Steven Cadillac and his wife Pauline. They were my grandparents. They were from Winnipeg and moved to Dysart, Sask. sometime after 1912.My dad Bill Cadillac, told me that his dad was Sheriff and undertakerr of this little town and that he'd helped to build the school and the house my dad and his 3 siblings lived in. My grandfather was also an alcoholic who beat his wife and eventually shot himself in the head. My grandmother packed up and left for Vancouver where my sister and I were born and raised. In the 50's my parents and my sister and I went to Dysart for a holiday. I, even at the young age of 8 was so in love with the town that I have never forgot it. I have always wondered about the history. I told my kids that I have an urge to move there someday. I want to find out if this story is true. If anybody can help me I would suely appreciate it. Thankyou. Barb
- luggalot
Hi, This is CJ. I don't think my husband is your brother, because he is too old and we know the birth mother. We are still looking for someone to go to the highschool and look up Kennedys that would have graduated in the years 1947-1952.

- cjomason
my husband and I might be moving to maple creek, saskatchewan and I was wondering what it's like to live there? Any comments? We will be moving with our two youngest boys ages 11 and 2. Is it a good place for kids?
I have a coin like madallion with Green River on one side.
This side has a horse shoe in behind and a four leaf clover.
On the other side is, a horse in a stable with a sadle on and a man beside it. The man has no head, which i cant tell if it was worn off, or just wasn't there to begin with. There is no date on this and it is maybe copper?
Ever heard of such a coin?
- squartermain

Aug. 23, 2007

The name of the school, was called St. Mary`s.
I attended that school from grade one to grade seven. That is as high a grade you could attend at the school when I was there. Most of the classrooms were comprised of two grades. I remember it as grade one, in one class. Then 3 & 4 in another. Then 5 & 6, with grade seven on it`s own.
I lived on the street that ended at the school, on the opposite side from the church.
It was called St Joseph street, at that time. The street went from the woods to three blocks to the school. The nuns had a house that was built next to the school where they were some of the teachers.

Aug. 22, 2007

Is there a Dancause falls in St.Pascal or near by.
I have a picture that was given to me. It is a picture of two water falls, next to each other.
My wife's grandmother was a Dancause. They said they were raised near Dancause Falls.
Question; Is there such a place.
Dan Desrosiers
Manchester, NH
- DanDesrosiers

Aug. 21, 2007

My mother was a warbride and my father was a goldminer in Geralton. Geralton was moms first home in Canada and I remember the stories they told of living there. My brothers were both born there as well. When the mine closed they came to Toronto as did my aunt and uncle and several of their friends. My parents were Edward"Canuck" Tremblay and Madeline Tremblay. Feel free to drop me a line at
Theresa Tremblay
- TTremblay
stores for clothing called laubainerie concept mode
- glow
I was wondering if anyone knows of the old fellow how had all of the old cars around the edges of his yard... we visited him a few years ago and he was so nice ... he was a friend of our family who have also since passed away... I heard he passed away... is there any way to contact his family?
- danielcyr

Aug. 19, 2007

Located in Southeastern Labrador, Canada, St. Lewis is a fishing town, mainly supported by a snow crab processing plant and the fishers who fish for crab.
Origionally named Fox Harbour, the name of the town was changed to St. Lewis when it got its first Post Office in the early 1950's.
The town is incoporated and offers full services. A modern school, clinic, retail stores, gas station, airport and docking facilities and is connected by a 29 km. gravel all waether road to the Trans Labrador Highway.
Because of its stragetic location St. Lewis has a Loran-C Station operated by the Canadian Coastguard, a marine radio station and a television and radio station operated by the CBC.
- calpol

Aug. 18, 2007

looking for land in Albert Canyon, can you help?
- skiisandbums
I understand that there is a new waterfront development happening at your old Marina. Could you tell me the name of the developer. Or, how to locate the real Estate Agency selling the units.
- LDHill

Aug. 17, 2007

Thinking about moving to Warkworth, any advise on living in the country, about the town, progressive? or not? Things to do?
- newkid
Best fair in eastern ontario!!! One admission price includes all day ride ticket!!! Price to get in is 15.00. Also, they have an awesome Greasy Pig contest for kids under 10. This event packs the bleachers! Come and enjoy the best fair around!
- mlamont

Aug. 14, 2007

I'm new to this and would like to know if people can swim,fish and boat in Chip lake?

It seem to have a whitish deposit around the edges. What is that? thanks.
- lcurley

Aug. 13, 2007


I'm on my way to Tamagami for a camping, fishing and digital photo shoot. I expect to stay in the region for approximately 3 to 4 weeks... I will have something to show and tell later.

- GreyOwl

Aug. 12, 2007

I am thinking about relocating to Wolfville in two years. Can anyone give me the pros and cons?
- staciak

Aug. 10, 2007

Roberts Creek B.C is haunted, I am looking for anyone who has information on the Goon salon or any sicknesses that may have struck in history here. The core of the creek al around the Gumboot cafe, Roberts Creek Traiding co and Le Boudoir Vintage are al haunted by a number of spirits. If you have even scenced this or know who any of them are please contact me.. Thanks
- Jemmagoes2town

Aug. 9, 2007

looking for anyone who new Kate and Tom Lee who lived in Lingan during early 40's.
- Jaylee

Aug. 8, 2007

i've never been there but i'm planning an amazing trip and am really excited to get to explore the geological aspects of the county
- clara

Aug. 7, 2007

looking for u fish pond
- dggatehouse

Aug. 6, 2007

I would like to know about this village because my ancestors are from there
- suemoe

Aug. 5, 2007

I live in the French island of Brehat and would like to establish contacts with anyone who could help me to investigate historical links between Brehat and Great Brehat
- jlallez

Aug. 4, 2007

whats businesses are in St. Claude?? Do I want to move there??
- jezebel

Aug. 3, 2007

Is there anything in here
- RonDelPino

Aug. 1, 2007

Know any good Sushi restaruants on Winson Churchill?
- Dougmac
My mother was from Argentia. Her father was Alphonsus Keats, mother was MAry Roche. Looking for information on the family. Alphonsus died in 1917, her mom also the same year. Had a cousin Father Leo Keats. Would appreciate any information
- Carol48
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