Jul. 31, 2007

I am interested in buying a home for my retirement.

Home must be livable.

Please respond to: minerveh AT
- waggie
I am interested in buying a home for my retirement in Cadillac.

House must be livable.

Please respond ASAP to: minerveh AT
- waggie
i have been trying for months now to find out how the silver islet cemetery looked around the time of the mine closing. have been to the cemetery recently, and while it is eerily pretty, there is almost nothing left of the 60 or so burial sites that were once there. it's a shame really. i would be very grateful if anyone had any info on the cemetery, or any suggestions on where to find the info. amazingly, the local libraries and even the net have been not at all helpful.
thanks a bundle! cheers!
- polly30

Jul. 29, 2007

Many Memories in Young when I lived there as child in the 30''s
- fpetura

Jul. 28, 2007

I am looking for any information about my grandfather, Steven / Stephen Cadillac. He was born in winnipeg and brought his 4 children and wife, Pauline to Dysart where they lived for several years and my dad and siblings would tell me very little about Dysart. Apparently my grandpa was the sheriff, and undertaker in the teens of 1900. He apparently built the church and school house. My parents took my sister and I to Dysart when I was about 7 and we had dinner at the house my dad lived in. I fell in love with the little town. My aunts and uncle and my dad are all gone now and the dark secret came out. My grandpa used to beat his wife a lot as he was an alcoholic. He then shot himself in the head and my grandma packed up with 4 kids in tow and came to Vancouver with nothing. Has anybody got any stories of this? Thank you Barb Hall nee Cadillac
- shooter
Metlakatla is my home town. I love it so much. I have lived there all my 12 years of living. IT ISS AWESOME
- kylee

Jul. 27, 2007

Looking for others who lived or have lived in L asalle who are in my age bracket 45-55 who i mite have known.Havnt been that way since mid 80s.Would like to catchup.Kevin
- rivetman25
I grew up in Belmont. Born in March 1964 and left in Oct 1982. Great small town and I often wonder where all my old classmates are now?
- trimarkvs

Jul. 25, 2007

Hello my name is Tina Kennedy, and I am from the Balcarres area, my parents live there presently there was a post in the blog that someone was looking for the Kennedys from the Balcarres area, his name was CJ and was contributed by Cjomason on June 18th of 2007 which was a month ago, if you are the person who put this blog up please let me know, so we can see if you are my brother and if me and family who are you are looking for!!

- kennedy78

Jul. 24, 2007

Looking for current info on Sultan. Is Michelle Roussy still there? Is Fern's still there? Harvey and Karen Barnes still there?
- Kanunorth
The Joust A Family Faire was a success! Although there wasn't a huge crowd, those who attended had a great time and helped to raise some money toward the continued running of the Cartier Community Centre and the Cartier Recreation Committee. There was a bit of rain so the joust, the race and the dance had to be held inside the centre, but games of skill, the sword and archery did take place outside... between the rain drops! There are already plans in the works for next year and hopes for better weather! Watch here for news of next year's Joust A Family Faire.
- lordraegon
I'm thinking about going to Cow Head this August with my family (2 girls - 7 and 10 yrs and 2 adults). We're renting a cottage that is right in Cow Head. Is it is good place to visit for a family? We're looking for relaxation, beachcombing, hiking (easy) and bird/animal spotting.
- carina7

Jul. 23, 2007

Would like to see discription and info for lake front cottages for sale in Seba Beach.
- melody

Jul. 22, 2007

it is a very nice place to visit, i grew up there,and really nice people
- bstnncy

Jul. 21, 2007

I was born there in 1945 and am interested in knowing how the town is now
- bornthere
To anyone familiar with the area of Maniwaki . . .

I am looking for the name and exact location of the native cemetery located somewhere in Maniwaki.

Thank you to any help with my quest !
- hhg724

Jul. 19, 2007

I need your help!
My name is Melody and in 1977, I was with my mother in Rocklyn. She was, if I remember right, opening an arena. Her name was Marg Osburne and she passed away that night. There were some wonderful people who helped us that night but unfortunatly, my memories after she died are not very good. There was a family who took us out to their farm later and I would like to contact them to say thank you. Anyone who could point me in the direction would be great.
Thank you

- skylitesinger
Hi, My family and I just moved here from Saint John 2 months ago. I really think it is a beautiful place. I was wondering where the community meets and what sort of things they do together. I keep getting Tamouth news or Stanley but I don't seem to hear too much about Durham.
- dream

Jul. 18, 2007

What I want to know is why we don't have access to any events except for kids or older seniors. Is there any social clubs besides bars (which I hate), or card playing (which I hate.
- FranAndree

Jul. 17, 2007

We visited about 2yrs ago at a Family Reunion..wasn't too crazy about the reunion but loved the town !!
- lpiascik

Jul. 16, 2007

I am searching for relatives in this area...Joseph Aquela Proulx...father perhaps Joe/Joseph Proulx and his mothers name started with a V, perhaps Victoria...He was born around 1892 and came to the US aboard the D&W Ferry. He lived with an uncle(that was supposedly wealthy before leaving to come to the US) because his mother passed away and his father remarried and he disliked his stepmother(this was the story in our family) He wrote to a sister back in Canada perhaps a Catherine or Victoria...All the information that we have is very vague..I am looking to find anything. My grandfather is in his 80's and I would love to provide him with any information regarding his fathers side of the family...Please Help!
- stephieburton
I am trying to find Pat and Gerald Letourneau. I knew Pat when we both worked in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Pat sang at my wedding. We are coming back to Edmonton from Mexico to redo our vows after 20 years of marriage. We want to invite Pat and Gerald to join us and see if Pat would do us the honor again of singing for us. If anyone knows Pat and Gerald could you ask them to contact me. My email address is and I have a Toronto Vonage phone number (1-416-619-9310) that rings into our home in Lake Chapala Mexico. Thank you if you can help. Appreciate it. Marie
- marie99

Jul. 15, 2007

I would like to hunt waterfowl near the Mossbank area this fall. I am looking for a place to stay and info on the area. What are the major species of birds and how hard is it to find a place to hunt?
- yeadonjt
I'm trying to find out the history of the hamlet of Torrington.
I understand it was named after the town in England. Can anyone give me more info.
- Gilmore

Jul. 13, 2007


This is for GENEALOGY information on my family that is buried in the "Cimetiere Ste-Famille de Kenogami". I am looking for someone that could photograph this burial site for me.

My fathers name is Joseph "Roger" Dery, born February 3, 1924, died June 2, 1967. His parents Hidola and Yvonne (Fortin) Dery, uncle E. Devost are all buried side by side plots. I would appreciate the area photographed either by "digital" or "film". And I would be willing to pay a fee for this.

I hope that you will be able to help me with my request. This is very important to me and greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Florence Dery
fdery AT
- Florence

Jul. 12, 2007

i heard a rumor that somebody is bulding a cinima in didsbury
eny ideas?
- spott
I'm trying to find out information about the house that the Mielicke's lived in in the early 1800. I understand it is opened to the public some. I would like a picture to show Myrtle Mielicke who was born there Feb. 1, 1904. Can you tell me the name of the house and where I might find a picture? Thanks so much. Myrtle would be THRILLED!
- DianeHa

Jul. 11, 2007

I'm trying to find the exact location of the Riverside Cemetery in Chatham. I believe relatives of mine are buried there. Irvine/Mather who arrived in Chatham circa 1862 from Fair Isle, Scotland.

Any help would be appreciated.

- Myrna

Jul. 9, 2007

anybody read my message , will be down Terence Bay on saturday july 14 th around 7pm halifax time ,, hope someone will be waitting a the cross roads near the school ,, ok

bye bye Dan will be there soon !!!
- MoiDaniel

Jul. 8, 2007

Hello all - I am planning to visit Seal Cove towards the end of July - especially want to see St. Swithin's Church, Seal Cove.

Does Anyone have additional information about this Parish??

Thanks very much!

Norman McMullen, President,
St. Swithun's Society,
Richmond Hill, Ontario
- Norman

Jul. 6, 2007

Just started a New Yahoo Group "Dungannon_Ontario_Canada"
Hope people interested in Dungannon and surrounding area will send in stories, pictures, information about the past, pressent and future. Not much info about Dungannon on the net. Hope to make Dungannon and Huron County be noticed and enjoyed.
Any one interested in Huron County please visit and join the group.
- Adrian1950

Jul. 4, 2007

Mattawa is a great place to live and to visit. So many things have improved in the last 10 years. I credit that to the young council and Mayor now in office. Good Work!
- GalBornInMattawa
I am looking for information on a Mr. Earl Bowers who was an elderly farmer from Kemptville, Ontario in the 1950's and 1960's. He would take an annual vacation to Vancouver on the Canadian National RR. I know he also was a fiddle player. Any other information would be welcome as I am writing a story based on him as a character and I would like to know more.

Thank you,
- mccrayla
Is there blue-green algae in the lake?
- freddyhemmings

Jul. 3, 2007

This is where I was brought up. Awesome place
- jdag
I would like to visit the Glenbush Heritage Centre - Tea Room on August 5th. Who may I contact. Thanks

Jul. 1, 2007

Whats happening for farming around Upper Granville
- Dave2
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