Mar. 30, 2007

I was born in Geraldton in 1941. It was a mining town then and my father was a miner.
- daisymae
I am hoping you may be
able to help me with some information on La Patrie. My mother, Eydie
Lanthier (and husband, Pierre Lanthier) have a La Patrie P.O. Box, but
they live in a more rural area, in the mountains near a ski resort area.

I am a former resident of New Orleans who has been displaced by the
Katrina & Rita disasters. I am currently living in New Mexico, and I am
desperate to get in touch with my mother, who has no idea where I am
living now. I have not been in touch with her since October of 2005. I
have no current address for her, and she has no phone.

I don't speak French, so it may be hard for me to reach any agencies
unless they can understand English. If you have ANY ideas on any agencies
I may contact, please let me know. I am
trying anyting to reach my mom. Thank you for any help. Blessings to you.

Jamie Joy Gatto
- jamiejoy

Mar. 28, 2007

looking for nice pictures
- bettyjo
Could someone from Smeaton please phone me about purchasing land or real estate there. My number is 306-291-2783
- jasonbru

Mar. 27, 2007


Read your blog seeking information on the Ferguson Farm at Drinkwater. The Fergusons are friends of mine and the barn you referred to still exists. For more information I can be reached at

Tom Hartney
- Tutone

Mar. 26, 2007

- mobsterz

Mar. 23, 2007

What do you like about living in Wyoming?
What would you do to make it better?
- juliew

Mar. 22, 2007

I used to live in Dalhousie Junction and now i am out in BC but growing up in the junction was awesome we had such good times there.... lots of memories!!
- taminbc

Mar. 21, 2007

Have never been to beaver lake , I am from airdrie alberta. want to go up and check out the pike fishing. where is some good water for pike, with campsite
- rdawes
Hi i am looking for some info on Newburgh about the waste service and schedule , thank you
- mmyner

Mar. 19, 2007

who is the mayor of bauline
- pammyann
what is paris like?
- parrot45

Mar. 17, 2007

Hi , Is Merigomish an Acadian settlement?
- BerthaAnn

Mar. 16, 2007

Sarnia is the best kept secret in all of Ontario.
I live in fear that the GTA crowd will discover our beautiful beaches and waterways and from then on summer week-ends in Sarnia would loose their laid back charm and tranquility.
I hope the GTA crowd will never find out what the Detroit week-enders have discovered about the Sarnia area already.
- Sarnian69years
Anyone able to tell me about the town of Plunkett?
How far from Manitou? good road into Mantiou in winter? Any jobs? Any good cheap housing available? What is the BEST thing you can say about Plunkett? The worst?
- gypsyjo

Mar. 15, 2007

For the past 15 years or so, I have owned a cottage on the bay and the river in Campbellton. I have come to call it "My Piece of Heaven." I find the town quiet, peaceful, friendly, and very picturesque. I have made some very nice friends there and hopefully one day I will retire there.
- Heidi
I am looking for information about Carol Ann Carter (the name might not be exactly right) who was the mother of James Hill. This is for my genealogical records. Supposedly she passed away about 1980 but I would like to confirm this and research her family background for my family tree.

Elaine Brown
- momma6

Mar. 14, 2007

lovely town to live an lovely people.
- mike45
woul like to know all the good things of craven, sk. that will eventually move to the small ltown. i am very tired of big city liveing and would like all the positives about craven. reak estate. houses for rent and acrerages.

am looking to move to craven in the next 2 !/2-3 years.not only that it is in close proximity to regina but also that it is located in the beautiful quapelle valley.
- beconiaguy8
I lived in dalhousie as a child in the 40s,when victoria st was called the inchaarn rd,and had no pavement.those were wonderful years.
- papabill
I am doing my family genealogy and find one of my grandfather's relatives was buried in Arrow River. Am happy to see it is in MB. Can anyone tell me how far from Neepawa this town is situated and the name of the cemeteries in the area.? Thanks.
- Janew

Mar. 12, 2007

endako is a small town in the middle of no where
if you blink you will miss nothing.

I lived in endako all my childlife, now that im an adult i dont
live there anymore.

There is nothing in endako , just a small bar. Most of the residents of endako and elderly,they are nice, but they like there quite.

there are a lot of nice lakes behind endako, great fishing and beautiful campsites, you would need a map to find your way around the back woods.

Enjoy your self while you are there. and come back if you like it.

you will find endako on high way 97 just past fraser lake.
- april

Mar. 11, 2007

nice quiet community
- louise
Just about to move to Labrador City. Would like to know about cost of living here. Any information would be appreciated.
- tiggycat64
I would like to know the quality of the water of lake George and the name of the president of the lake association
- joandsteve

Mar. 10, 2007

Beaconsfield council has just voted themselves a raise of 20% and this is just after one year in council!
The last time there was a riase in salaries was 10 years ago.
The mayor said that the job is worth more now.
IT was a close vote - 4 to 3 with the mayor casting the deciding vote. Needless to say the citizens were furious, especially since taxes went up an average of 38% last year. The mayor has no shame. He is now making 35K a year PLUS he makes more money becuase he's on an agglomeratin council with the central city, plus ona few other committees so he's making close to - what some estimate is 70K.
Nice job idf you can get it.
- Rayna
Fauquier now has broadband Internet service. We have 2 domain names, and We currently have 20 users on-line, expecting 30 total on a fiber-optic E10 service supplied by Telus. The network is operated by the Fauquier Communications Center Society, a registered society composed of volunteers from the community. Public access to broadband service is available at the Communications Center, formerly the school house, where the broadband tower is located.

Check it out on-line at
- ggilks

Mar. 9, 2007

I am a descendant of Peter Michael Clair (my grandfather) who was married to Ida (Edberg) Clair. My father was James Kay Clair and his only sibling was Selina Clair.

In the 1960's my father traced his ancestory to Clair New Brunswick and found his family. My father and his sister were adopted when they were very young due to the fact that their mother Ida Edberg Clair had died during the flu epidemic in 1918-1919. Their father Peter Clair also died at a very young age. At the time of their deaths they were living in Morris Minnesota. I do believe, that my great grandfather (father of Peter Michael Clair) was the immigrant that settled (and how the town got its name) I have lost track of cousins and family that my father James Clair had connected with in the 60's and continued to write to until he died in 2001. I am looking for any family Clair, or Michaud? I can be contacted by e-mail Thank you Suzi Clair Bittner
- suzib

Mar. 8, 2007

Bury is not a big turistic town..stop trying to change it

Mar. 7, 2007

Born and raised in port dalhousie
- sheilamcdonald
I would like to know about Grimsby as I may be moving there
- maris

Mar. 6, 2007

most beautiful spot on earth
- brendas
In response to the family photos for "Cohoe" and the family homestead.
My maiden name is Cohoe and I do family research/history. I don't live in Canada, but do know of some family members that are still located in the area.
I would be interested in the family photos. Please contact me at
- ccohoe

Mar. 5, 2007

Looking for information about my mother Kathleen Osbourne and her family. She was born in July 1918 and passed away in August 2003.
- nsharpe
My ancestors arrived in St-Pierre-de-l'Ile-d'Orleans around 1679. would like to find out more about their occupations and settlement conditions. A reunion occurred in 1978 at St-Pierre, regrettably, I was serving in Germany during that time. Can anyone help? L?opold Roberge
- leeroberge

Mar. 4, 2007

The Swastika Gold Mine was incorporated on Jan. 6, 1908 by the Tavistock Mining Partnership. The claims were staked by James and William Dusty in the fall of 1907. The siding on the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway was subsequently called Swastika. Prospectors and miners flooded into the area along with Mr. Morrison who had a farm and place for staying over near the railway line. The Lucky Cross Mine was started nearby and the community continued to grow. Swastika will be celebrating one hundred years in 2008. The name for the mine and community was related to the good luck symbol in use at that time. During WWII the Provincial Government attempted to rename the community Winston as they felt the name Swastika was in bad odour. The men and women of the community objected and the name did not stick. Swastika is a small residential community proud of its heritage and community. We hope others will help us celebrate our Canadian heritage.
- Carbeu
A beautiful place to be as a child with my older Brother Ronald Arbeau standing in the Mirimichi River. He had a little fishing pole and all of a sudden said to me don't look down. There were 2 leeches going up my leg. He took his pole and whipped them off. We had a lot of fun there and loved to cross the old swinging bridge that spanned the Mirimichi. My Brother is asleep in Jesus now. He has 5 boy's who have children in Canada. I remember the gorgeous huge pine trees which stood stately behind my Grandparents house. A short way down the bank was a cold ground spring handy to the Mirimichi River, my Grandmother kept her butter and cold milk in. I remember my Grandfather dried his beans upstairs in the house where my Brother and I slept. My Grandfather's name was Robert Arbeau and Grandmother's name, Dora May Arbeau. I was told Her Mom was a Green. I loved them.
My e-mail is
I would love to get history on both names. Thanks,Faye Arbou
- oceanmelodys

Mar. 2, 2007

I grew up in Gallants, at the time I lived there it was a logging community. Although times were hard for my family, life was pure, clean & wholesome. A place where I as an adult would have loved to have raised my son.
Money wasn't an option growing up because no one had any. It was a place where everyone knew everone, where people helped one another & didn't expect anything in return. where children played together, in a secure place.
& everyone was your parents, where doors we never locked, & your neighbour was just as much at home in your place as he was in his own.
A beautiful place to live. At that time... as with everythiing else times change and people currently use this community for a haven to escape the pressures of nearby cities. I settled in Alberta, but long for home which I haven't seen for 27 years. How fast time goes by.
Hi everyone ,
I am looking for information on fredrick emanual collett who was born in harbour buffett when i dont know . He is my grandfather but like all of us we sometimes dont know what we need to know of our family. So i hope someone can help me with anything you might have. He also married a waterfield from halifax nova scotia. Hope to hear from someone soon

Thanks andrew sponagle
- moog1966

Mar. 1, 2007

We have some family books, including a bible, from the 1920's and would like to donate them to the Moosehorn museum. I live in Ontario and need some contact information about this. If you can help me email me at Thanks
One of the Betker grandchildren.
- theBetkers
how far is appleton from Pt. Leamington
- lanarowsell
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