May. 31, 2007

would like to meet and talk to people in scott.

about starting a water enhancement factory there in a church

we are a group of water purified people who believe that there is a great market in the enhancement area.
- psychologie042048

May. 30, 2007

Hello all...
I have lived here in Searchmont all my life and know a fair bit of history of this community. My father moved here in 1960 from the U.S. to work with Hay & Company.(owners of mill prior to Weldwood) I took in lots of info from him and other members of this town.
- Mrandell

May. 29, 2007

Did you know that brigham was first named adamsville in honour of george adams in 1961. In 1980 there was a further name-change in favour of brigham-this time to pay homage to Errastus Oakley Brigham. owner of a brick factory.
- heather8
what is the percent of engliush to french in brigham Quebec.
- heather8
I"m from Pacquet and will always love that little community.I moved away in 1983 just out of trade school and settled in B.C got married in 86 to my darling wife Lesley, we have 3 children Courtney 20/Kristen 18/and Cameron 13 since 2000 we live here in Medicine Hat,Alberta and we like it here.I'm looking forward too coming to Pacquet in mid july just coming home for a quick visit .
- dgillingham

May. 26, 2007

I lived in Gallants and it is a nice place and they people that are really nice as well. I hope to go back there soon.
- charmaine1986
Hi there, as a kid I used to spend some summers in West Arichat, I loved it We drove all the way from BC to be with friends and family. I loved going on fresh clambakes and eating a ton and half of blueberries that were in our yead. I love that big storms that came through! It seemed like eveyone was so nice and a bit carefree! I didn't speak French, my mom is Acadian French from Porierville so she did all the important things if I had to talk. I remember a Collen and Colltte and their brother Ivan Dorey, I wonder where they are at, I wish them the very best in life for they were very nice to me, eventhough growing up where I did there was a diference in culture to learn and they were willing to accept me just the way I was! I found the people there so rich, maybe some with money but most people they are rich with heritage, culture, family and friends!!!!!!!!!!!Thank q,Lisa
- petitpas

May. 25, 2007

A new world of Totem Poles......

Today I?m off to Creston to work as a self employed Canadian Totem Pole carver. I chose Creston for its community of artists and the view from were I carve is magical.
All I can say is I have a good vibe about this adventure.....and ... Hello Creston
- Rickles37
my father, edgar myron carlson, was born in hatfield, sk in january 1918, on a quarter section homestead farm registered to my grandfather august carlson in July 1912. the farm was in the rm of wreford no. 280 (ne 15 28 22) located on the west side of highway no. 20 approx 10 km south of the town of nokomis. august carlson died around 1926; they is no record of his burial in the nokomis cemetery. was there a cemetery in hatfield at the time of august's death and if so, are there any records for this cemetery?
- cottagebob

May. 23, 2007

I went to Watford in 1975 and 1976.

I did an exchange in (Nicolet-QC) with the secondary school of Watford- ONT.

I met two people I'll remember all my life. The first one host me in his family and his name was Jim Wilson. The second one was Celeste Lembert from the same school.

I don't know if it because I coming older or because those friends were so good with me, but with the time it become more and more important to meet them one more time.

If you know something about those people today, I'll appreciate a lot to know.

- ppaulhus

May. 22, 2007

We are looking for Cliffor Boomhower that lives in the area of Northbrook Ontario hw is a relative of ours.
- manning
Looking for old friends that still love the town and want to talk about old times was in school at SF untill about 94 if your interested.
- gaelicwhisper

May. 21, 2007

Hi, had alot of relatives from Peers.George Forbes is my father. Sharon Radcliffe was my mother.
- ronforbes

May. 20, 2007

I come from the other Stornoway - the one on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. Does anyone speak Gaelic in quebec Stornoway?
- oighrig

May. 19, 2007

hello! my family is origionally from st blaise has anyone heard of the couture family hubert and elizabeth (great grandfather and mother) arthur, john, louise, jenny were the children
i will be traveling to st blaise in june please contact me if you know my family
mary jo couture
- maryjosephine

May. 18, 2007

I was on a canoe trip in Ontario when I got appendicitis. I was paddled to Allanwater Bridge and lay on the dock there for a while, waiting for the seaplane service to take me to hospital. The owners of the dock, were very kind and hospitable. They allowed us use of their phone and facilities and Violet and Barney, sat with me and kept us company until the plane arrived. It was a very strange experience all round but I will never forget the kindness shown to me by those strangers in a time when my life depended on it.
- appendixgirl
I am researching the history of the Rorke's. Research reveals my Great-Great Grandfather Joseph Rorke lived in Gravenhurst in the period of 1880-1900. He was a Jeweller on Main St He raised a large family of 8 children with his wife Mary (nee:Wilson). After the fire of 1887 he re-built & re-opened a Candy Store in the same location. No money left for jewellery.(Building still stands today on your Main St.) He was also a member of the "Gravenhurst Rangers" a bicycling Club of the day. He also patented a two speed bike in 1894. At some point in time 1896-1911 he died prematurely and his widow and family relocated to Toronto. It is believed his father & mother Joseph & Bridgett also lived in Gravenhust. I have in the past send several e-mails to the Gravenhurst Library for any info on the Rorke's, but they went unanswered. I was hoping someone in Gravenhurst may have further information on the Rorke's or pic's of Gravenhurst or the Gravenhurst Rangers during that period of time.
- Rorkefamily

May. 16, 2007

The Detroit Lions are coming to Sault Ste. Marie!!!

Lions Youth Football Camp is July 27-28 at Lake Superior State University. Boys and Girls ages 6-14 of all skill levels are welcome to take part in this great experience. Your child can learn the fundamentals of football, or increase their already developed skill. They will learn important life lessons about teamwork and sportsmanship as well as have a great time with the Detroit Lions Staff. Email for more information. Hurry! Spots are filling up fast.
- LionsYouthFootball

May. 14, 2007

what are the attractions and community features?

what is the population of the town?
- lgordon

May. 12, 2007

I am interested in the details of the farmers market there.
- lorepecore

May. 11, 2007

Beautiful Scenery
- canning
My boss is from Imperial, Saskatchewan. She seems pretty nice, so I'm sure you all are okay too.
- ErinPropp
have you a health center with a new dentist
- ansom
I was an exchange student who lived with the family of Gaston Fournier for the summer of 1971. I was then 16 years old, and would now like to go back with my wife and children and visit the family, but have not found an address or telephone number on the internet. The family at that time had three young children. I did go back with a friend in 1973 for a visit but have had no contact with the family since then.

Can anyone help me get an address or telephone number for a member of this family?


- kenhorns

May. 8, 2007

Born in Arvida in 1949 , a great town to be raised. We had the school just 500 yards from our house. There were two outdoors ice rink behind the school with tennis courts and pool in the summer.
The local golf course was 15 minutes car drive build along the beautiful Sagnenay River. From the age of 12 to 18, I spent my summer at the course and the winters at the ice rink.
The kids played road hockey and baseball in the summer. Lac St Jean is but 45 minutes west of town. Quebec City was but 2 1/2 hours south.
I still enjoy going there in the summers.
- thebahmod
Please let me know if Rosa is situated off Hyw 59 N at cordinates 49 15 03 N 96 49 43 W.

- Eagle
I want to know what people in the community think of the now ex-Maitland International Raceway. I would like to receive any impressions on the affect that it had on the community and the negative or positive opinions of the citizens living with a race track in their neighbourhood. I live in West Hants county and there is proposed municipal legislation being drafted to allow development of tracks in our area. I am opposed to this and need some history to make my case. Any help would be appreciated.
- ritac

May. 7, 2007

For more information on "Joust A Family Faire" on 23 June 2007 email
Wizards are up to their necks in creating the illusions of a medieval faire.
- lordraegon
My granddaughter, husband and 2 little girls are coming to Banff Alberta on a work exchange contract from Australia, with Parks Canada. We are desperate to find reasonable accommodation for them in the Banff/Canmore/Field area. Does anyone know of any furnished or unfurnished houses to rent - maximum rent $1200 month. They will be in Banff for 6 months, June to the end of November, then return to Australia for 6 months and then back again for another six months. If you know anyone who can help, please pass this message on! Thanks so much
- Traveller
What does Waldron look like? Are there any pictures available, and is it really in a remote area?
- rosalie

May. 6, 2007


I am trying to reach Andrew Sponagle who was looking for some information on Frederick Emmanuel Collett from Harbour Buffett, Nfld.

My great grandfather was John H. Waterfield whose daughter Florence May Waterfield married Frederick Collett in 1917 in Halifax.

Please get in touch.
- vangie

May. 5, 2007

This is a great place to visit and to live!
- Bea26

May. 4, 2007

We spent our first Weekend in our trailer at Red Deer lake near farintosh Alberta. We purchased the property last fall and just moved the trailer on the property. It's so nice to have our own place. Our dream of retiring is coming close. Now just to build our dreaam home,
- Garykf
Tis the best place to live in central Alberta, a sweet village full of sweet folks.
we have a local pizza maker that makes the most awesome pizza ever... worth the drive to get here... Jeannes Pizza pantry is a must
kewl museum with plenty of history
- catsvillage

May. 3, 2007

are there any jobs for atransport mechanic in lac du bonnet?
- andre
I am looking for information on a Michael Ryan from Conception Bay, Newfoundland who died in the First World War possibly in France but who may have spent some time in the Fergus, Ontario area prior to the war. His name appears on the Fergus Cenotaph. He signed up for duty in New Brunswick. I'd like to compile as much information on this young man as I can for posterity. I think possibly he worked for a gentleman in Fergus by the name of Col. J.J. Craig, possibly as a driver/gardener. Any assistance you can give would be much appreciated. A booklet is being produced on the centopah. Please respond to
- Josephine
23 June 2007 "Joust a Family Faire" Mini Renaissance Faire with stick horse jousts, artisans and more. Will be held at the Cartier Community Centre. Watch for more info.
- lordraegon

May. 2, 2007

i used to live in carlyle, just want to keep up on the news from carlyle. or hear from old freinds.
- earla
Not much of a blog. It would seem no one has much to say either for or against this very beautiful place. Great Zot, people, surely some must have something to say!!
- newbie2

May. 1, 2007

We lived in Alice Arm when the mine was first built. I was the only female to work on the job site. My husband worked for Commonwealth Construction who built the mine area. Do you know if there is a road that is driveable to Alice Arm? We always had to go by air or boat. Thanks
- bgrundy
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