Sep. 30, 2007

I was stationed at Harmon in 1957-60 and made a lot of friends there. We adopted 2 children and now are proud of 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Would like some pictures of your fair city as it is today. Anybody reading this blog send me some pictures. Thanks Don Ayers Philomath Oregon
- loneranger
I am looking for a friend who used to live in Hawkesbury but I am not sure if he is still there. His name is Stephane Bernique and he lived on Chamberlain St, he was born in the month of August, in 1970 I believe but that may be wrong...

If anybody knows him or knows how I may contact him, please let him know that I have posted this message and I may be contacted at the email address

Belinda (Australia)
- gumnutbaby

Sep. 28, 2007

its the best
- sabelair
The Clavet Roadside Inn was situated in Clavet in the Blucher Municipality. Clavet had a population of 234 people in 1982. Clavet is situated 25 km east of Saskatoon on the YellowHead Highway.

The Clavet Roadside Inn in 1982 consisted of a Motel, Restaurant, and Licensed Premises in 1982.

I need background information about the Clavet Roadside Inn in 1982 for a book called "The Child's Revenge" which has roots in Clavet.
Clavet and the Clavet Roadside Inn were great places to be in 1982. Can you can help with information on the Clavet Roadside Inn in 1982?

If you have Clavet knowledge from 1982, please contact The Child's Revenge by Email to earn a FREE COPY.

Reply or Email: The.Childs.Revenge AT
- Clavet

Sep. 27, 2007

I really like Wrigley. It is a good view of the mountians.I go there with my dad.Because he plays fiddle
- JodieD
My grandparents, JOHN KLUZAK and his wife MARIE DRZ
emigrated to Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A. in 1903 from the Pilzen-Rokycany district of Bohemia.
Thereafter, they corresponded with a KLUZAK family member in YARBO, SASKATCHEWAN from 1903 through the 1940's.
John Kluzak was born June24, 1881 in Pilzen, Rokycany District Bohemia. He is the son of FRANK KLUZAK and
I wish to contact living members of KLUZAK family in the YARBO-ESTERHAZY-YORKTON area.

Norman Vojta
- NormanVojta
Searching for a Friend

Hi, I am Viky a.k.a modest1 from Kohima, Nagaland, India. I have a firned from Sydney, NS, Canada.
Her name is Angella and I would be grateful if any one can give me information regarding her.
Her sister's name is Stephanie and her brother's name is Gary.

e-mail me:
- modest1

Sep. 26, 2007

I am attempting to locate the name of the hospital in Arvida back in 1955. Research so far indicates there was only one hospital and it was a quonset hut. Does anyone know the answer? Thanks.
- dt
Hello Arvida citizens,

I am a librarian living in Victoria British Columbia and truly in need of helping a customer with their reference question.

Someone born in 1955 in a place called "QUONSET HUT" Quebec-- but nothing is found in the Web for that place and also she mentioned the larger region name called Arvida, Quebec. The perfect answer to her question would a list of hospitals in this town/village back in 1955 as she is needing to get her birth records documents (urgently).

I am only checking for your helpful responses via my email address: and not on the blog. Thank you.

I am most grateful for your assistance.

Best regards,
- Banafsheh
Moved away from Trail in 1986. Visit the Trail we site often
- aaron100

Sep. 25, 2007

Hello, I'm not from Avola B.C. but my last name is.
Hello from Italy.
Giuseppe Avola
- javola

Sep. 23, 2007

does anyone know of the existance of Dennis and or /Eleanor Ricker. I am a long lost relative and can't fine anything on them, except I know they live there.
I may have heard that Dennis just passed away days ago??
Please anyone help me with my search?
- andym
My great-great-great-great grandfather Silas Goddard, and his son George Anson Goddard, and his son Charles Anson Goddard, along with their wives, are buried along the roadside between Stukely-Sud and Waterloo. Can anyone send a photo of this family cemetery and any pictures of this area to me at Carolyn.Goddard AT
- carolyngoddard

Sep. 21, 2007

I am new to Nova scotia in general and Mulgrave in particular. I am looking forward to work as Family Physician in this place and would like to know about the community.

Dr M Tariq
- tariqkhan

Sep. 16, 2007

I have been to Granisle and love it. Just wondering if anyone knows for sure if the mine has been purchased. If so will it be re-opened?
- RedHead

Sep. 14, 2007


I am from Chartier descendent, found this site and am way interested. Would like to come out for a visit. I currently live in Utah and am planning a trip back east in the near future, can anyone tell me more?
- papachart

Sep. 12, 2007

Has anyone heard some good stories about strange deaths between 1900 to 1940.
- Dougjubb
Mankota Saskatchewan. Well what can i say. its realllyyyyy small!!!!!!!!!! So small its not even on all maps!! man its lame!! sucks i live here!
- hithere

Sep. 11, 2007

i love montreal
- Gurdial
Does anyone know where the original Arpin (Harpin, Herpin) farm was in St. Ours? Land was a grant from Pierre St. Ours to Emery Arpin dit Poitevin.
- jarpin

Sep. 10, 2007

I would like to know about pickerel fishing in this area.
- byrnecliff

Sep. 9, 2007

I'm interested in images of the Two Hills water tower as well as pictures of other Canadian water towers.
Images may be send as an email attachment, uncropped, in .jpg format.
For more info about my website go to
- eureka

Sep. 8, 2007

I have heard about this town & know nothing about it????
- ljdunlap

Sep. 7, 2007

long lost king
- gekn

Sep. 6, 2007

Does anyone know anythink about this man ???? lived in amos up untill 1952. I am the only surviving member of his family - Grand daughter.
20th september1952 - condemed j.thomas maury (aged 38 years) to 20 years prison.(Manslaughter)

j.thomas maury entered st vincent de paul penitentury 22 september 1952. (PRISONER NUMBER ****).

Clerk for the warden = Guy Labelle.

died in prison 15.30 (7th january 1959) natural causes. Age at death 44years 5months 11days.

Time served = 6 years 3 months 19 days.

Fathers name = Maury - France.
Mothers name = Rosalie ? - Polish.

Prison Doctor : Jacques Lefebvre.

body not reclaimed - funeral in prison grave yard. 10 January 1952.

Prison record states:

Born 27th july 1914 in La Machine,Le Nievre, France.
Parents name unknown.
Name of wife unknown but he was a widower.

We are trying to peice together the last years of this fasinating life but are troubled by the fact that he stated to the prison authorities in Canada that he was a widower - This is a story which started after reading my grand mothers war diary begining on the first day of the invasion of Poland 1939.
- cgmfrance
I'm looking for a tractor parts place in Clavet called two bang tractor but have had no success so far. He must run under a different name. Does anyone have number for him?

- donblog
My husband, our two young children and myself spent a night and morning in Val Marie. We fell in love with the town and the people. We stayed above the bar and felt so welcome it was difficult to leave but we were on a time-limit
and had to drag ourselves away.
My daughter for the first time was not afraid crossing a street by herself.
My husband, being a potato farmer in Ont., had a great time talking farming and farm equipment with the local farmers there.
I just enjoyed the fact that people welcomed us without question, anywhere else and most people would hold a certain level of suspicion about strangers.
- Jules41

Sep. 5, 2007

I have just visited your town, Garthby, it is where my mother was born and grew up. We visited the church and I would like to know if the siding on the church is made of asbestos. Thank You
- Odette

Sep. 4, 2007

Hello, can anyone help, I'm trying to find a contact to a church in the area around 1949, Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parish of Saint Wladymir the Great. Could you please post any info you may have?
- catkin

Sep. 2, 2007

O'Derin Island is a beautiful place. We had a cabin there which we recently sold.
- Ada
I lived in the Lively area for 21 years, I left in 1983 because of the severe economic condition that Sudbury was in. My parents are still in the area as well as a sister who lives right in Lively.
- ajaxan
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