Jan. 28, 2008

in 1958 macdiarmid was the place people came to work. we came accross the ice in the early spring travelling at night from Grand Bay, today it is known as MacCintyre Bay because the map was wrong. when we got here this town had roads, trains,electicity and houses with floors. we lived here ever since.
- rznobis

Jan. 25, 2008

I am trying to find a family of Henry Nichols and his wife Annie Fitzpatrick Nichols. They had a daughter Blanche Nichols who came to the USA in 1913 and married. She was born in 1892 Nova Scotia W Arichat I would like to find out more info on her family
- MissRobbin

Jan. 24, 2008

Hi , my name is Brooks Giles. I lived in Cornwall from 1944 to 1961 - my early years. Anyone remember me?
- nelsonbrooks
PV will always be in my heart. Friendly people espesialy Lana and Dwaine, good postoffice, nice food. Now I live my life in Norway, but my thoughts often wander to PV.

- helfjae

Jan. 23, 2008

I am looking for info on Albertville. What is it like?
- Liam
I've not been to Brigden, Ontario, but have heard of the place ... will check in now and again to see what is on this blog from you who do live here :)
- carib54

Jan. 22, 2008

we are looking at possibly relocating to Edson, can anyone tell me about the town and what all it has to offer?
- nhannah

Jan. 21, 2008

I am from Maine - am researching my grandmother's history - birth - She was born at Cap Saint Ignace in 1900 - and was baptized at the parish there. Her last name - pre-marriage - was GAUDREAU. I'm looking for any information - and am looking forward to visiting within the next year.
- mwood

Jan. 16, 2008

Can someone please help me find my best friends property around Lesleiville Alberta. She just passed away and I would like to go to one of her favorite places to say good bye. Her name is Barb Donovan and her husband is Michael. They bought a place several years ago and have a trailer there that they enjoyed whenever they could. She just passed under very sad circumstances and I need to be in one of her fav spots to say my goodbye. Her husband is in a terrible state and hate to ask him for directions at this time. If only I could have gone to visit them there sooner. Sooo if any one could help me I would be forever gratefull.
- tulip
Hi my name is Stephanie. I was born in minto in 1960 I have 2 grown children one lives in Minto with my sister and brother in law I have been living in British Columbia and Alberta from 1981 to 2008. I would love to move back to New Brunswick or Nova Scotia in the near future. I have a few friends that live in New Brunswick. i am an activist for several causes and can be reached in Facebook
- sfulton

Jan. 15, 2008

In 1964 a red maple was planted to honour John F Kennedy. Is the tree still there? I wonder what it looks like now.
- IanTeuty
Hi Everybody, I remember Mistatim, sk. Used to go to the Elementry school there in around 1977. I lived on a farm between Mistatim and Porcupine Plains. I remember the hill they had on the side of the school, don't know if it is still there it was so fun in the winter time. We also attended the Lutheran Church just entering the town.
Wow, getting old (39)! LOL. My mom and dad were John & Dorothy Gunderson.
Its been a long time, glad I found this.
Mrs. Elaine Matte (Little) (Gunderson)
- ematte

Jan. 13, 2008

if census was done by an independent person someone, who is not pressured by council and mayor and visited every home to do census properly i think the population is alot higher than reported by census canada which in end result would allow community authority to address community issues if they can increased buget by giving the true population count
- electro
the coldest of the coolest northern community
- electro
anyone know the history of centennial park?
- cantaloupeannies

Jan. 12, 2008

Hello looking for a old place on the ocean cash deal Thanks G
- garth

Jan. 11, 2008

It's a small community with some very nice people . Good food is served in the local rest. attached to the gereral store . Wally operates the hostel and is good person and real nice guy .
the best thing about holden is the summer time the kids have a safe place to play away from lot of traffic.
- jen26

Jan. 9, 2008

really miss being there - we winter in florida - its nice but sure missed the snow at xmas time
- insulationbabe

Jan. 8, 2008

Hallebourg is a nice place to live in the country side. you can not find a better place.
- Becky67

Jan. 5, 2008

Hi Gary,
Could you tell me a bit more about your experience? We are looking at a lot in Sherman Park estates, and would appreciate any insight you may have.
How is the area? how is the lake?

Mike C.
- albertabound
I am related to the now deceased Pete and John Halverson that lived in the Berlgand area most of their lives. I know that there were other relatives in that area but do not know who they are or how to get in touch with them. My name is Joyce Larson and Pete and John were uncles of my mother. I am doing genealogy and would appreciate anything I can find out regarding this.
email address is:
Please put "family tree" in the subject line, so I know to open it.
- jgjlarson

Jan. 4, 2008

I was born in Coronation but lived on a farm 1 mile south and 6 miles west of Hemaruka. I am from a family of 4 boys and one sister and we went to the St Elmo School located 1 mile south and 5 miles west. We either rode horses or walked to school until the School District hired buses to take us to Hemaruka. It's still a Great place to visit. Many of my friends still live and farm around Hemaruka. I have fond memories of my childhood and wouldn't trade it for the world.
- thehemarukakid

Jan. 1, 2008

Early settlors in Dufferin county, Melancthon township
Looking for James Stewart who settled Conncession II, Lot 31. Who was he married to?
Did he have any children? Grandchildren?
I beleive he was my great great grandfather???
Grandsons or great grand sons were Norman, Willard, Gordon Stewart, sisters were Rita, Edna, Annie, father was William Richard Stewart who was married to Janet McDonald my grandparents for sure.

Yours Truly
James William Stewart,
son of Willard Lee Stewart
- jwstewart
Just reading up on Bryson...Had lots of fun there many years ago!
- brenda4
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