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Jul. 30, 2008

I have many childhood memories related to North Cobalt from the 50's and early 60's. My dad was born and raised in North Cobalt and his sister Carm Stubinski lived there during the time mentioned. She lived in the old railroad station at the end of lakeview St. That railroad station was taken down about 35 years ago. Please if any body has pictures of that station and are willing to send it to me, the whole family would be very grateful. There is no pictures of this historical station that I can find.
- goldies

Jul. 26, 2008

Trying to locate old friends and relatives in NB has become quite difficult. I lived in Campbellton in the 49 - 51 era and Tide Head was my favourite swiming hole despite the lampher eels at the pump house.

I would love to contact some old friends of that era from Tide Head and Campbellton to compose a historical brief of those few years and perhaps gather photos as well.

Presently, my name thoughts are of Arthur Tenier, Bones, Muriel Gerard and Ann Crockett of Campbellton and also of Sandra MacMillan of Tide Head...all teens at 1950.

Any help would certainly be appreciated.

Ray Boudreau (USA)
- farplaces

Jul. 24, 2008

Searching for my Grandmother and her ancestors. Funeral records show she was born either 7 January 1900 or 1 April 1900, in Paisley, Ontario. Father listed as James Morrison. Mother listed as Sarah Kilpatrick. Parents listed as Irish. But I was always told she was Scottish.

Ontario records comes up with nothing.

Would appreciate it if anyone has any knowledge or information surrounding this family. I don't know if my Grandmother had any brothers or sisters.

- jmurdoch

Jul. 22, 2008

Londonderry is my favorite place in the province ! Both my parents are from there (George & GenevieveRichard-Carter)
I'm the youngest of 9 chidren , and we all played there down by the river , the graveyard ,out in the field at the old Richard house up on the hill .So many happy memories .
So many of the relatives are gone now . We still have a few , Louie Johnson , Danny Richard . I just wish we had a place to call home up there of our own , maybe someday !
Londonderry will always be apart of us kids and we will always have our visits up to visit the graves of our family
and spend some time down at the river like old times .

Patty Carter-Berringer
- leonberger

Jul. 20, 2008

Can anyone tell me about this area, their travels there, their growing up there, any information and photos would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
- kay123

Jul. 19, 2008

Burnt Church got its name because of an attack on a Mikmaw village by the British under the command of Col. James Murray from orders of General James Wolfe on September 17, 1758.
Their mission was to attack and destroy as many Acadien
villages as they can on their way to Quebec to eventually besiege the city and defeat General Montcalm on the Plains of Abraham the following year.

Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the site now known as Burnt Church was referred to by the local inhabitants as Esgenoopititj, meaning a place to watch towards the water. Native legend has it that a medicine man predicted the coming of the white man long before it happened in the mid sixteenth century by saying that there would be floating islands with tall trees and white clouds that would enter what is now known as the entrance to the Inner Miramichi Bay in New Brunswick, Canada.
- Wokwis
The true name for the area is Esgenoopititj. It is a Mikmaw word that means to look out from the coast. The name was chosen because you could always see anyone coming in to the inner Miramichi Bay from this point of land. Esgenooapin means to look from the shore to the sea. There was an old story from our people that an old Chief that lived prior to the coming of the white man said that there would be islands made of trees and clouds that would appear at the channel between the two islands (Today are the Portage and Fox Islands). Our people at the time waited for many years until yes it happened when Jacques Cartier landed here in the early 1500's
- Wokwis

Jul. 18, 2008

can anyone help me to find out about a cousin who was in Gormley in july 1939 his name was Leslie Garwood and he went to Canada to learn farming any information please
- chrissie08

Jul. 11, 2008

My family was originally from St. Dominique. I would love to go to see it some time. . I believe they must have left Canada in the 1890's or early 1900's.
If anyone has any knowledge of them please contact me. Or if you've ever been to Saint Dominique and can tell me what it's like, I'd like to hear from you.
- bergieskid

Jul. 10, 2008

Although I have never personally been to Pibroch, nor Canada, my late father spent at least ten years in Pibroch prior to world war 2. He told stories of living with his cousins and working in what he would term as "the trading post" I suppose it would have been a sort of general store.
He refered to his cousin a "Suke Leonard" I last heard of her living in a rest home near Vancouver, but that was many many years ago.
My dad left Canada when he "joined up" he served back home in England with 408 (Goose) squadron RCAF. He never did get back to Canada, he remained to the end back at his own family home her in Liverpool UK. We occasionally dig out some very old black and white photographs and marvel at the snow covered expanses or very hot looking summers.
- RickH

Jul. 9, 2008

When is the Haying inn the 30's Cancer Support Society function this year....2008
- jdmdt

Jul. 6, 2008

original owners of thetis island
- bchannah

Jul. 4, 2008

We moved to La Loche when I was a year and a half old (February 1946) and it was a wonderful clean, quiet, place to grow up. No roads (only cat trains over the ice in the winter) and monthly mail plane visits year round. We got some supplies from the Hudson's Bay post but most were brought in annually by cat train in the winter. Fish were plentiful and at age seven I caught a 36 inch jack fish at Little Lake, pretty exciting! I have a picture of it in an album somewhere. Caribou made up most of our winter meat. Our horse ran with the wild horses most of the year and just got harnessed to pull blocks of ice from the lake for drinking water and to bring in hay during the summer. Once a bear cub that had lost its mother was brought to us to raise and I have pictures of that too. I still remember neighbours I played with though we moved away when I was 10. My mother schooled us at home. Many happy (and some sad) childhood memories!
- marywellwood
I had a cousin who had a homestead in Blue Ridge you had to cross the Athabaska by ferry to get to it and this was in 1963. Buster Vipond was related on my mothers side and I visited him in 63 when I came west to work the harvest. I understand he was a rodeo rider in younger days and did some trapping. If any one has any information on Buster as he was known I would appreciate some details. He was quite a character as were most of the men on that side of the family.
- roycehamer

Jul. 2, 2008

My daughter is moving there today. I was just wondering what it is like to live in Delburne? I can't find any existing blog about Delburne. Could some one please give me some info about it?
Thank you!
Crediton is an amazing, quiet villiage which lies between Exeter and Grand Bend. It is a very friendly place to live with children surrounding the area. We have a local park for the kids (which could use some TLC). With only one intersection in the entire villiage, it is not difficult to know almost everybody who lives here!
- deniseepp

Jun. 30, 2008

i met a fellow today ,in a coffee shop on Front St ; Toronto he was waiting to go to a doctors appointment as was i ;lives in Britt .. my Mother was born in Britt looking to contact this person... he is approx. 61 years old , ....... has a cottage to rent/ on Key river ... please get back if you have any info on this person and how i can contact him, or his wife....
- bmt

Jun. 29, 2008

29 Jun 08 - I stayed in Val Marie for a few days, a year or so ago.

It's a quiet, friendly village on the #4 Highway, barely 20 miles from the American border, with a river running through it, and friendly people to share coffee with at the cafe in the morning.

Driving into Val Marie in the evening during summer, the land on either side of the road washed in golden light, the smell of fresh-cut hay in the air, and the most spectacular sunset I've ever seen splashed across the impossibly big sky. At that moment, I thought, "This is what home feels like."

I think I'll retire there, when I'm done chasing my career and seeing the world. Until then, I'll remember that evening on the road and smile.
- Kayelar

Jun. 28, 2008

The village of Aylesford is a quaint little village in Kings County. It's small, so don't blink when you go through it or you'll miss all its beauty.
- CharlesLutz

Jun. 25, 2008

I spent many wonderful days fishing with my father on the Marimichi, and have some great photos. I'm trying to remember the names of the nice people who lived nearby and took care of our cabin while we weren't there.
- nadasy

Jun. 23, 2008

Thanks for the info about St Mary's school. But we were a French family and attended a french school across the street from Ste Famille church in the 1940's. Would any know the name of the French school back in the 40's in that location.

Also does anyone know if Rue Cabot was there in the 1940's and if so, did it have the same name.

Going to Kenogami in August and am trying to gather as much info as possible.

Merci, Muri43
- murielle

Jun. 20, 2008

Fraser Lake is awesome!
- Jed1975

Jun. 19, 2008

Sainte Agathe des Monts is a small town and we want to feel safe in our neighborhood. It has come to my attention that Gordon Savery (handyman/general contractor) is a convicted sex offender and he is working for families with young children in our area.
I have joined a group to lobby for making the sex offender registry public. It would avoid such situations where pedophiles lurk in our neighborhood anonymously.
- ctremblay
Sainte Lucie is a small town and we want to feel safe in our neighborhood. It has come to my attention that Gordon Savery (handyman/general contractor) is a convicted sex offender and he is working for families with young children in our area.
I have joined a group to lobby for making the sex offender registry public. It would avoid such situations where pedophiles lurk in our neighborhood anonymously.
- ctremblay

Jun. 16, 2008

Can someone help me? my hubby and I are looking at a place in hussar and the possibility of moving there.
I need to know if there is a school there? I have three children.
- Jaska
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