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Contributed by SarahSMorford, an ePodunk user.

July 31, 2008

Pluses:  I lived in Donkin fom the ages of 3-13. I only really appreciated it's beauties once I'd left.
The advantages that I had growing up in Donkin was the ability to express my creativity.
When you grow up in these surroundings, you are forced to be creative to keep yourself entertained and sane. I had a great time growing up collecting rocks and snails from the shore and coming home soaking wet and getting yelled at for it. Or sledding down the hill behind the Old Co-Op just below the Mail Hill. Ha, and going to Gail's Store to get as much one cent candies as i could buy; looking for pennies outside on the ground so I could get just one more!
I am proud to say I grew up in small village in Cape Breton.
I can still smell the ocean or the fog early in the morning or wood burning at night when we'd have our bon-fires while our parents drank and we had long games of hide and seek.
Growing up in Donkin made me the cow girl-gone to the city girl-that I am today. I'm happy with that.

Minuses:  Well with all of those wonderful things said, there are some bad things that has gone on in Donkin that everyone knows about but (as in most small towns) no one likes to talk about. Such as abuse; sexual, domestic, drug and alcohol.
See, going to the beach and collecting rocks is great when you're a kid but when you get older, it's much more fun to hang out with your budies and smoke a few joints and go through a couple packs of smokes and multiple cases of beer. We generally start these things at a younger age than most "city people" because we don't have amusement parks to go to or movie theaters. We don't even have a public transportation system.
Drug abuse is high and jobs are low. It's sad going back to this place that you have so many fond memories of and when you go back wiser, it's just an awful place to live; to be brutally honest.

A good place to...  Donkin is a great place to vacation or retire. If you want to have a family there, I suggest you leave around the same time I did. It's great for children, not teenagers and sane, healthy adults with any form of intellegence because it will be wasted living in a place like Donkin.

 I loved it as a kid and love it when I visit but don't live there.
Oh, and stay away from town after 9pm, thats when the junkies come out trying to sell you retlin and oxy's and really bad weed.

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