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Plumas, MB

Contributed by travelbug, an ePodunk user.

February 15, 2009

Pluses:  Plumas, Manitoba is an agricultural village, so it is great for fertile and easy farming land, surrounding the village. The people of Plumas are friendly, so you are always welcome to Plumas. Plumas contains a restaurant and bar, called The Plumas Inn, where Plumas citizens like to meet, and anyone is welcome here. The inn also contains a four-room motel, where tourists may stay the night. Plumas has a skating rink, where people also play hockey, as well as a curling rink, for bonspiels, and Plumas has a community hall, and a senior's hall, all to create recreational hospitality. Plumas is home to two stores, the Kickass Country Store (a knitting/fabric store), and the Plumas Stop N' Shop (grocery store). There are two churches; a Lutheran Church, and a United Church. Plumas also contains an elementary/middle school. Plumas is also home to the annual Ski-doo Poker Derby! See Plumas!

Minuses:  The train station has been closed, and moved away, so Plumas does not get delivery by rail, unless someone decides to construct a new train station.

A good place to...  Become a farmer, and to farm fertile land. If you like the country, come to this farming town, and check out nature, and the country. Birdwatching, trails, forests, nature.....come to Plumas. If you are just a 'small town tourist,' come to Plumas to check out this friendly village.

 Plumas is a village in the Canadian province of Manitoba, and is located where HWY 265 and HWY 260 meet. The population of Plumas is about 250, according to the latest census, and town folks, and has been intermittently shrinking and growing, so balancing around the 250 mark. Plumas was founded in 1872, as the town of Richmond, and later changed to the town of Plumas, when a man from Plumas County, California, came to reside in Richmond, and then changed the name to his home county. Plumas' streets are Queens Rd, Evenson St, MacKenzie St, Richmond Ave, Burrows Ave, Church St, Jordan St, White St, Plumas St, and Anderson St. Plumas' motto is "Proud to be Prairie," which can be viewed on Plumas' village sign, coming onto Jordan St.

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