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Some of Canada's more interesting place names:

Cut Knife, SK - Named for a Sarcee chief.

Dildo, NL - There is no agreed-upon explanation for this surprising community name.

Economy, NS - The community name derives from a Mi'kmaq term for "piece of land jutting out into the water."

Ecum Secum, NS - One tradition says the community name derives from an Indian term for "red bank."

Eyebrow, SK - Named for the shape of a hill above Eyebrow Lake.

Flin Flon, MB - The city was named for a character in the pulp fiction novel, The Sunless City. A local statue depicting the book's hero, Josiah Flintabattey Flonatin, was designed by cartoonist Al Capp.

Grosses Coques, NS - Named for the large clams found here.

Kamloops, BC - The name derives from a Shuswap term for "meeting of the waters."

Kangiqsualujjuaq, QC - The name derives from an Indian term for "big bay."

Lion's Head, ON - Named for a nearby rock formation.

Lively, ON - Named for Charles Lively, nickel company employee.

Malakwa, BC - The name derives from the Chinook term for "mosquito."

Medicine Hat, AB - Named for the headdress of the Blackfoot medicine man.

Moonbeam, ON - Named for Moonbeam Creek.

Pugwash, NS - Named after the Pugwash River. The river's name derives from Mi'kmaq for "shallow water."

Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, QC - The name is not an eruption of laughter, but a derivation of a French term for a dead end, referring to a point on Lac Temiscouata, where canoists had to portage across land.

Swastika, ON - The community was named - three decades before World War II - after a visitor's good luck charm.

Tiny, ON - Named for a pet dog of Lady Sarah Maitland, wife of Lt. Gov. Sir Peregrine Maitland.

Many more place name origins are listed in our community profiles.

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