Apr. 30, 2007

Pluses: It wouldn't matter what time of year you should pass through Denholm, it's beauty is all year round.

Minuses: The municipality of Denholm on Poisson Blanc, made a grave error by giving out a copy ( a photo copied document) of land information that was in the file of the owner whom owns a house in a person whom is NOT on the deed of the home owner. I am confident this error will not happen again as the Town Hall does not need legal ramifications in the future.

A great place to... hike. You will find water falls, trails and wildlife. A look out over the water falls on Paugan road is open to the public during summer months. A great place to be if hiking and pic-nicks are your thing.

Other info: never venture out into the woods without a buddy. Be careful of bees nests, they like to bury their hives under brush on the ground. Carry water, warm clothes and if you come during bug season (mid May)......bring a heck of alot of bug repellent. You'll be very amazed at how many black flies live in Denholm!!
- katsandkritters

Apr. 28, 2007

Pluses: Great ocean view year round.
Quiet safe community in every sense of the words.

Minuses: None

A great place to... Be born, grow up, live, and retire.
- Jride11
Pluses: A place of history and natural beauty.

Minuses: It needs to be cleaned up, beautified, and developed.

A great place to... view and enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of the Qu'appelle Valley

Other info: The Qu'appelle valley should be viewed as one of the seven wonders of Canada.
- Mygreenvalley

Apr. 26, 2007

Pluses: its a kick ass place to live!!!

Minuses: the speed limit it far too low u cant drive fast enough on theit roads!@!@@!

A great place to... the beach its a sweet place to swim !!!

Other info: the map shows a road was that doesent exzist lindasy lane!
- mikesutherland

Apr. 25, 2007

Pluses: This was a solid comunity. A town where whatever happened, happened to us all. We love the outdoors, the north, and the ecosystem. And our families!
Flat Lake is a fantastic place to canoe and I think sail on, with some smaller craft. The fishing is fantastic and eating your catch right beside the lake is something most folk only have heard about in history books.

The jobs there were varied and paid well. The lifestyle in general sparks loyalty to this day!

Minuses: There is nothing sadder than watching a town die.

A great place to... See Above

Other info: Go to any site and it will show you the way in, the vast areas for skiing, hiking, hang gliding or just watching the Northern Lights. Ever tossed a bucket of water out a door and seen if freeze before it hit ground? Or been in a heatwave that would make desert dwellers blush? It is a small town in the corner of the Yukon, B.C. Aberta and of course, The N.W.T.
General Info? Go there!
- Vaughan
Pluses: remote

Minuses: hard to get to

A great place to... fish
- lreelitz

Apr. 24, 2007

Pluses: Great view of the ocean and a lovly water front.

Minuses: Things close to early

A great place to... water front

Other info: I loved the visit and I'm going to consider moving there.
- balinda
Pluses: Great Community! wounderfull people!

A great place to... to start a family! go to school!
- kellybartley

Apr. 22, 2007

Pluses: Scott is a very friendly, quiet community situated close to shopping at Wilkie and Unity...perfect for anyone desiring an acreage like setting within a town.

A great place to... Retire and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city!
- Ginnia
Pluses: Good schools, friendly people, nature trails, peaceful, excellent overall quality of life

Minuses: A little far from the city but then again who needs the city!


A great place to... Make friends, relax, enjoy the outdoors, do gardening.
- tfidas

Apr. 21, 2007

Pluses: I have been visiting Union Corner for 5 years, looking to purchase a waterfront lot. Have had no luck as yet, signs are up on the lot, but unable to get straight answers from real estate agent. Love the area, just want a small lot to camp on 102 weeks during the summer.

Minuses: Muddy roads this time of year.

A great place to... Find yourself, very quiet, very beautiful
- ellieweaver

Apr. 18, 2007

Pluses: freindly people

Minuses: small town

A great place to... have fun
- marylyn
Pluses: What is the quality of its farming soil?
At what sort of rate is the town growing?
- DKMehta

Apr. 15, 2007

Pluses: Its an awesome small town, with many friendly people and everyone gets involved with everything. For being such a small town its got a store and a hair salon with a tanning bed and much more. The teachers at the school are very helpful and the education is above city standards. The town comes together for certain gatherings such as the Annual STREET DANCE! Its all around one of the most awesomest towns in saskatchewan!

Minuses: Its got dirt roads still, would make it look cleaner if they were paved but, it gives it the homey feeling of every small town

A great place to... raise a family or retire.
- justasmalltowngal

Apr. 14, 2007

Pluses: All the Town people are good people. It is hard to find so many people so nice.

Minuses: The water is not good all the time.
The town is low on money

A great place to... retire
meet good people

Other info: My wife and I bought a home here and plan to stay there in the summers.
- ardens1234
Pluses: It is the best place on earth. The town it's self is the spot to live for raising a family. You feel free here and the sense of secruity is here also.

Minuses: The Nicholsville Bridge What an inconvience that is. They don't even have it open to walk through. If it is that dangerous to the public then do something about it. There should be more options for the community like clothing stores, etc.

A great place to... Raise a family

Other info: Over all a perfect place to live
- melaniemoss

Apr. 13, 2007

Pluses: nice people, small tight knit community great place to raise a family

A great place to... meet old friends, grow up
- frostdenise1982

Apr. 12, 2007

Pluses: A wonderfull place to be your self.All the people are friendly,Enjoy live. its a home away from home.


A great place to... as summer comes the excitment begins, booking time off woork all ready. Cant waite to get out of the rat race,,lol

Other info: If you ever go there , stop on fridays for the b b q at the club, its a #1.
- roxy

Apr. 11, 2007

Pluses: housing is cheap
quiet small town of approx.300 people
close to lakes and larger towns
friendly people
close knit community

Minuses: no jobs to really support yourself, have to work out of town
boring for things to do in a small town like this

A great place to... live

Other info: need more conveniences
- snagalpus

Apr. 7, 2007

Pluses: my favorite place

Minuses: none

A great place to... Relax and enjoy the scenery
- jetmech7a
Pluses: Had fun every summer , when school was over in june ,left Ottawa to spend my summers in Terence Bay , lived at my Aunt's place , close to Buddy 's cantine , Made a few friends , and everyone knew me .Went fishing with my Uncle who was a fishermen their , well known. went to Sandy cove , to play with cousin Mona and friend Christopher , last time i was in Terence was the summer of 2005 , brought the family this time , wife and 2 kids , first night down , made a fire at Sandy cove beach , and my friend Christopher came to the beach to see me ,, thanks Christopher ! known Christ at least 3o to 35 years . wow how time flies .. might go back this summer for a few days ,,,

thanks to all who will read this , and if it's people from the Bay .. well you probably know who i am
please send me a email if you want to say hi , i know a lot of people down the Bay ,, thanks again for the great summers.

bye bye Dan Madore

Minuses: Well buddy's cantine . is no more ... too bad .. fish and chips ,,was good ...

A great place to... go fishing , relax , great seens of the ocean , at the light house in Sandy cove .. and the best is




Other info: Dan the fenchmen will return

- MoiDaniel

Apr. 6, 2007

Pluses: Small town fun, a lot of good people who like to work together and have a good time. Everyone pulls together no matter what!

A great place to... LIVE
- Lindsay

Apr. 4, 2007

Pluses: The mayor is hot

Minuses: no elevator

A great place to... drive by

Other info: just kidding, really nice people and ready to lend a helping hand
- blizzard33
Pluses: 4Wheeling trails are endless

Very scenic and beautiful mountainous area

A great place to... 4Wheel
- tapguy

Apr. 3, 2007

Pluses: Nice size to grow up in

Minuses: Too small to exceed

A great place to... Go swimming or fishing on a weekend
- kdm09

Apr. 2, 2007

Pluses: Elsa was an unique place to live before the internet. I t was like living in another country not canada but elsewhere. everyone got along the best they could. I miss climbing the wooden stairs up to the next road. Or getting together with my friends and going swimming when the indoor pool first opened up. The snack bar had really good food. The scenery was breath taking and to listen to the wolves in the valley howl was mystic and the northern lights were truly amazing

Minuses: the united keno hill mine shut down way to early, we had to get food and supplies flown in and the winter weather was cold.

A great place to... be a community where everyone knew each other and neighbors helped eachotherout.
- Dannica

Apr. 1, 2007

Pluses: its a quite little town,everybody know,s everybody,we have two store,s 1 church.with 800 people.we live by the exploits bay and around the mouth of the exploits river.

Minuses: na

A great place to... to live and raise kids.

Other info: na
- gene33
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