Jul. 31, 2007

Pluses: small town, community envolved, close to the dam, great community for smaller children to grow up in

Minuses: no jobs for teenagers, your last names says alot about you

A great place to... grow up in and learn about the future and the community
- chelseyyy
Pluses: I think that terrace is central, for all the areas in the northwest, for good fishing. Either for travellers and for the people of Terrace.
Shames Mountain Ski Corp. is also good for all snowboarders and skiers who want to experiene the northwest in a different perspective.

A great place to... meet other people from different parts of the world.
- noops

Jul. 30, 2007

A great place to... Go Camping
- Carmike2006
Pluses: The trails around Capreol are wonderful for walking in winter or summer. You can challenge yourself for miles and still feel safe and comfortable out in the wilderness.

Minuses: Would love to live there but work keeps us elsewhere.

A great place to... Lynn's dress shop. We, five sisters, make our annual trip (sometimes twice) to visit this styles and affordable up to date in style clothing shop.
- downey
Pluses: I grew up in Heward, small town living, people with big hearts. Always could count on your neighbours. The best dances in the province.

A great place to... Be a family and that included your neighbours far and wide
- pattipoo

Jul. 27, 2007

Pluses: Mercer's Valleyview Esso. General store with a large selection of supplies and confectionaries.
That is the only good thing about Upper Island Cove other than seeing it in your rear view mirror as you leave the area.

Minuses: - Ignorant people
- Bold face liars
- Superiority complex
- Very intrusive
- Gossip mongerers
- No respect for privacy
- Competitive
- Extremely jealous
- Not a very welcoming place
- Very windy
- Very barren
- If you are a visiotr or outsider, don't bother stopping in as the people will not be friendly at all.

A great place to... Leave!

Other info: All above
- Townie

Jul. 26, 2007

Pluses: 25 July 2007: Carman, MB set a national humidex record today at 53?C (134??F).

Minuses: 25 July 2007: Carman, MB set a national humidex record today at 53?C (134??F).

A great place to... ...get "warm" in the summer!
- citoyen

Jul. 25, 2007

Pluses: I was there in July,2007 passing thru. Was nice place

A great place to... to see the craven days in July

Other info: Would like to know more about the Craven Days
- lovie4

Jul. 24, 2007

Pluses: I have always loved Springhill. I have great memories as a child when my family would go back every year to visit family and friends. We where always welcome everywhere we went.
My father grew up in Springhill. I hope to take back home to see everyone that is still there next year. Hopefully i can drive down there when it is old home week. It was great when we would come down when it was old home week and we would decorate the car it was alot of fun.
I am coming that way with my own family soon and i will be going to taking them through springhill and telling them stories of where my grandfather would take me to get ice cream which isn't there anymore because of the big fire and where i would get my hair cut at the corner building where the park is.

Great times and great memories.

Minuses: there is no minuses
- memories
Pluses: green

A great place to... live
- gailcadieux

Jul. 23, 2007

Pluses: Good fishing, quiet

Minuses: Can only access the area by plane or train. Unless you feel like walking 6 miles down the railroad track

A great place to... Relax and do some fishing. Also lots of wild life

Jul. 22, 2007

A great place to... Call Home
- greeneb

Jul. 21, 2007

A great place to... To retire
- crystal07

Jul. 18, 2007

Pluses: The most magical place that you can find. The people of Keels are the best, the outport is tiny, but it has a draw that is undeniable.

Minuses: When the cod fishery collapsed, many in the wonderful younger generation had to leave. They all seem to be in Calgary, Alberta.

A great place to... Relax, hike up the mountain, watch the whales and just visit with the wonderful folks in residence
- pegbulger
Pluses: Small, bilingual, friendly

A great place to... live

Other info: my mom's family is from Alexandria
- littlerunaround

Jul. 17, 2007

A great place to... Have a farm
- crystalle
Pluses: Kamloops is the hub of BC. To go anywhere you have to drive thru Kamloops.
Beautiful Parks and Camping grounds.
Tons of hiking trails.
Good shoping.

Minuses: Kamloops is a very hot city in the summer, you need central air to live here..... it get's up to 43c window units just don't cut it.
It is a very arid city.
One does not want to buy by a dike for the Thompson River threatens to flood it's banks each Year.
Kamloops does not get much of a winter, it maybe snows for a week or two but the snow melts within days.
There is the odd winter in the last 30 yrs where it has been very cold but I can't remember when.
We have been hit by the pine beetle greatly here.
Real Estate has sky rocketed in the past 5 years.

A great place to... Live if you can stand the summer Heat.
- Ashlady

Jul. 16, 2007

Pluses: Elgin has hockey and curling rinks, playgrounds, a recycle depo. Two baseball diamonds complete the recycling park (which was the old fairgounds). The Lions Club takes care of the recycling.

A senataf is located in the center of town to honour the veterans from Elgin & the surrounding area who lost their lives in the great wars.

A historical museum & military memorial is open from the end of June to the long week-end in Sept on Saturdays & Sundays & holidays from 2 - 5 pm. By appointment at other times. The military memorial houses memorabillia from the great wars. The museum is the custodian to many artifacts from the early settlers of the village & surrounding area. Histories of the families that settled in the town & area over the past 100 + years are available. The records from the cemetary are also kept in the museum. There's even an ag building. This year a 'soddy' was built to commemorate the Museum's 10th anniversary & to pay respect to the early settlers of Elgin.

Minuses: The negatives are also the positives!!! Although Elgin is 73 KM from Brandon & the nearest towns with populations of more that 1500 are at least 24 KM away it's an easy commute because there is no other traffic to contend with. You basically have the road to yourself. The main roads are all paved and well maintained year round.

The weather can be very hot in the summer with daytime temps reaching 30+degrees celcus. That said, those same temps cool off nicely at night so very few nights are spent tossing & turning due to the heat (even without air conditioning).

The winter temperatures can plument to -50 with the wind chill. But the hearty soles of Elgin don't mind. They keep busy with curling, skating & other winter sports & when it's really cold, meaning more than -50 with the wind chill there's always the drop-in at the town hall.

A great place to... Visit Whitewater recreational park just outside of town. There you'll find 18 campsites complete with firepits, picnic tables & ample firewood (some with electircal service). They are situated beside a man-made lake with a lovely sandy beach & a playground for the little ones. The washrooms have flush toilets & running water. Enjoy the boat lauch where, once your boat is in the water you can fish, water ski & swim to your hearts content. There's even a fenced area with goats for the little ones to pet & frolick with. Heck there's even a donkey!

Whitewater Park also has a 9 hole golf course with a club house. The golfing is very reasonably priced and there's no line ups!

Winter activities include skating, hockey, curling, skidooing & x-country skiing. A 'drop-in' activities happen at the town hall each week to keep visitors & the local residents busy.

Other info: Nestled in the farming community of SW Manitoba, about 73 KM SW of Brandon Manitoba is the historical village of Elgin. The people are friendly. The general store, gas station, post office & resterant are a great meeting place. The playgrounds keep the little ones busy. Large lots with well cared for homes (some over 100 yrs old). The 100 yr old United Church provides a place of worship. About 125 hearty soles live in Elgin. A great community to raise your kids, with lots of spirit & 15 +/- community groups providing the heart beat of this little town.
- Bomar
Pluses: It was my birthplace

Minuses: I'm not there now

A great place to... Grow up

Other info: Can't remember much...but I'd love to go back.
- PatioDaddio
Pluses: Hafford has a Hospital & Special Care Centre and A k-12 school which the government has recently contributed extra money to. It also has a golf course and is home of the coolest forrest ever, the crooked bush. Its twisted, crooked aspen that looks like the forrest in snow white. It is close to N. Battleford and Saskatoon so it is a great commuter town.

Minuses: If you dont like small towns, quiet safe neighbourhoods and knowing your neighbours, Hafford is a bad spot for you.

A great place to... Relax, raise a family and feel safe.
- babaganoch

Jul. 13, 2007

Pluses: It was a great place to visit - people are so friendly

Minuses: none

A great place to... To enjoy such beautiful culture and great food!
- Florence
Other info: I would love to know more about the fishing in calling lake, my husband and i are heading out there
- tammyhorne

Jul. 12, 2007

Pluses: I lived here as a child for a while;best place in the world!!
- OKeefe
Pluses: Many nice people live there. My favourites are John and Sue Sinkovitch.

Minuses: Miss the fire tower, the old CNR railway station, and other former highlights of the town.

A great place to... Visit the Logger's Station House.

Other info: Seeking photographs of the town in its' heyday, when my grandfather, Charlie Hume, was a blacksmith for lumber companies in Ardbeg, Whitestone and area, circa 1920's to 1950's.
- pastfinder
Pluses: My cabin is there...thats enough of a plus

A great place to... relax
- Andreah

Jul. 10, 2007

Pluses: The people are very nice and helpful to each other. They make new comers feel very welcome.

Minuses: no boat launch available for residence.

A great place to... retire or live and bring up a family.

Other info: Les rocks.
- binnie
Pluses: We have beautiful scenery, wonderful water and great people.

A great place to... Call Home
- sharony
Pluses: I have a cabin in St. Malo and have been going there for as long as I can remember. I absolutely love the town, and the people are truly amazing. I love being able to get away from the city to go and relax, and party out there. And I do have to say that the social's that St. Malo holds are better then any social I've ever been to in the city.

A great place to... It's an amazing place to go to relax, and an even better place to go party and to meet new amazing people and possibly even lifelong friends.
- FrenchIntimacy

Jul. 9, 2007

Pluses: One of the most beautiful places to live on earth.

Minuses: Too far away from the city.

A great place to... raise your kids
- Blacky
Pluses: Privacy, Friendly Neighbors, Beautiful Scenary, Blueberries

Minuses: About 20 min. from Civilization

A great place to... Raise a Family, Retire, Have a Hobby Farm, Enjoy Life, Relax, Take it Easy, Eat Blueberries :)
- Niki6454
Pluses: Old asbestos mines to discover.
- denisn72

Jul. 8, 2007

Pluses: I like springstein,because that is where i grew up.
It is quiet,peaceful,close to wpg.
Low crime.

Minuses: No paved roads,rough driving back and forth to anywhere.

A great place to... Bring up your kids.

Other info: Try it
- cowboys

Jul. 5, 2007

Pluses: The smell of the bread

Minuses: cold weather

A great place to... get warm milk and honey
- dgygi
Pluses: Good food and nice people at Continental Hotel.
Rooms were dirty and smelled old.
Stayed at White River Motel on return visit. Lovely owner, and rooms were pristine. Also more friendly and informative than staff at Continental.
White River Motel best bet for comfort, cleanliness and hospitality.

Minuses: Run down town. Homes on main street that are falling down with broken windows. Doesn't seem like residents care alot about how their town looks to tourists. Happened to be there for Winnie the Pooh festival. Not much thought put into parade and displays at arena were of no interest to anyone but the residents. People not friendly except for owners of White River Motel. Staff at Robins Donuts were not polite.
People here don't seem to like Americans either, with exception of Jean or Jeannie from White River Motel, who is a fellow American.

A great place to... pass though unless you are stuck for the night. Keep going to Wawa, or Marathon. This place is like a little horror town from a bad B-movie.
- petraol

Jul. 2, 2007

Pluses: Nice quiet village: you can sleep in your backyard and not hear a thing outside of the crickets.

Safe: it's ok to leave your car and home unlocked. Kids can walk over to the neighbours house or the skating rink (or the Mrs Horricks' house for chocolate chip cookies) and parents do not need to worry.

Everyone knows everyone: you can buy something at the store with the promise of coming back to pay for it (and they know exactly how and where to hunt you down). When hosting a bridal / baby shower, everyone is there!

Heritage / generations keep on going: It amazes me to see how many familiar last names I see and how many people willingly admit that they have or still do live there!

Small and Convenient: if you can't find someone, just go to main street and shout. If the person doesn't come out, chances are someone will still know where to look.

Minuses: Everyone knows everyone: No chance to keep any secrets. If you want to know what is going on with so and so, just ask anyone!

Limited resources: Would you like to buy your groceries at the Coop on a weekday or the weekend? Coop is the only choice!

Middle of no where: some people tend to move away as fast as they move in and so it is hard to keep some lasting relationships with people unless they have some strong family roots.

A great place to... Get a sense of a real farming community. It seems that everyone is either a farmer, a farmer's wife, a farmer's kid, the farmer's grocer / butcher, the teacher to the farmer and or kid(s), the farmer's banker, the farmer's merchant, etc. Life evolves around FARMING!

Other info: There's just something about this little ho hum village that has gone from a hamlet, to a village, to a town, and down again that somehow magnetizes us to want to come back, or at least, learn more of what's going on!
- TriciaPope
Pluses: Port George is the most scenic route in the Annapolis Valley shore line. It is steeped in history and the relatives of families of the past generations still reside there. The people are kind and willing to show you their village of port George.
There is a museum called "The Candle in the Window" which has an in depth narrative as well as pictures of the once busy port village. They also have lots of beautiful crafts made in the area.

A great place to... relax and enjoy the seals on Dunn's Rocks and have a picnic at the park.
- Puddleduck

Jul. 1, 2007

Pluses: Beautiful clean, sandy beach. Beautiful Sunsets. Great family place....friendly on the beach...Wednesday flea market...close to Southhampton and Sauble Beach.

Minuses: Some of the rental cottages are old and run down.

A great place to... Relax and spend quality time with your family.
- pinkcarnation
Pluses: Set in forest at the foot of the Beaufort Range, Cumberland is a wee village with a wealth of natural resources and a history rich in social drama. Cumberland is a favorite venue for all kinds of musical entertainers and has a reputation for hosting some of Canada's best.

Cumberland's annual Heritage Faire at the Cumberland Cultural Center offers many windows to the past. Visitors are invited to partake in a rich array of displays, both historical and contemporary. This year's theme was "Building Our Community." Many of the displays consisted of extensive collections dating back to Cumberland's earliest days as a coal mining town.

A great place to... go mountain biking. The forests around Cumberland are traversed with dozens of fabulous trails. A local BMX track is also in the picture with regular Saturday afternoon racing.

Other info: A good source of local news and views created by the villagers themselves is The Cumberlander website at
- dwayner
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