Mar. 31, 2007

Pluses: tim hortons

Minuses: long strech of development
- magda

Mar. 30, 2007

Pluses: Friendly small town atmosphere.
- Moe

Mar. 28, 2007

Pluses: It use to be a small town and everyone new eachother. Riding your bike around the block took 15 minutes. You did not have to worry about your kids out playing in the neighbour hood

Minuses: Malton has burst at the seams! Too many people for such a small area

Other info: I was raised in Malton. We moved to Malton in 1964. My extended family also followed suit. It was nice to have such a community feelingl. I went to Morning Star Secondary Highschool. I am looking for anyone who graduated in 1982.
- Beverly
Pluses: georgetown is the greatest place i have ever lived in my whole intire life.i love to go down to the credit river and swim by the old paper mill dam and go fishing it is so much fun

Minuses: the only down side to g-town i think is ther is no town bus...that could come in handy but hey walking is good exersice

A great place to... a good place to go and have a fun day with the family and have a pinic would be cerdervaile park it has a play ground soccer feilds a creek(you can catch lots of crey fish there)it even has a gient shaded cuzeebo(dont think i spelled that right) you should go ther it is fun and relaxing
- macker
Pluses: Big Lake, lots of sandy beaches, nice all around,, close to home
- ogopogo

Mar. 26, 2007

Pluses: Bible camp.When I was a child.And family.

Minuses: Nothing.

A great place to... Be with our family.

Other info: Love-you D.M.T.
- dteers

Mar. 22, 2007

Pluses: camping,hiking, fishing, beautiful nature pictures, great place to walk your dog, long winter season for skidooing.

Minuses: limited shopping

A great place to... appreciate the important things in life, like spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the wilderness in your backyard.
- Laraby

Mar. 21, 2007

Pluses: I am inquiring how Prince George is as a city. Any information would be helpful.

What are the seasons like? How much snow and sunshine would be normal for the winter - ie is it very grey the majority of the time in the winter months? What is the temperature in the summer like? Is it comparable to Kelowna or Vancouver?

Is Horsefly Lake called Horsefly Lake due to mega horseflies?
- samiam

Mar. 20, 2007

Pluses: It's a great place to be a child. It's beautiful and remote. It's the home of my heart for all time.

Minuses: Not so good for teens... nowhere to buy anything, so frequent trips to Prince are necessary. God forbid you need immediate medical attention.

A great place to... Hike, live like a pioneer, ride horses, cross country ski
- Odelle
Pluses: good food

Minuses: i don't know anybody over there

A great place to... work...the call center dosen't seem that bad

Other info: well...i live in McGivney and I just started working over would be nice to get to know some of the locals...
- doak1881

Mar. 19, 2007

Pluses: Nice quiet,clean place to raise your family.In a small community you know where your kids are,who they are with and their parents names. If you need help just yell. Someone will be there to assist you in seconds. We are only 10 mins. away from grocery stores,gas stations,doctor office and fast food stores.We have a fantastic restaurant,A happening bar and 2 differant repair shops.We still have our school and post office.Manor is a great place to live. Come check us out.Housing is affordable,taxes aren,t too bad and rent is cheap.

Minuses: We have 2 happy guys in town right now(trouble makers) but they,ll get the hint and leave soon.

A great place to... LIVE

Other info: Want more info? Call our village office.
- mcpeebles

Mar. 18, 2007

Pluses: A well equipped small village with a large general store, two marinas, one public, one private, craft shop and many other amenities. The private marina has washrooms, showers and a laundromat among its many features making it equally good for R.V.'s. The community has its water supplied from a drilled well and has excellent water quality.

Minuses: not well promoted as a place to visit by tourism industry. No resturant. No B&B's.

A great place to... Petley is half way in a 50km fjord, making it a boater's paradise. A great place to vacation. lots of trails, a long beach for walking, and with the playground, basketball court and ball field, it is a great family destination.
- tclenche

Mar. 17, 2007

Pluses: Marinas-places to stay-Grochery stores-fuel

Minuses: Weather

A great place to... Visit-wildlife
- Mayor01
Pluses: there are some really nice people and there are a couple of (jerks).
its just like any other small town.

Its also where i am from.
so thats good.

Minuses: the fog can be a bit much(lol)
not many minuses.
too small to mention

A great place to... rekindle the love for your roots that you keep inside.

Other info: good place to visit Yeah>
- lawnboy1967

Mar. 16, 2007

Pluses: Great Village with it's beautiful trees and old houses was a wonderful place to grow up. Known historically for it's ship-building, generations of families heard the passed-down stories of triumph and tragedy along with lots of folk-lore about ghosts, gypsies who stole children, and the wealth of some of its oldest inhabitants. The village itself is surrounded by hills, with a valley forming the central part of this beautiful little community. Memories of walking home at dusk during the cold winter months, seeing lights burning in the many comfortable homes and enjoying the wonderful smells of supper cooking in the various homes, knowing our home will emanate a wonderful smell of Mom's home made bread with home made soup or something just as delightful, made my step a little quicker. Looking forward to Mom's warm and loving greeting always made that long old walk up the hill a little lighter and memories of this will always remain in my heart as the best part of any day.

Minuses: Today, many of the inhabitants are immigrants, as most of the older original home-owners have passed on. Although it is nice to see the new-comers fixing up the properties, renovating the homes and forming new friendships, I still long for the older days when everybody knew everyone, (not to mention their business), but one always felt a part of a big family of friends and neighbours.
The old post office is gone, as is the Scout Hall,the Great Village wharf and ship building properties, a hotel, a funeral parlour, the library, a telephone office, the jail, a tea room and good old Layton"s General Store. The Legion Hall and the IOOF building are no longer used. The Masonic Hall is seldom used and McLaughlan's grocery store is now a popular place to pick up a movie and a pizza. Our reliable and faithful Doctor Aubrey has passed on, as has our unforgettable barber, Charlie Stewart, both of these distinguished gentlemen were loved by everyone and will have a special place in our hearts.

A great place to... Years ago.............
Fish in the brook from the old Mill.
Enjoy skating here in the wintertime around a big fire.
Play baseball with all your friends at the baseball diamond.
Go parking at Spencer's Point.
Pick strawberries, blueberries and mushrooms.
Go to a dance at the Mason's hall on Saturday night.
Feel comfortable that your children were enrolled in a safe elementary school.
Find just about any old car part you needed.
Buy your meat at your door from the weekly butcher.
Enjoy milk delivery right to your door.


Other info: I love it and I miss living there, I miss the people, the comfortable way of living and of life, the fresh air, the smell of the old school where grades primary to grade 12 got their education in only 4 rooms there. I miss hearing and smellilng the farm animals, coasting down the hills in the wintertime, walking down to the old wharf and laying on the grass there, dreaming of how it may once have been when it was a busy shipping port. I miss the Great Village River, hiding under the bridge. I miss seeing the beaver build their dams in the old mill pond and stream. Yes, I even miss having an outside privy, where we often used the Simpson Sears catalogue when toilet tissue was scarse.
The village is still beautiful, although many of the trees are gone, most of the houses still exist, only now they have modern exteriors. The people living there will never have the same memories of a wonderful warm old fashioned community that I have in my heart.
- morgansmom

Mar. 15, 2007

Pluses: Friendly, picturesque, peaceful

Minuses: The road conditions throughout the town.

A great place to... relax, retire, sunbathe
- Heidi
Pluses: Small Close nit community.
Great Hunting & Fishing.

Minuses: Lack of services.
Far from large cities.
- froy

Mar. 11, 2007

Pluses: warm lake

Minuses: small lake

A great place to... yes
- daveta85
Pluses: everything from the friendly people to the beautiful beaches.a place we will make our home in less than 2 years.can't wait.
- james2

Mar. 6, 2007

Pluses: I applaude you for your stand on your town's constitution. The rest of us talk about it and you have stepped up to the plate of no longer tolerating changes to our Christian based country's values.

Good for all you you.
- hhoskin
Pluses: has alot of perogies and cabbage rollers

Minuses: there are none

A great place to... live
- jane

Mar. 4, 2007

Pluses: Peace and quiet, good place for skiing in winter, great walking by the river and lake and bush. Nice camp sites at Culver Park for those visiting the area, good swimming, fishing, etc. We have one confectionary store which provides bus and train tickets for the train stop in our village.

Minuses: Shopping is limited now that all the stores are closed and Kirkland Lake is limited in what it provides.

A great place to... Raise a family, quiet, safe.

Other info: Swastika is celebrating its Centennial in 2008.
- Carbeu
Pluses: I an live in sault ste Marie

A great place to... Sault ste.marie is not a good place to live
They is not a lot things to do in sault ste.marie
- ottawa
Pluses: I like ottawa a lot
It is a great city

A great place to... Ottawa is best place to live
- ottawa

Mar. 3, 2007

Other info: Musgrave Harbour boasts the longest stretch of sandy beach in all of Newfoundland. Hours of fun can be packed in to 15 Kilometers of ATV and beach related activities.

July and August Months are the best months to swim in the moderate warmth of the Atlantic Ocean. These months will also offer a traveler a better chance for a run of good weather.

There are lodging facilities and a local Full Featured Camping Facility with a fresh and salt water swimming area situated right on the beach.
- Rasputin

Mar. 2, 2007

Pluses: Prince Albert in Cree is 'Kistipa- nanihk' which means "The Great Meeting Place". Situated on the banks of the ancient waterways of the North Saskatchewan river systems, we have a rich heritage: 10,000 years of First Nations History; the development of a Multi Cultural community that honors and shares culture in events and celebrations; Fur Trade History; North West Rebellion History; Pioneer History; (5 National Historic Sites, 1 World Heritage Site in the area); 90,000 Lakes with Parks, Mixed and Boreal Forests, fast and gentle rivers, and attractions in abundance. Prince Albert is an Adventure Destination; if you seek high adventure, or leisure adventure, or cultural adventure, explore these landscapes and people for a 'real' as in authentic experience of the REAL CANADA!

Minuses: Must book air travel in advance in order to connect from International Airports to link with the daily flights to Prince Albert Airport. This can easily be settled by arranging yourself or having a travel agent set up. Resort booking, Camping and RV Camping need advance summer booking, however,most dates outside of July and August are good, and some parks and all resorts are open year round.

A great place to... Golf: (13 courses, some championship courses, in the district)
Pow Wow:- We are a significantly important location along the North West and Plains Pow Wow Trail with dozens of Regional and International powwows held during the summer and Fall - open to the public along with several other First Nation and Aboriginal Culture Events (Batoche Days, Fur Trade Days, Metis Fall Festival, Aboriginal Music & Arts Festival, Thanksgiving International Pow Wow, etc).
Action Adventure: - Voyageur Canoe Quest (67 mapped canoe adventures) - National Park, Provincial and Regional Park Canoe Journeys - Biking - Hiking - Wildlife Photography - Cross Country Skiing (thousands of trails) - Snowmobiling - Snow Boarding and lit Sledding Hills in cities 1200 acre nature park - picnic - river rowing and rafting - Fly Fishing - Fishing, Eco tours everywhere - Kayak - winter camping - Sled dog tours or go for Extreme Challenge and experience the Canadian Challenge International Sled Dog races.... more...

Other info: For more on Prince Albert and the Greater Prince Albert District explore the official website for Prince Albert tourism information at:
- patourism

Mar. 1, 2007

Pluses: Very quiet, great neighbours and wonderful place to spend the summer months

A great place to... RELAX
- brucecoulson
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