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May. 30, 2007

Pluses: Picturesque
Warm in the summer

A great place to... Visit!
- seidlpj
Pluses: great people

Minuses: flat and no ocean

A great place to... raise children and quiet life
- cici

May. 29, 2007

Pluses: beach!
- blahblah125

May. 28, 2007

Pluses: Great place to grow up!

Minuses: too Isolated

A great place to... be a Kid
- PrincessPickleBucket
Pluses: Small town atmosphere is good for raising children in. A tight knit community full of good people.

A great place to... Raise children
- tscgenie

May. 24, 2007

Pluses: Real Estate

Minuses: Air quality

A great place to... Employment
- abramyk
Pluses: Truax is quiet, the people are great. There's not much to do there, anymore. In the past, it was a hoppin' town.

Minuses: It is too close to Avonlea.

A great place to... Visit.
- Katiejane

May. 22, 2007

A great place to... go and relaxe on 6 mile is the best place i cant wait for the pow wow i hope its fun this year :)
- punkie

May. 17, 2007

Pluses: Quiet
Birds and other field animals live freely
Rush Hour consists of 5 cars
No one has found it yet - and it is beautiful

Minuses: Can get trapped there in the winter.... oh wait, that isn't so bad!

A great place to... take a beautiful walk along a waterfall and stream

Other info: Small town with no shops or resturants but that will change if people find the town!
- Kakc
A great place to... meet people have a good time and see great scenery
- shell
Pluses: Gracefield, Quebec

Minuses: 70 minutes from Ottawa

A great place to... Fishing and hunting
- Masoud

May. 16, 2007

Pluses: Quiet, peaceful, safe, real, tranquil

Minuses: Population moving away

A great place to... To grow up.
- Prrebel
Pluses: There are so many pluses, here are a few:
- beautiful shore and countryside
- wind and fresh air
- sandbars
- history
- red, red, red...
- healthy seagulls

Minuses: none,

A great place to... visit, live, vacation...
- Vajody

May. 15, 2007

Pluses: small community. better air quality. nice people

Minuses: seasonal work, small school, not alot of stores

A great place to... relax and party
- manda

May. 14, 2007

Pluses: judique is a nice quit place and i think that people will enjoy if they like a quit place to think and hang out

Minuses: not sure

A great place to... hang out
hook up with old friends
go for walks

Other info: judique is a small town in inverness county and just b/c it is small that dont mean anything we have halls that plays music and they also built a celtic centre its awesome come visit sometime
- truejudiquer05

May. 11, 2007

Pluses: Natasha Robinson and her family are from there.

Minuses: It's kind of far from other stuff.

A great place to... Go farming.

Other info: Seems like a down-home, real life kind of place.
- ErinPropp

May. 10, 2007

Pluses: - Beautiful scenery, the most relaxing place to visit - you never want to leave! Friendly people - such a pleasure to visit.

Minuses: NONE

A great place to... Relax. Excellent fishing & hunting.

Other info: My father worked for the CPR in Metagama. My mother had to take the train to Sudbury to give birth. We lived there & loved every minute! We have been back many times to visit - taking the Bud Car from Sudbury. We have many pictures of Metagama,including Mike Bates, who has passed away. He used to have Bates Camps & catered to many American tourists. My mother was a fishing & hunting guide & had her picture in the "New York Times".
- Ruffo

May. 8, 2007

Pluses: a great place to visit in the summertime

Minuses: in the winter it;s not to easy for the folks to haul wood tho

A great place to... go hunting and fishing and roam around in your boat and surrounding commuties
- armgirl

May. 7, 2007

Pluses: Ocean Nutrition plant

Minuses: Too small town

A great place to... rest
- graciela

May. 4, 2007

Pluses: right on main highway between Ottawa and Montreal

Minuses: unknown for now...

A great place to... move to, out of the larger urban city
- two96roy
Pluses: dunno dont live there yet
Hckey rink and LC seem good

Minuses: Freanch speaking maybe

A great place to... drink

Other info: quite for a bit till I move in
- mikeyt

May. 3, 2007

Pluses: Beautiful, Scenic, wonderful place to raise children...

Minuses: Lack of employment...

A great place to... Visit for sure

Other info: - fishing community
- most people work in nearby St. Anthony
- surrounded by the ocean
- good place to pick berries [bakeapples, blueberries, blackberries, partridge berries...
- beautiful walking trails
- people are friendly
- good place to party
- nave002

May. 2, 2007

Pluses: friendly neighbourhood, salt water so close, families have lived here forever.

Minuses: not many young families, water really polluted now so not good for swimming.

A great place to... raise a family, and relax.
- shellsgrant

May. 1, 2007

Pluses: good camping

Minuses: boring

A great place to... party
- kathryn

Apr. 30, 2007

Pluses: It wouldn't matter what time of year you should pass through Denholm, it's beauty is all year round.

Minuses: The municipality of Denholm on Poisson Blanc, made a grave error by giving out a copy ( a photo copied document) of land information that was in the file of the owner whom owns a house in a person whom is NOT on the deed of the home owner. I am confident this error will not happen again as the Town Hall does not need legal ramifications in the future.

A great place to... hike. You will find water falls, trails and wildlife. A look out over the water falls on Paugan road is open to the public during summer months. A great place to be if hiking and pic-nicks are your thing.

Other info: never venture out into the woods without a buddy. Be careful of bees nests, they like to bury their hives under brush on the ground. Carry water, warm clothes and if you come during bug season (mid May)......bring a heck of alot of bug repellent. You'll be very amazed at how many black flies live in Denholm!!
- katsandkritters
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