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Oct. 30, 2007

Pluses: The people are very friendly and It is a very quiet place to live

Minuses: There are not enough places for people to rent. There isn't really anywhere to eat after 8:00 pm

A great place to... live
- Kaylashadows

Oct. 29, 2007

Pluses: This is a bicentenary village, founded in 1798. It is a place where families have quietly prospered, mainly from farming but also in business. It is a quintessential, sleepy village, peaceful and blessed with golden corn fields in summer. It has a Harvest Fair, Labour Day weekend or at least it did, the "Foire du Pont-Ch?teau", with a fairway, equestrian show, etc. It's close to more populated areas like Valleyfield. It's pretty much off the highway in a straight line. It has a good school. A community centre. Nice people.

Minuses: Trying to keep up with modernity. It got rid of a saloon-type hotel across from the church that had veranda upon veranda, and looked straight out of a Western movie. The church has to share its priest.

A great place to... Pause, take a deep breath.
- Lozange

Oct. 28, 2007

Pluses: lived there for many years such a beautifull place

Minuses: long way to go shopping

A great place to... chill out

Other info: old family
- sandyV
Pluses: Great place to live and play.
- guntervonkingston

Oct. 27, 2007

Pluses: friendly

Minuses: small

A great place to... make friends

Other info: fun
- rozyvd
Pluses: Friendly neighbourhood, lots of history,

A great place to... raise your family,
- LMWright

Oct. 24, 2007

Pluses: It's a great place to be safe and raise a family. Great recreation facilities

A great place to... Live
- devinh

Oct. 23, 2007

Pluses: Lots of beaches, beautiful scenery

Minuses: about a 45 min drive to City.

A great place to... Hunt, Fish, Swim and go for long walks

Other info: Very small place
- lfalle

Oct. 20, 2007

A great place to... visit & learn about mothers family
- bernielomond

Oct. 19, 2007

Pluses: The plus about living here, is the quiet and undisturbed neigbourhoods of the village. The crime is almost non existent, the air is clean and water relatively good. There is garbage pickup once a week, recycling depot and water and sewer to the home. Cable is available for most residences and dial-up is also available through MTS.

Larger living spaces, with spaces between neighbours, so there is more privacy. Souris, Hartney and Minto are only about 15 minutes away, and Brandon is about an hour.
Want to go to a casino? It's just across the border at Belcourt.

Although pets need a licence, there is still room for them to roam in a large fenced in yard.

Number 23 highway runs right through the village so there is paved highway no matter which way you travel out of the village.

Minuses: There is only Sydney and Mac's, which containes, the post office, a convenience store, a small restaurant and gas.

A great place to... Come and live and raise your children. It lets them roam the village with a freedom that they are safe.

Other info: Elgin is like the hub in southwest Manitoba.
North is Souris and Brandon. West is Hartney and south west is Deloraine. East of here is Minto with Boissevain being southeast. The International Peace Gardens are south of here at the US border with Dunseath and Belcourt and Botteneau.

Hospitals and Doctors are in Souris, Brandon and Boissevain.

There is swimming, fishing, boating and even camping at the Elgin Centennial Park just 1/2 mile east of the village. The campgrounds are served and there are quite a few site available. There is room for those that love touch football, a game of baseball, a curling rink, skating rink and a community hall.

It is also a great place for your home based businesses.
The Elgin United Church is the only church in the village.
- Cecile

Oct. 15, 2007

Pluses: A very mild Canadain climate
New School
- aliciafaec

Oct. 14, 2007

Pluses: An hour and a half down a gravel road.

Minuses: hour and a half down a gravel road.
- zippy7
A great place to... Build a new home?
- Scotdee

Oct. 12, 2007

Pluses: It was a small community when I lived there. It was a good place to be as a kid. The school had 4 classrooms, but the basement was used as an inside gym on rainy days. The town was 4 streets high and 4 wide. Everyone knew everyone. That was both good and bad for a kid. This was in 1965-66. The town seemed to be dying even then. But, those that lived there kept it active. Church, scouting and girl guides, community events. The torch from the refinery would be so bright some nights that us kids could sit on the stret and read our comic books. Small fish were always in the drainage pipes at the sides of the main street. The frog pond by the school was full of frogs, until we finally caught them all. The bridge over the revines always provided some point of exploration. Then, families moved out and the houses came down. I'm sorry to see it gone.

Minuses: I can't think of any.

A great place to... Go for a walk up some of the over grown trails and find a little hidden history.
- Joanwhite

Oct. 7, 2007

Pluses: dilke has possilbly the best bar in saskatchewan, stop in and ask vern for a short rye and coke, or a cold pil on a hot day!
- mattr

Oct. 4, 2007

Pluses: everything

Minuses: n/a

A great place to... go to is the esso to eat and paulines to eat

Other info: This place is great
- tpass
Pluses: water is great ,weather is fantastic , great place to raise kids , housing is affordable , low taxes , friendly people ,clean air

Minuses: bus transit only one day aweek No family restaurant

A great place to... live and relax

Other info: when in town please visit our museum first
- a3a38551

Sep. 30, 2007

Pluses: diversity, central

Minuses: increased criminal activity

A great place to... live

Other info: have lived here for 8 years
- zosha
Pluses: It is a great place to live, because I grew up there...quiet friendly town

Minuses: I don't live there any longer AND the Westlock News is not online

A great place to... raise a family

Other info: newspaper,westlock news not online
- Lizardwings

Sep. 29, 2007

Pluses: Beautiful, friendly,

Minuses: Cold in winter

A great place to... Kayak, walk, cycle
- terrybest55

Sep. 28, 2007

Pluses: Clean air. Slower pace of life. Close to the ocean. Friendly people. Good bus service to the closest city, Sydney. Excellent house prices compared to Sourthern Ontario.

Minuses: Five hour drive from Halifax. Little employment. Not a good place for young people to start their career. Limited medical facilities

A great place to... A good place to retire provide you have an adequate fixed income.

Other info: Can't beat the scenary and close proximity of vacation spots.
- vicl

Sep. 27, 2007

Pluses: Know your neighbour
- trinashaw

Sep. 26, 2007

Pluses: the people

Minuses: dust

A great place to... SHSS

Other info: I love It!
- rrebecca

Sep. 25, 2007

Pluses: Close knit community
Very scenic community.
Has 2 churches- Anglican and Catholic.
Has a swinging foot bridge.
Has a community centre and WI hall that used to be the one room school house.

Minuses: Close knit community

A great place to... retire

Other info: Nice place

Sep. 23, 2007

Pluses: Tons of things to do all year round! Spring starts off with 25-30 degrees, orchards in full bloom and there's a great ski to sea race. Summer fun of camping, downtown night life. GOLF, GOLF, GOLF!!! You can golf from March to November! Fall festivals and fruit picking. Wine many little time! Winter, how about skiing a 35 minute drive to Big White! A very mild winter that only lasts about 2.5 months! It has year round entertainment, and the beauty of the valley with the surrounding mountains is breathtaking!

Minuses: Everyone's heard all the great stuff about Kelowna and surrounding area and there all wanting a piece of it! The population is growing at an unbelieveable rate - causing the housing market to shoot up past Vancouver and Toronto. The roads cant sustain all the people coming!

A great place to... A great place to live all year round and have everything you need!
- aldoradawn
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