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Sep. 30, 2007

Pluses: diversity, central

Minuses: increased criminal activity

A great place to... live

Other info: have lived here for 8 years
- zosha
Pluses: It is a great place to live, because I grew up there...quiet friendly town

Minuses: I don't live there any longer AND the Westlock News is not online

A great place to... raise a family

Other info: newspaper,westlock news not online
- Lizardwings

Sep. 29, 2007

Pluses: Beautiful, friendly,

Minuses: Cold in winter

A great place to... Kayak, walk, cycle
- terrybest55

Sep. 28, 2007

Pluses: Clean air. Slower pace of life. Close to the ocean. Friendly people. Good bus service to the closest city, Sydney. Excellent house prices compared to Sourthern Ontario.

Minuses: Five hour drive from Halifax. Little employment. Not a good place for young people to start their career. Limited medical facilities

A great place to... A good place to retire provide you have an adequate fixed income.

Other info: Can't beat the scenary and close proximity of vacation spots.
- vicl

Sep. 27, 2007

Pluses: Know your neighbour
- trinashaw

Sep. 26, 2007

Pluses: the people

Minuses: dust

A great place to... SHSS

Other info: I love It!
- rrebecca

Sep. 25, 2007

Pluses: Close knit community
Very scenic community.
Has 2 churches- Anglican and Catholic.
Has a swinging foot bridge.
Has a community centre and WI hall that used to be the one room school house.

Minuses: Close knit community

A great place to... retire

Other info: Nice place

Sep. 23, 2007

Pluses: Tons of things to do all year round! Spring starts off with 25-30 degrees, orchards in full bloom and there's a great ski to sea race. Summer fun of camping, downtown night life. GOLF, GOLF, GOLF!!! You can golf from March to November! Fall festivals and fruit picking. Wine many little time! Winter, how about skiing a 35 minute drive to Big White! A very mild winter that only lasts about 2.5 months! It has year round entertainment, and the beauty of the valley with the surrounding mountains is breathtaking!

Minuses: Everyone's heard all the great stuff about Kelowna and surrounding area and there all wanting a piece of it! The population is growing at an unbelieveable rate - causing the housing market to shoot up past Vancouver and Toronto. The roads cant sustain all the people coming!

A great place to... A great place to live all year round and have everything you need!
- aldoradawn
Pluses: The outskirts of Espanola, and small little communities are the only pluses to the actual community. Manitoulin Island, several lakes with great fishing & camping. Tourism that has to travel through hwy6 to Manitoulin keeps our town from sinking.

Minuses: The stink from the mill. Alot of nosy people that want to know everything that's going on - because there is nothing else to do there. If you dont work at the mill you have no future....but then there's all the layoffs at the mill. There is no future for residents of Espanola, the curse of Elliot Lake is upon us! The sad thing about Espanolians is that they think there's no other place in the world to be! Like, it's the top of the world if your kid made it to the mill!

A great place to... Sit at home and write on your computer.
- aldoradawn

Sep. 22, 2007

Pluses: good place to live

A great place to... raise a family
- casey5759
Pluses: real estate values
- bryanshrieves

Sep. 19, 2007

Pluses: country living
close to the lake

Minuses: small town bullshit gossip - whch gets very tiring and sickening!!!!

A great place to... raise a family
- countrychik

Sep. 16, 2007

Pluses: This is a town I grew up in from around 1960 to 1971. I have so many great memories...from the wonderful closeness of small town life to the wonders of growing up in the country. I keep checking to see if any houses are for sale. If they are I will be moving!

Minuses: No store or any services.
- fromyk
Pluses: Beautiful Branch River runs through the heart of the community. This river is known all over the province for its trout and salmon fishing. It is a very scenic little village. From August 9 to August 19, 2007, Branch has hosted a very successful Come Home Year, thanks to a dedicated bunch of volunteers. For eleven days, the place was teeming with visitors. Former residents filled the Landwash, the Gut, the Easter and Wester Coves, the meadows, the Flats, everywhere.

Minuses: No minuses! It is a great place, especially in the summer.

A great place to... go fishing, go hunting, to hear some wonderful singers, to watch some great dancers, to get back to the land.

Other info: You can reach Branch by road from two directions, Route 100 and Route 92.
- Marina

Sep. 14, 2007

Pluses: Great freindsly people who will take time to help visitors., lovely surroundings

Minuses: Must cross the frontier to get there.

A great place to... Unwind from the hassles that surround us inside the Empire.
- Peacenick

Sep. 10, 2007

Pluses: people/ community

Minuses: small town

A great place to... grow up

Other info: 15 mins from moncton
Irving big stop
- readezee
Pluses: quiet, people generally work together, pride

A great place to... build
- chainsofgold

Sep. 9, 2007

Pluses: quiet rural community

A great place to... raise a family
- giannamaria

Sep. 8, 2007

Pluses: Terence Bay will always be home to me. Beautiful scenery, boating is a must,just to view the coastline is breath taking.
The folks are extremly friendly , always ready to lend a helping hand. Should a family encounter crisis, the whole community will pull together to help. I have never heard a bad thing abot it.

Minuses: No service stations or Restaurants . Alot of the old land marks have been replaced with new homes.

A great place to... R and R . Visit the SS Atlantic sight. Terence BAy has a history of interest.

Other info: Just stop anyone on the road and they will help you find the place or person you are looking for.
Bring a blanket and warm cloths , its a must to visit the rocky coast to inhale the salt healthy air.
Tell me what your experience was like.
- smitse

Sep. 5, 2007

Pluses: The people of MacNutt are great.

Minuses: Can't think of any except that the town appears to be vanishing

A great place to... MacNutt was a great place to be. The congregation at Christ Lutheran was warm and loving and I'll always remember to fondly. Our other congregation in Landestreu Sask, was also great. I never expected to love living in the country as I did.
- monicaburt
Pluses: our pluses are the flat land makes for an excellent sporting area; we also have miles of clean sandy beaches berries of all sorts; a Provincal Park as well as a Golf course; being as it is a small town we share in all the activites concerning the well being of the Town; we also boast a beautiful view of the ocean great fishing inland and Cod; in season; friendly people who go out of there way to help visiters with anything they can.all in all our town is a friendly; clean; town with many thing to offer the tourists who flock by the dozens;to watch rare birds ;golf and relax.

Minuses: there are no minuses in Frenchman's Cove we are a fun loving friendly town.

A great place to... Golf, Camp ,Fish Trout ,relax on the beach or just wander around and see the beautiful scenery. we are so proud of.

Other info: We are located between grand bank and Marystown; in route to Fortune to take a ferry to St. Pierre the french islands off the Burin Peninsula just an hour or so away.
comej oin us and have a great time.
- Palamino

Sep. 2, 2007

Pluses: Fishing...Hunting...Camping...Photography... Skiing

Minuses: Blackflies... Blackflies... BLACKFLIES

A great place to... Be Born

Other info: Please give me general information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- rsproule

Aug. 28, 2007

Pluses: beautiful, natural, peaceful, best place in the world

Minuses: nothing

A great place to... spend all your holidays no matter if its summer time or winter time. such a gorgeous place
- nursey13

Aug. 27, 2007

Pluses: I enjoy are cabin on the Lake, Each Summer we are out there and each winter my dad goes hunting out there

Minuses: We can remove the weeds and are beach has gone to hell.

A great place to... Fishing - Some times
- lippy1313
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