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Dec. 28, 2008

Pluses: the sound of the dam spillway "roaring" in the Spring,
the unlimited coulees to explore,
the nearby hills,
wild crocuses in the Spring,
the great snowmobiling, kite flying, gopher watching (ha)
friendly people,
cool elevator.
great skating rink and fun times
always whipping Avonlea's butt at Sportsdays
Cool schools

Minuses: everyone moved away!
the rinks are gone
the stores are gone
attracting losers & pot growers now
soon to be a ghost town of not already
schools are gone, replaced by Avonlea (ugh!)

A great place to... snowmobile, hunt, walk, enjoy country quiet, bird watch, sit in the coulees and observe the wildlife, pick Saskatoons, get away from it all.

Other info: Real estate is going up, get a lot or a house while you can!!
- cragmont

Dec. 25, 2008

Pluses: the comunatie is growing

Minuses: the death cause from drug and suicide is a real problem and they need too get better law infocerment

A great place to... yah cause the school is finly build
- leemattatall

Dec. 21, 2008

Pluses: I grew up in Hopkins Landing (my father was George Hopkins). It was an incredible place to be raised. In the winters it was a little bit lonely but in the summer we had a wonderful time. All the "summer complaints" from Vancouver would descend on our little village and the fun would begin. Most summers were spent sailing, water skiing, swimming and playing "thong tag" off the pier. I can remember jumping off the pier at low tide to avoid being hit by the rubber thong.

A great place to... sit back and reflect on the world.
- DianaDowie

Dec. 18, 2008

Pluses: beautiful town

Minuses: no work

A great place to... retire

Other info: cheap housing
- albertarose
Pluses: It was a good place to grow up as far as being able to explore outdoors and appreciate the beauty of the area.

It had a strong sense of community re: a community ice rink in the winter saw shared skates that were hung on nails on the wall - anyone could use them. There was always a person on hand to make food and provide hot drinks. Baseball in the summer. Country dances were held throughout the rural area almost every weekend and Blake Hall always had something going on ie/ teas etc. People were always available to help when needed.

It was an untouched area when I grew up there, which was great for privacy and being able to freely move around the area, ie/ climbing "mountains," walking trails, going out in the boat.

Minuses: It was very isolated in the winter - around Pine Bay anyway. Long drive by bus to school in the morning - moreso when attending highschool.

A great place to... As above.

Other info: Lots of history in the area. Pine Bay is a meaningful place to me as I spent from '74 to '79 living there as a pre-teen and teenager until we moved to "the highway" by Hamilton's store where my parents built a house on the old school site (across from the old municipal buildings). Memory Lodge was open then and already had a great history. Pine Bay is just a beautiful place to be and knowing all the ins and outs of the area made you feel as though you were part of it.
- susanvisser

Dec. 8, 2008

Pluses: its sunsets are nice

Minuses: its smal and unpopular

A great place to... see sunsets

Other info: good place
- Nikeshhelpfrench
Pluses: Just east of Trochu, Alberta where the nicent restaurant in central Alberta is located - the River Rock Grill, and the River Road Inn is one of the cleanest and best priced motels in Central Alberta.
Just east of the Tolman Badlands - recognized as being the best representation of badlands in all of Canada.

A great place to... stay if you're coming to Rumsey is the River Road Inn in Trochu, just east of Rumsey.

Other info: Looking for a place to stay and eat - try the Trochu River Road Inn and the River Rock Grill.

Dec. 3, 2008

Other info: Have not been to Tantallon saskatchewan yet but plan a trip for 2010 It holds a lot of our family history
The family name is "Paynter"Involved in the Hamona Colony. Ed (Greatgrand Father)and Will Paynter appear in the local "Patrons of Inustry and Grain Growers Minute Books 1892 -1910.There is a plauqe affixed to granite in 1955 to name Paynter Island commemorates William Charles and Joseph Edward Paynter for their part in
"establishing the first co-operative venture in Saskatchewan 1895. Ed and will Paynter
"Practicall Utopians"
Will Paynter passed away on July 18 -1934 and is buried in the family plot in Valley View cemetary.Great Grandfather J.E.Paynter died in 1960 at the age of 91. Great grandmother Mima died in 1969 a year after attending our wedding with her son Grandpa Peer V. Paynter.
I am still searching for the grave of my great aunt "Zelma Ruth Paynter" in Holar cemetary. she died at the age of 9. I can not find any records of her death to date.
K. wheeler
- kWheeler

Nov. 23, 2008

Pluses: quite

Minuses: some not so nice areas

A great place to... live
- mandamay

Nov. 20, 2008

Pluses: We get parking tickets when we are legally parked in Saint Tite... For sure we have no intentions returning back.

Minuses: We get parking tickets when we are legally parked in Saint Tite... For sure we have no intentions returning back.

A great place to... NO, A TOTAL RIP OFF
- izotte

Nov. 18, 2008

Pluses: Wonderful people and beautiful scenery.

Minuses: All the good shooing and any really fint things to go out and do are about 3 hours away.

A great place to... retire id say!
- GwenHaylee

Nov. 17, 2008

Pluses: small town

Minuses: small town

A great place to... grow up
- Lowe

Nov. 16, 2008

Pluses: the Mandarin restaurant; city programs for children aplenty; outdoor skating rink

Minuses: it's becoming tooo multicultural

A great place to... learn punjabi
- roalgeroc
Pluses: It was a great community to live in. The school was small but we had a great time. The grocerystore/postoffice was small but it had everything you wanted especially if you needed to go and get lunch. It was only a 5 minute walk. We had fantastic cristmas concerts in the hall till one christmas concert the furnace in the basement caught on fire. All the fathers ran down and put it out. There was a church that was said to be haunted...I'm sure that was a myth. All the families that lived in and around Elva were a huge family. Just a few names were the Reddaways, Penners, Bloomers, Roblins. Mr. Roblin was our school bus driver..a station wagon which held all us kids on the west side of the highway. I remember in the winter when the snow was so high. Mr. Roblin could not get the bus down the drive way so Brad... his son. ..drove the ski doo till the drive way and then Mr. Roblin would come and get my sister and myself on the skidoo. Mrs. Roblin was a sub teacher. I loved Elva.

Minuses: There weren't any in my time. except for it was cold winters. I now live in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. where it is warm

A great place to... for small and large families to raise their children. We always had tons of fun.

Other info: Elva was not far from Melita which was a growing community.
- sandiwilliamson
Pluses: beauty, kind folks and many advantages for raising kids

Minuses: isolated

A great place to... relaxe

Other info: an island
- candiphinney
Pluses: hi i am 12 years old i live beside my best friend kassidy green and ya , fleming is very sweet and it is very awesome because u dont have to worry about murderers or retards .

Minuses: uh hitch hikers

A great place to... run around free!
- sydney4555

Nov. 14, 2008

Pluses: Family and Friends that you have there.

Minuses: Nothen' to do out there.

A great place to... Visit.

Other info: I'm from there.
- baymill

Nov. 9, 2008

Pluses: This area has as much as or more sunshine per year than any other location in Canada. Growing season permits excellent gardens. The community has laws included in the original charter that does not allow alcohol sales in the town. This is a very active community with plays, musical events, etc. from a talented group of youth and adults. The high school teams regularly are among the best in the Province. The area was originally settled by Latter-Day Saint (Mormon ) pioneers in about 1905, but there are good relationships among the various religious denominations in the community. There is a large Buddhist community in the town.
Waterton National Park is about an hour's drive from Raymond, and the city of Lethbridge, with a university, many cultural events, and good shopping is about 18 miles away.
Raymond is a growing, vibrant place to live, and a great place to raise a family. Crime rate is very low, and the people are friendly.

Minuses: Limited shopping, cold winters.

A great place to... raise a family and enjoy a rural environment.

Other info: Town population about 3200 but growing. Many new homes being built.
- montmac

Nov. 7, 2008

Other info: I was brought up 3 1/2 miles south of Glen Kerr, and attended the Rolling Plains School. My Parents were Abe & Judith Klassen.

I remember Don & Joe McIssac and John Hamm, from Glen Kerr. I have reached the age where my history has begun to be of interest, but I have found very little so far, about these isolated Little villages and towns we frequented, as children. One such incident comes to mind: My Uncle Martin Klassen lived about 1 1/2 miles south of Glen Kerr, and on Sunday afternoons, while at their house, we kids would walk to Glen Kerr, along the tracks, and disturb Don McIssac with a request to buy candy, etc.

Any information on people and places, between Glen Kerr and Morse, in the 1944 to 1957, would be helpful and appreciated.

Sincerely, with thanks!
Stan Klassen
- Klassen

Nov. 5, 2008

Pluses: I LOVED being a kid in Pinware. We had so much fun and stayed out of trouble at the same time...We played on the "path", upon "Williams Hill" (in the rock cuts)... We climbed the "Head"...which was very dangerous (now that I think back)... I would have chose NO WHERE different to grow up and enjoyed every moment of it.. I absolutely love to visit home and enjoy all the trips I have made back there... (Which is many). The summers were very beautiful (except the flies) especially at the park where we swam, camped, partied...etc...Not to mention Black Rocks where we spent many a summer days swimming..It was such a safe place to raise families and that was the best thing about Pinware, was Family! The scenery is absolutely beautiful! Then there is the Salmon fishing which attracts many tourists...I can go on forever about why I love Pinware and the "Pluses", but anyone who lived(s) there already know's. "YOU CAN TAKE THE GIRL OUT OF HER HOME, BUT YOU CAN'T TAKE THE HOME OUT OF THE GIRL!"

Minuses: I have to say the "Flies" in the summer...Some winters we get too much snow...It is also a little too isolated..You have to go through so much just to get home for a visit...But that's it...(for me).

A great place to... Relax, get away from your busy life and just breathe... the people are'll never be stuck for anything.. Take in the beautiful scenery..You can go berry picking, salmon fishing, whale watching...etc...

Other info: Pinware is a beautiful place to visit...I have met many people from all over the world who still enjoys to come back for there yearly visit...(ie..Sarasota, FL)..There isn't many people left there, but those who are have big hearts and love to see visitors...There is always something to do, suppose it's sawing up the wood, or just visiting with neighbors...Pinware is my home town and always will be!
- PamelaPPike

Nov. 3, 2008

Pluses: it's beautiful country, especially in the summer you have to go to sandy bar...totally awesome!!
- debkir

Nov. 2, 2008

Pluses: 1/ Far awa y from the maddening crowds--
2/ One stop shop for food, coffee, liquor, post office
3/ VERY quiet and peaceful
4/ you can drink from a freah water spring

Minuses: 1/ Boundary road floods outin the spring
2/ needs more culverts and road management
3/ new homes coming into area, take away from quiet
4/ dirt bikes and ATV racing on back roads

A great place to... 1/ hang your hat when you want peace and quiet
2/ get back to nature
3/ getyour mindback after the city

Other info: 1/not far from Huntsvilleif you need the Town atmosphere
2/ great unique shops an dsrestaurants within 1/2 hour drive
3/nice clean beach andwater
- yvetteaube

Nov. 1, 2008

Pluses: Great doctors, nurses, health center. Very active community for sports. Relatively quiet place to raise your kids. Very nice people. The jobs are here, if you want to work in an oilfield related job.

Minuses: The schools are not the best. Big push for volleyball but not much else for sports. Very limited career education for these kids to learn about. It seems like there are a few teachers working at both schools, who really aren't here to teach, as much as they are here to collect a paycheck. There are drugs here, same as in any small town. Can be a bit cliquey till you have been here for awhile and got to know people.

A great place to... Raise your family. Quiet, small-town rhythm. Lots to keep your kids busy with through the year. Beautiful valley and surrounding area. The Alameda Dam Recreation Area is nice.
- chickeepoo1
Pluses: My mother, Elsie Maud Windsor, and grandfather, were born and raised in Tilt Cove. My grandmother, Amelia Jane Bailey, was born in Fogo) .
I have never visited there, but my grandfather, Theophilus Windsor was the foreman of the Cape Copper Company in the turn of the 20th Century, and came to Toronto with his two daughters and two sons in 1916.

My father, Bond Jones, was born in Western Head (Morton's Harbour) of Kenneth Jones and Hannah Taylor.
- patfollett
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