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Jul. 31, 2008

Pluses: I lived in Donkin fom the ages of 3-13. I only really appreciated it's beauties once I'd left.
The advantages that I had growing up in Donkin was the ability to express my creativity.
When you grow up in these surroundings, you are forced to be creative to keep yourself entertained and sane. I had a great time growing up collecting rocks and snails from the shore and coming home soaking wet and getting yelled at for it. Or sledding down the hill behind the Old Co-Op just below the Mail Hill. Ha, and going to Gail's Store to get as much one cent candies as i could buy; looking for pennies outside on the ground so I could get just one more!
I am proud to say I grew up in small village in Cape Breton.
I can still smell the ocean or the fog early in the morning or wood burning at night when we'd have our bon-fires while our parents drank and we had long games of hide and seek.
Growing up in Donkin made me the cow girl-gone to the city girl-that I am today. I'm happy with that.

Minuses: Well with all of those wonderful things said, there are some bad things that has gone on in Donkin that everyone knows about but (as in most small towns) no one likes to talk about. Such as abuse; sexual, domestic, drug and alcohol.
See, going to the beach and collecting rocks is great when you're a kid but when you get older, it's much more fun to hang out with your budies and smoke a few joints and go through a couple packs of smokes and multiple cases of beer. We generally start these things at a younger age than most "city people" because we don't have amusement parks to go to or movie theaters. We don't even have a public transportation system.
Drug abuse is high and jobs are low. It's sad going back to this place that you have so many fond memories of and when you go back wiser, it's just an awful place to live; to be brutally honest.

A great place to... Donkin is a great place to vacation or retire. If you want to have a family there, I suggest you leave around the same time I did. It's great for children, not teenagers and sane, healthy adults with any form of intellegence because it will be wasted living in a place like Donkin.

Other info: I loved it as a kid and love it when I visit but don't live there.
Oh, and stay away from town after 9pm, thats when the junkies come out trying to sell you retlin and oxy's and really bad weed.
- SarahSMorford

Jul. 30, 2008

Pluses: Great boutiques - my favourite is Clemetine dans la compagne - they have gifts for everyone from table linens and bric a brac to bedding to hand made little girls dresses to shearling lined leather slippers.

Minuses: Most places to eat are a bit pricey except Spiro's and the pasta wasnt good and the pizza was OK - not good enough for a return visit.

A great place to... People watch, go to the public beach Douglass beach - good pubs and decent food in the pubs.
- baxterzmom

Jul. 27, 2008

Pluses: I live here since 1994 and love it

Minuses: Public transportation. I live on Shell Beach Rd. I am 78 years old and am worried once I can not drive anymore how to get around. I am on an old age Pension and would not be able to afford taxies.
I know Ladysmith is busy to get a bus on the road, but to my understanding that is only for the town Ladysmith. What about Brenton page road and Shell Beach rd.????
I hope the town will keep that in mind.

A great place to... Retire. It is peaceful and pleasant
- sossepos
Pluses: Out of the noisy city

Minuses: No take outs

A great place to... enjoy the ocean
- Pouchy

Jul. 24, 2008

Pluses: love fishing and hunting

Minuses: Blond

A great place to... Fisher Lake Timmins

Other info: Lots of fun
- Ruthless

Jul. 23, 2008

Pluses: Radville is a great little town that has all the benefits of small town Canada, green, clean and serene. Friendly helpful people. Everyone knows your name. Extremely low crime rate. No traffic lights, kids don't lock their bikes. No such thing as road rage here.
Clean air! Can actually see stars at night. Can have fire pits in your yard. The neighbors are actually neighborly. People wave at you. People say hi and you are often engaged in conversation when you pick up the mail.
We have a Coop and a grocery store S&E. They will go out of their way to bring things in for you.
Property values are low but watch out they are going up as we speak...
Children are respectful and helpful. One of the biggest draws to Radville is that it has a medical facility and excellent health care providers. The two doctors have people coming from all over south east Saskatchewan.
There is a 9 hole golf course with sand greens and an other course within 1/2 hour.

Minuses: Everyone knows your name and your business. LOL but that is part and parcel of small town living.
Generally a 1/2 hour commute to work but no different than sitting in grid lock for an hour or more in most major cities.

A great place to... Raise a family, relax and smell the flowers. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of big city life small town living can provide you with a whole different perspective. Radville is just big enough to have all sorts of services and small enough to walk to them all. Located about 30 minutes from Weyburn, (POP 10,000 and growing) and about an hour and a half to Regina. (POP 180,000 and growing)

Other info: We have all sorts of businesses and a website
"" that lists all the services and businesses.
- Kokaneesam

Jul. 22, 2008

Pluses: Nice small town very close to Pelican Lake which is the largest body of water in Southern Manitoba. Home of Happyland Campground which is at the Jct #23 & #18 on the north shore of Pelican Lake

Minuses: no one knows about happyland campground and how great it is..

A great place to... enjoy fishing and boating.

Other info: If you want more info on Happyland Campground go to their website.
- Happyland
Pluses: Plusses....hmm....quiet, clean, friendly (to a point), out of the way, beautiful scenery, and lots going on all the time.

Interestingly, it's got one of the most unique natural sandstone formations going for it, it's even an historical site! It predates the mines, that's for sure.

Minuses: No numbers on the houses despite provincial legislation, which makes it VERY hard to find a place if you're from the city.

The nearest store is in Bienfait 10 minutes away, and closes at an unGodly early hour, so make sure you have milk before you need it in the morning!

The historic site, although unique and very interesting, isn't very well-maintained and is in serious need of protection from someone. It's being vandalized on a regular basis and it's a dirty shame!

The neighbours are VERY hesitant to get to know you, and most have lived there or nearby all their lives and they already know everyone else, so getting to know people is extremely difficult if you've moved from another part of the province.

A great place to... Relax! See some history! It's older than the mines, for heaven's sake... Take in one of the alternate Sunday Jam sessions at the Community Centre in the middle of the Village...old time music and dancing at its best.
- IDunnoWho

Jul. 21, 2008

Pluses: -Beautiful, clean beaches
-Tree-lined streets
-Wineries galore
-Awesome quadding-dirtbiking trails

Minuses: -Expensive housing (rent/buy)
-An overload of tourists in the summertime

A great place to... -Raise your children or retire
-Enjoy scenery along with a nice glass of wine
- ScottishLass858

Jul. 20, 2008

Pluses: Everything.

Minuses: Travel from Maine.

Travel from the US.

A great place to... retreat to?

Other info: culture
- drosenberg48

Jul. 9, 2008

Pluses: The best town to live in between Vancouver BC and the Manitoba border and I ought to know, that's about where I came from!!!

Minuses: Roads to our town need a little attention - our Province is a little slow to realize what a hot spot we are becoming for new residents, tourism, hunters, etc. but that is a plus too... let's stay small, happy and friendly!!!

A great place to... live, breathe, and spend the rest of your life. Coming from the congested, over populated, over polluted, dirty, rude and very hard to breathe in City of Abbotsford I can personally vouch for the fresh clean air in Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan. The only times we have seen a traffic jam are on Canada Day during the parade, and during a funeral while saying farewell to a neighbour. You rarely have to wait in line for anything and if you do (i.e for the Church Fall Supper or the Farmer's Market Lunch) it is always for something very worthwhile and.... you will have wonderful company to visit with while you wait!!! Our doctor provides us with the very best of care and every business I have stepped into has provided professional yet friendly and very courteous service. I love this town.

Other info: I'm sure we will one day meet someone in town who is contankerous or grouchy or having a bad day, but so far, we haven't and.... I am also sure that there will be times, weather will get us down, either a long dry or hot spell, or a long cold one. But so far, the hot hasn't gotten any hotter than Abbotsford was and I am sure that an Air Conditioner will take care of that by next summer. The cold will surely be dealt with fine by our furnace and fireplace and we have plenty to keep us busy in our home through the worst of that!!! As far as the personalities go ... I'll try my best not to be the one who earns the title of the town's crankiest!!!
- newbie821
Pluses: quit town

Minuses: not much for sportsmanship for young and old

A great place to... raise a family and retire

Other info: i enjoy my home town and im proud of the community and town were i grew up
- borski

Jul. 8, 2008

Pluses: what is the population
what jobs are avaiable for nurses
what first nations people live there
if we wre to by acrage out side of town would there be any town bylaws to adapt to
are the people friendly
what religion and cultures are there
thanks you
- susanleblanc

Jul. 7, 2008

Pluses: A "spirited" community; one where the residents looked out for each other. It was a community where no one was a stranger and where everyone was made to "feel at home." It had its traditional foods as well, such as "fish and brewis on the rocks", which was the favorite summertime Sunday dinner; as well, residents enjoyed dried and stuffed squid, salmon boiled in salt beef, baked baby seal with rice gravy, pan-fried cod tongues; and, to top of any meal, almost everyone loved "vinegar tart".

Minuses: After television was introduced into Harbour Deep, the culture of the community was changed forever. The younger people appeared to be more interested in watching television rather than listening to the stories of the elders. People became more materialistic, and there was an increased interest in what "brand" of clothing one was wearing. An economic divide was the result of families competing to keep up with one another, and the community started to lose some of its charm.

A great place to... Harbour Deep is still a great place for campers and hikers if they have a means of getting there. Since there is no longer a ferry service, people wishing to do so would have to arrange their own transportation by boat from either Englee or Jackson's Arm.

Other info: There is one lodge in Harbour Deep, which is open during the summer months. Also, some of the former residents go back there to fish during the summer. Information about the lodge can be found on Google.
- AprilDew27
Pluses: The scenery in Gillams is absolutely breath-taking - and it is different every season. I particularly like the fall (the colours and the climate) and the summer (for the girlhood memories).
There are people in Gillams (many in my own famly of brothers and sisters and in-laws) who work tirelessly for this preserve what is and to build a future.
It is a quiet and peaceful place and a walking trail through the woods (with views onto wading pools and a waterfall) is listed as "good for the heart and the soul". It truly is!
People are welcoming and kind.

Minuses: There is relatively little by way of infrastructure and services for visitors. Having said that, anyone will guve you a cup of tea and likely some "homemade" goodies...better than Tim's anyday!

A great place to... Go home to!
To meet firendly people.
Walk a scenic and peaceful trail.
Have a picnic on the beach.
Swim in the ocean.
Swim in a freshwater natural pool.
Make new friends.
Take stunning photos.
- bpark

Jul. 3, 2008

Pluses: Muskwachees cultural college, elders are very important, cultural activities.

Minuses: Gangs that force there way into our reserve and make it hard to live in. Too many drugs, too many young men and women joining to belong somewhere.

A great place to... learn.......go to school, not everybody is a gangster here. there are a lot of people that take their education seriously. it is also a fine place to visit for touring we have a wonderful pow-wow in July.

Other info: we have a museum for your personal viewing, located off hiway 2a.
- TannisSwampy

Jun. 30, 2008

Pluses: I great place to grow. Alot of wide opened spaces for child to explore and have adventures.

Minuses: Not always great weather

A great place to... a good place for us to return and see our own children enjoy some of the freedoms we had as kids.
- philomenacorbett

Jun. 26, 2008

Pluses: We recently visited Truro for a conference my husband had to attend. The staff at the soon to be Holiday Inn were amazing and very friendly. Thumbs up to all store merchants who were also friendly and made us feel very welcome. The tourist attractions around the area were incredible. The downtown with the music playing and the pictures painted on the buildings is awesome.

Minuses: The police certainly don't seem to want tourist in the area when they go around ticketing cars for minor infractions like parking to far from the curb. As long as we were in the designated lines on the road for the parking area you would think this would be the area you could put your vehicle. Thumbs down to the man at the front desk at the police station who yelled at me that the law was the same in all provinces. It might well be but I guess some places don't nit pick and enforce this law.

A great place to... Visit and relax even for a few days. Thanks for making it a friendly place to visit.
- happyface

Jun. 24, 2008

Pluses: A safe small town with small town values and just fun growing up there. Worked hard, played hard!!!

Minuses: Not enough job opps to keep everyone home.
- brucenixon
Pluses: I don't know I am thinking about buying retirement property there

Other info: any info will be appreciated. I am a dog/cat person. Like gardening. I have MS so outdoor sports are not a concern. I need easy grocery shopping and I am glad there is a hospital in Yorkton and Regina.
- Brookes

Jun. 19, 2008

Pluses: Location:Convenient

Minuses: Don't know if roads are easily/safely travelled in the winter months
- chasbeen
Pluses: Excellent scenery!!!Great for taking picture's friendly people..

Minuses: winter's to long and too much snow!!

A great place to... Meet friendly people!!

Other info: Town of St.Lunaire- Griquet will be celebrating there 50th anniversary from aug.14th to aug.17th,2008
- pjadey

Jun. 18, 2008

Pluses: My family tree began in this town. Its a place deep rooted in history and is truly a peaceful place to raise a family. It is a place where if someone would start a business more would follow and would become a self sufficient town because of the great people that call it a home. It has all the sports centres and park to keep kids involved and a diverse mix of cultures that is truly Canadian.

Minuses: It lacks the desire to believe that Star City once again can be a place where people will travel that extra road just to visit and shop.

A great place to... Escape from the stress of the big cities and walk around the town to get a sense how great it really is and can be.

Other info: My family was the Coburns and the McIntyres and am proud to tell pepole that it all started in Star City Saskatchewan.
- jiggrind

Jun. 16, 2008

Pluses: Up at Tobin Lake there is great fishing great camping facilities and very hospital fishing outfitters.

A great place to... Relax, canoe, enjoy the scenery.
Pluses: is a quiet city , during the day , night time a lot of parties sometimes, has a average school system, and has 1 store , 1 bar , library ,post office, credit union ,insurance store,and little coffee house that serves some food

Minuses: the parks are falling apart , store prices are very high, lots of junk cars , cow dung is sometimes strong , sidewalks are almost too unsafe too walk, very dusty during summer and they don not plow the streets in winter

A great place to... do what ever you want

Other info: in between 2 towns
- merman1962
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