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Jun. 30, 2008

Pluses: I great place to grow. Alot of wide opened spaces for child to explore and have adventures.

Minuses: Not always great weather

A great place to... a good place for us to return and see our own children enjoy some of the freedoms we had as kids.
- philomenacorbett

Jun. 26, 2008

Pluses: We recently visited Truro for a conference my husband had to attend. The staff at the soon to be Holiday Inn were amazing and very friendly. Thumbs up to all store merchants who were also friendly and made us feel very welcome. The tourist attractions around the area were incredible. The downtown with the music playing and the pictures painted on the buildings is awesome.

Minuses: The police certainly don't seem to want tourist in the area when they go around ticketing cars for minor infractions like parking to far from the curb. As long as we were in the designated lines on the road for the parking area you would think this would be the area you could put your vehicle. Thumbs down to the man at the front desk at the police station who yelled at me that the law was the same in all provinces. It might well be but I guess some places don't nit pick and enforce this law.

A great place to... Visit and relax even for a few days. Thanks for making it a friendly place to visit.
- happyface

Jun. 24, 2008

Pluses: A safe small town with small town values and just fun growing up there. Worked hard, played hard!!!

Minuses: Not enough job opps to keep everyone home.
- brucenixon
Pluses: I don't know I am thinking about buying retirement property there

Other info: any info will be appreciated. I am a dog/cat person. Like gardening. I have MS so outdoor sports are not a concern. I need easy grocery shopping and I am glad there is a hospital in Yorkton and Regina.
- Brookes

Jun. 19, 2008

Pluses: Location:Convenient

Minuses: Don't know if roads are easily/safely travelled in the winter months
- chasbeen
Pluses: Excellent scenery!!!Great for taking picture's friendly people..

Minuses: winter's to long and too much snow!!

A great place to... Meet friendly people!!

Other info: Town of St.Lunaire- Griquet will be celebrating there 50th anniversary from aug.14th to aug.17th,2008
- pjadey

Jun. 18, 2008

Pluses: My family tree began in this town. Its a place deep rooted in history and is truly a peaceful place to raise a family. It is a place where if someone would start a business more would follow and would become a self sufficient town because of the great people that call it a home. It has all the sports centres and park to keep kids involved and a diverse mix of cultures that is truly Canadian.

Minuses: It lacks the desire to believe that Star City once again can be a place where people will travel that extra road just to visit and shop.

A great place to... Escape from the stress of the big cities and walk around the town to get a sense how great it really is and can be.

Other info: My family was the Coburns and the McIntyres and am proud to tell pepole that it all started in Star City Saskatchewan.
- jiggrind

Jun. 16, 2008

Pluses: Up at Tobin Lake there is great fishing great camping facilities and very hospital fishing outfitters.

A great place to... Relax, canoe, enjoy the scenery.
Pluses: is a quiet city , during the day , night time a lot of parties sometimes, has a average school system, and has 1 store , 1 bar , library ,post office, credit union ,insurance store,and little coffee house that serves some food

Minuses: the parks are falling apart , store prices are very high, lots of junk cars , cow dung is sometimes strong , sidewalks are almost too unsafe too walk, very dusty during summer and they don not plow the streets in winter

A great place to... do what ever you want

Other info: in between 2 towns
- merman1962
Pluses: fishing is excellent
hunting is excellent
people are kind and helpful

Minuses: isolated
limited recreational activities

A great place to... if you like outdoor activities, then Shamattawa is the place to live

Other info: Shamattawa needs many professionals to help their community grow and prosper.
- lcchubb55

Jun. 15, 2008

Pluses: Beautiful scenery, away from the hustle and bustle of larger towns.

Minuses: No school there!

A great place to... Get together with friends and family.

Other info: My hometown!!
- ardean

Jun. 14, 2008

Pluses: quiet, lots of lakes

Minuses: pine beetle dead trees

A great place to... go for a drive
- pressylake

Jun. 11, 2008

Pluses: great place to live, not too big, not too small

Minuses: plants are starting to close

A great place to... clean, quite
- warmstrong
Pluses: The pluses about living in Orwell are you have a good community around you. It has a great school in the area which is close for families that are raising kids.It is quiet and a calm place to be.

Minuses: I don't think there is any.

A great place to... Orwell is a great place to ride my horses. There are many trails to explore and everyone is very friendly.Also there are beautiful spots for the tourists to visit to really get a sense of what rural PEI is like.
- theluvofhorses

Jun. 10, 2008

Pluses: Last summer I was passing through and stopped for coffee at a roadside drive-through. I really enjoyed the coffee and the proprietor offered to buy my Bigfoot Trailer. I'm wanting to sell now and I hope you will pass on the message for him to get in touch with me.

Jim Higgs @
- jasmil
Pluses: Huge new SportsplexEasy access to major shoping centers

Minuses: none

A great place to... Live. A good place to educate your familly good kto 12 school
- wellington
Pluses: what does this town look like

what is there to do for recreation

yearly town events

A great place to... spend a weekend


Other info: are there any photos available
- Devim

Jun. 9, 2008

Other info: I was raised in Chelmsford and would like to go back to live there. I work as a Customer Service Representative for a telephone company. Is there employment in that field in Chelmsford or Sudbury?
- MadeleineG
Pluses: residential areas standard

Minuses: standard of living

A great place to... Live and buy a house
- amrostom
Pluses: Small, friendly community.

A great place to... Raise a family, grow roots, slow down, enjoy life...

Other info: We are hosting a Homecoming in August 2009 and welcome all those who've been lucky enough to be part of Clandonald to attend. Stay tuned for more information or visit our Facebook Group.
- clandonald
Pluses: The people are friendly, warm, and genuinley care for one another. Steeped in history it is simply a magical place to live

Minuses: no grocery store

A great place to... Swim, fish, create music with firends, walk, bird watch, garden,

Other info: Newboro is a beautiful town situated inthe Heart of the Rideau Canal. Created when the canal was built it still has many of the beautiful old homes of the mid 19th century
- mmmMaggie

May. 31, 2008

Pluses: Friendly people,

A great place to... have fun in the sun - wakeboarding, just hanging out, working in the yard
- darla10

May. 30, 2008

Pluses: beautiful countryside, friendly people, lots of lakes,

Minuses: no industry, no shopping

A great place to... get away from it all,
- cordelia
Other info: Hi there! I am a fourth year nursing student doing a project for our communities class on the community of La Salle. I am very interested as to what citizens of LaSalle believe the strengths and weaknesses are of the community. Any insight would be great! Thanks, fourth year nursing students, University of Manitoba
- angeladuerksen

May. 29, 2008

Pluses: It is a small village

Minuses: no paved roads

A great place to... buy property

Other info: growing community
- oliveq
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