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Mar. 31, 2008

A great place to... dine is Largo near the Harbour on the main street!
- macthomson114

Mar. 25, 2008

Other info: hello,
what is the population of this place Oak Bay? Is it good place to do business.
- ssshah69

Mar. 24, 2008

Pluses: beautiful senery,great people,excellent recreational area for all seasons!

A great place to... go snowmobiling,boating,hunting,fishing,and quading.

Other info: rexton is on one of the most beautiful rivers in canada.rexton also has amazing history,it used to be one of the main shipping ports of the early settlers.rexton also built a great number of the ocean crossing ships that has made the western world what it is today!
- bruceleblanc

Mar. 8, 2008

Pluses: Excellent community involvement
Excellent place for lasting friendships
Excellent place for families

Minuses: Shopping

A great place to... Raise a family
Nurture families

Other info: Safe, community spirit, lasting friendships, lasting memories, sharing, caring and spiritually alive.
- PrairieGirl

Mar. 6, 2008

Pluses: close to city.

Minuses: New water and sewer were put in. But the work was done with a low quality of workmanship, and the village office will not deal with the issues. My basement wall was cracked, and now floods. There is mold growing, and mud spills in the basement in the spring, and when it rains. I have contacted the office, and they have stated it is your problem. I am looking at between $30,000 and $50,000 to excavate the side of the house,fix the foundation, get the mold removed, and the drywall fixed. Looks like it'll be time totake the mayor to court.
- saskmale73

Mar. 5, 2008

Pluses: ocean,clean air, no people, no cell service

Minuses: no convience stores

A great place to... relax

Other info: remote
- beatrice

Mar. 4, 2008

Pluses: Marcelin is the neatest and cleanest village around. During the summer, the streets are all swept, cleaned and pot holes are filled. In the winter time, as soon as a storm is over, the snow plow is out on the street cleaning ALL of them off. Excellent village maintenance.

A great place to... raise a family or retire. Also a good place to start up a business as Marcelin is centrally located between Prince Albert, Saskatoon and North Battleford. Only 1 hour approx. driving to major centers.

Other info: Marcelin has a lot of interesting history. The St. Joseph's Catholic church is a part of that history and Marcelin's heritage.
- slipperpat
A great place to... relax and work.

Other info: Goodfish Lake is a reserve about 2 hours northeast of Edmonton Alberta.
- Jimmy0036

Mar. 3, 2008

Pluses: lots for kids to do

Minuses: need more small businesses

A great place to... raise a family
- kobis
Pluses: I love living in St Andre because it is peaceful,friendly people and my Dad was born in St Andre

A great place to... Hunt, fish and also it is an excellent place to live.
- Snapper
Pluses: Everyone is very friendly here. For it being a small town we do still have a Co-op, a Bank, a Post Office, a Coffee Shop, A little Library, a hall, two churches, a Hair Dresser that works inside her home, and a man who makes pizzas inside his home.

Minuses: Theres not many people in Bracken, if you dont like small towns then i guess thats a minuse but i like the small town.
- Swee

Mar. 2, 2008

Pluses: I spent all my summer months at the beach taking swimming lessons and living in a tent with two others friends from 1951 - 1956. best time of my life. we all grow up and have to move on as good times do not stop.

Minuses: NONE

A great place to... I am getting close to retirement and i am toying with the idea of moving back just to remember the good old times
- 163219
Pluses: Nice scenery, lots of family, nice beach, Jumper's Head.

Minuses: Too many churches, To many nosey people, should be no Penticostals. Too much Gossip.

A great place to... Have a picnic or beach party
- Hondus

Feb. 29, 2008

Pluses: really nice beaches
friendly people

Minuses: shopping not great

A great place to... relax and also for skidooing.
- kurleykate
Pluses: A nice little town that has survived fires and the closing of its only industry, the coal mine. The Joggins beach with lots of fossils to pick up is well worth the trip to see. The cliffs are fantastic, and every so often, a fossilized tree will emerge from the stone, washed out by the tide.

Minuses: There isn't much else to see, no stores to shop in, and no gas station.

A great place to... beachcomb for fossils.

Other info: The picture you are showing of the Joggins wharf is so very old and outdated. The wharf has been gone for many years, and only if you are lucky you might find a spike that held the wharf together. The wharf was abandoned when the mines closed, and that was many years ago.
- ewettemann

Feb. 28, 2008

Pluses: We love Long Branch, smack in the middle of two awesome lake ontario waterfront parks.... Sam Smith & Marie Curtis, with Len Ford right in the middle. Its literally a 13 minute GO train ride to Union station (and that's on the milk run!) The bike path east is unbroken except for a section that runs along the lakeshore through mimico... so if you feel like cycling 17kms to work & back, its one of the best commutes ever!

Minuses: Area is underserved with higher end retail & coffee shops, recognizing the influx over the last few years of new home proud property owners fleeing the insane bidding wars further east. These are choosy people. They WANT to spend money, but also NEED quality vendors.

Apartment complex on the site of the original hotel near the water attracts an unsavoury element. But the police patrol regularly, under pressure from the afore mentioned group of proud property owners. Unfortunately this complex may have set the tone for the area's retailers over the years.

A great place to... The waterfront path system through these parks are excellent for cycling, rollerblading, jogging, x country skiing.... used to be great early morning exercise boot camps in the summer.

We x country ski the paths all winter after a good snow dump. Although ungroomed, the winter waterfront scenery is glorious.

Marie Curtis gets the right winds for windsurfing and when the winds are right, becomes a mecca for windsurfers. A river runs through Marie Curtis, dividing the park in 2 (there's a pedestrian bridge). The park has boat launch ramps and many people find the river good for fishing. Sam Smith has a yacht club, Humber campus is nearby and there's cricket & rugby played. This park is naturalist oriented, with lots of wetlands and observation posts, so good to keep the dog on a leash unless you want him tearing off into a muddy swamp chasing a duck. Also, the dog catcher likes to wander through threatening off leash dogs with tickets. Its entertaining to avoid him.

Other info: Lake Shore "Avenues" project promises upgrades in infrastructure to recognize the special qualities of this area of town - and offers special incentives to shop keepers to upgrade their properties. Special development deals are going down, with quiet side deals being made to get condo developers to add to the area's infrastructure (much like the butterfly park & etc. further east in the Humber area). Opportunities abound for retailers who want to cut a deal for space in advance of inflated lease prices, and gain access to spendy inhabitants of the condos going up.
- ParkBlvdLinda

Feb. 26, 2008

Pluses: a good place to have a child hood

A great place to... go riding to ski to have the best friand you will ever have
- lizrasmussen

Feb. 23, 2008

Pluses: its a small quite town nothing really happens, maybe once in a while but very few.

Minuses: we have like no buisness maybe like one or two - IT SUCKS-

A great place to... relax

Other info: i dont know any lol- sorry
- JTogo77

Feb. 22, 2008

Pluses: i live in pelican rapids and its a really beautiful area the community is friendly summers in sap are the most awesome i hope visitors can come in and see this. we live by a lake and a river so its twice as nice. everyone knows everyone so its very hard to get lost.

Minuses: the only down side to this is that women, there are not plenty of fish swimming in this sea.

A great place to... make friends raise a family and for sure to get some fresh air. do some fishing and camping.

Other info: id like to invite visitors for some thing new. the best time to come is in july when the sapotaweyak cree nation have their annual treaty days cash prizes!!!! thats all i can say.

call the band office at 204 587 2012
- catherinecr
Pluses: Community Involvement

A great place to... Raise Children
- Dongeo

Feb. 21, 2008

Pluses: My daughter and family have moved there to work.

Minuses: It's a long way from England!

A great place to... Bring up a family
- muttonjeff

Feb. 19, 2008

Pluses: beautiful land locked lake with not much traffic
I lived there for 18 years of my life and loved every minute of it

Minuses: Not much in the way of restaurants or anything of that nature.
We have a airport on the lake which can be a little noisey at times

A great place to... relax and retire to

Other info: Head Lake is on Highway 503 .Not far from Rama
- swimsue

Feb. 17, 2008

Pluses: The Cloverdale Rodeo and fair which come once a year.
All of the schools in the area are great!
Quiet town, friendly people.
And you just always find something to do no matter what.
Some of the coolest/nicest people you will ever meet.
5 liquor stores, each within a 2 - 6 minute walk from eachother.

Lots of appartment's for sale/rent.

A great place to... hang out if your 14-18.

Other info: Located around 176th street and 60th avenue in surrey.

not the best info but just telling it how i see it
- dblue

Feb. 13, 2008

Pluses: Ayer's Cliff is a nice town to live in.

Minuses: The town water is not clean and it has not been for years. Alot of people in this village have cancer. I wonder about if the water has something to do with the high number of those who have cancer and the ones who have already died.It is scary and very sad if that is the case.

A great place to... raise a family , once the water is cleaned up.

Other info: Winter Carnival has been brought back and it is wonderful. Kids need the old time entertainment , like I enjoyed when I was a kid(a hundred years ago).
- dizzy838
Pluses: What a wonderful the people and the place.....

A great place to... to have fun.....
to party...
to fish...
- habsnoldstock
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