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May. 31, 2008

Pluses: Friendly people,

A great place to... have fun in the sun - wakeboarding, just hanging out, working in the yard
- darla10

May. 30, 2008

Pluses: beautiful countryside, friendly people, lots of lakes,

Minuses: no industry, no shopping

A great place to... get away from it all,
- cordelia
Other info: Hi there! I am a fourth year nursing student doing a project for our communities class on the community of La Salle. I am very interested as to what citizens of LaSalle believe the strengths and weaknesses are of the community. Any insight would be great! Thanks, fourth year nursing students, University of Manitoba
- angeladuerksen

May. 29, 2008

Pluses: It is a small village

Minuses: no paved roads

A great place to... buy property

Other info: growing community
- oliveq

May. 23, 2008

Pluses: Have fished Belleterre for 40 years love the area,,, it's a slice of heaven,,

Minuses: Don't know of any

A great place to... Fish,,, I have not been there for about 10 years.. Trying to find out if the Sand Lake camp is still operating. La Vacationaire,, not sure of spelling of the camp. I looked in the yellow pages but the phone # was out of service,, Any help finding the camp would be appreciated.

Other info: Great place to go,,,
- rformet

May. 19, 2008

Pluses: very quiet people are friendly it is safe to send the kids outdoors without worrring to much the school here is great

Minuses: not enough jobs to keep the people here

A great place to... relax

Other info: very quiet and peaceful
- mmdrover

May. 18, 2008

Pluses: There are many pluses, clean, friendly, spectacular views, hasn't changed in fifty years, quant shops, beautiful country side.

Minuses: Not enough cottage rentals.

A great place to... sight see, explore the countryside, shop.
- msholiday

May. 15, 2008

Pluses: A great community who has a lot to offer. The people in the community are friendly and open to everyone, they have a lot of activities to offer while on vacation.

A great place to... do outdoor adventure activities. A huge lake where fishing is in abondance, a world class system of Nature Trails (34km of multi-disciplinary activities) with FREE bicycle or snowhsoe rentals for the whole family, one of the last ski hills with a tow rope, 5 camp grounds including one with water slides and first class beaches and a provincial park.

Other info: visit our web site
- Coral

May. 12, 2008

Pluses: everything!!!!

Minuses: nothing!!!

A great place to... live!!!!

Other info: I love this town
- manuel13777

May. 10, 2008

Pluses: This small town has a great school system, curling and ice rinks, a library, gas station, beautiful old houses, nice little park, baseball fields, soccor fields and friendly people. Also there is an Elks / Royal Purple club which does alot of fundraising for the town. The library does card making classes and other classes for kids and adults.
There are grain fields surrounding the town which look serene ini the fall. There is also alot of cattle farmers, it is hard to not spot a lazy cow grazing in a green pasture.

Minuses: Because of the smallness of the town, the kids do get bored easily.

A great place to... Raise a family, walk the dog or gaze up at the unpolluted sky to watchthe stars.

Other info: Star City is 19 km from two larger cities with shopping, groceries and anything els you could want. It is also a short commute to working outside Star City.
- StarCityGirl

May. 9, 2008

Pluses: Nice scenery, small community, near the beach and good people

Minuses: Too many gossipy busy bodies, everyone knows your business and bad winters

A great place to... Raise your family, retire and have a bed and breakfast
- Allison90210

May. 3, 2008

Pluses: Highgate is a quiet rural community of 500 people. It has a balance of individuals in various age groups, and its quiet setting is attracting more families, despite a slow growth of new construction.
Urban development experts and the municipality of Chatham Kent have cited Highgate to be a growing the artistic niche of the municipality, and already is home to internationally renowned sculptors, Dam de Nogales. Highgate is also the original hometown to John B. Lee, one of Canada's most renowned poets.
Among other businesses, Highgate houses a municipal library, a post-office, a park with several baseball diamonds, a variety-store-restaurant, a gas station, and auto repair/body shop. Two churches have sizeable congregations.
Its location, just off 401 and being midway between Chatham and London, makes it uniquely located between two bustling city centres, while still being only 10 minutes from Lake Erie. It is the south-eastern gate to Chatham Kent.

Minuses: Due to provincial financial pressures to number crunch within primary and secondary school systems, the primary school closed a few years ago, which is a lifeline for many small communities. Fortunately, there are three primary schools, a secondary school, and a branch of the university of Guelph, in the neighbouring community of Ridgetown, a mere 8 km away.

Like much of the Chatham, it is difficult to attract doctors, and Highgate, must rely on doctors in neighbouring communities. Family dentists are present in Highgate, with a beautiful rural setting. The location of the village allows for emergency care choices from hospitals in Chatham (25 min), Newbury (25 min) or London (38 min) depending on needs. Most residents have home doctors in neigbouring Ridgetown.
Like much of southern Ontario, the land is relatively flat, making it good for farming, bad for skiiing. It is one of the few places that still has a traditional country fair. Clearview forest boasts hiking trails.

A great place to... overall it is a good place to invest in a home within a carrying community--or if visiting it is a good place to have an ice-cream while seated in the Highgate Piazza in the centre of town... Highgate boast two public sculptures...

Other info: Approx. 500 residents -- 75 minutes to the Windsor-Detroit Border -- 40 minutes to downtown London -- 25 minutes to downtown Chatham -- 10 minutes to Lake Erie -- 2+1/2 hours to downtown Toronto...
- sculptor

May. 2, 2008

Pluses: It's a great hunting/fishing area
People are small-town friendly
Slow paced & relaxed community
Great air due to abundant forests

Minuses: A far travel to decent shopping centres (eg. Moncton)
Roads are in bad shape
Not much by way of employment nearby
No hospital very close by
Harder winters than many parts of the province (more snow)
Moose on roads making night traveling, risky

A great place to... hunt & fish
have a summer home for peace and quiet
retire in
snowmobile or ATVing

Other info: Harcourt has the basics of any small community: the gas station/convenience/liquer store. There is a large elementary school with a government funded computer access centre. There are many different churches and older homes with charm. Not much by way of man-made entertainment, but beautiful in its plentiful forests and the beautiful brooks.
- LaraMel

Apr. 30, 2008

Pluses: A good Doctor. That's about it.

Minuses: Oxbow

A great place to... Get out of. And not go back to.

Other info: I lived there for 3 years, I left 8 years ago. The best thing I ever did. Most people are not friendly unless you are a money person,if you are they will kiss your ass. I'm not rich,drink like a fish, or do drugs so I didn't fit in at all.
Drugs, OMG, all you want everywhere you look in that RATTHOLE of a so called town. I haven't been back and don't plan on going back there, avoid Oxbow at all costs.
- Iceman
Pluses: There's a great church that really loves children and youth at the 108 - the only one at the 108 and the only interdenominational church in the area.
It is a great family oriented community with a wonderful elementary school!
A supermarket and cafe offer excellent service and a gas station that is always at least a cent cheaper than anywhere else.

A great place to... Rest and replenish
- rlbarker

Apr. 29, 2008

Pluses: Nice veiw, quiet place.

Minuses: very nosey people,alot of gossip and rumors ,especially at the bank and post office.people always asking about your buisness.the village counsel is are a bunch of idiots that couldn,t manage their hair let alone a community.
- desade
Pluses: very scenic

Minuses: needs a Grocery Store

A great place to... live
- bressomx

Apr. 27, 2008

Pluses: I was born in Douglastown, New Brunswick and I have wonderful memories of Douglastown.

A great place to... visit from time to time.
- ritaenns

Apr. 26, 2008





Apr. 25, 2008

Pluses: everything

Minuses: again everything

A great place to... buy property
- skyedog

Apr. 24, 2008

Pluses: -close to historical sites of Fort Carlton and Batoche National Historic Site.
-amazing Interpretive Centre right on Hwy #11

A great place to... Live, visit and explore. We have lived in Duck Lake for 4 years now and we love it. Where else can you have a 5 acre lot in town? The people are friendly and very welcoming. The area is rich with culture and history.
- ngauthier
Pluses: -quiet

Minuses: get kinda of boreing if you live there

A great place to... get away
if you want a quiet peacefull place to be
- calliemay

Apr. 16, 2008

Pluses: Nice atmosphere,
I'd move there if I could find a job in my field in that genreal area HVAC Design/ Architectural Design.

Amy Mizen lives there, I wonder if she is still single?
Far from the GTA.

Minuses: Too flat, needs a downtown reno, ie. cafe, tourist hole, etc.

A great place to... Live and raise a family, go to Church in.
- jbaldock

Apr. 14, 2008

Pluses: - friendly people
- family home
- lovely setting
- great outdoors

Minuses: not a very big place

A great place to... visit
- jensenfrog

Apr. 12, 2008

Pluses: As Glen Hicks said it is a town where everyone is ready to help each other

Minuses: None

A great place to... Raise a family
I lived in Ninga in the 50's and it was the best days of my life.
The Friday night house dance parties we used to have at different homes. Oh what fun!!!!!!
- McNeill
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