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Oct. 31, 2008

Pluses: small community and accessible

Minuses: too cold, far from big city like toronto

A great place to... fibernate

Other info: small community but lots of opportunity
- northernstudent

Oct. 30, 2008

Pluses: cheap house prices

Minuses: lots of mosquitoes

A great place to... fish

Other info: I actually want to learn more about the town as I am looking to buy a home there....
- wendymay

Oct. 29, 2008

Pluses: Quiet Neighbourhood, Mostly nice people, Helpful people, great variety stores.

Minuses: no good job opportuinities, some vandalism, crappy grocery store, skateboarders all over the roads.

A great place to... raise a family because the school is great.

Other info: Many of the people are very proud to call Lucan their home due to it being such a tight communuity.
- squigglekitten

Oct. 28, 2008

Pluses: mhmmm...good place to make money


Minuses: This town is full of inbreds!!!! I have never experienced such a backward way of thinking...actually i dont even think these people have joined the 21st century. Dont even get me started on the business here and the mentality they have!!

I can honestly say i can count on one hand the intelligent people i have encountered here!!

If you decide to move here...make sure you work out of town alot.

And for the love of god stay away from bank of montreal...especially when concerning a mortgage.

dont say you weren't warned

A great place to... cantons is a good place to eat

when banking choose atb

yup thats it

Other info: Be prepared to be shocked, amazed, confused and all around wondering what the hell is going through most of these peoples head!!! Backwards thinking for backwards people!!
- shockked
Pluses: Gods Country

Minuses: none

A great place to... live and visit
- donaway

Oct. 26, 2008

Pluses: First of all....Newfoundland ROCKS! The scenery in Newfoundland is amazing. Just alone the freedom that I had alone when I was a kid and the children growing. The freedom you can go on an amazing hike anywhere, fishing, quading, ski-dooing and the best part of all.... EVERYONE IS FRIENDLY!!!!

Minuses: There needs to be higher paying jobs to keep people who don't want to leave Newfoundland stay. LIKE ME!

A great place to... live, raise children, and enjoy the wildlife and scenery.
- NikitaRR

Oct. 25, 2008

Other info: We bought the old port elgin high school, we found on your web page. Do you have the original picture? If it had better resolution I'd print and have it framed. Thanking you in advance, wob, or Mark as my mom named me. ( we searched port elgin archives. ) thanks
- wobbly

Oct. 24, 2008

Pluses: friendly people , quiet ,except for cows and dogs the stars are awesome , aside from the fact its falling apart it really is cool , what the town needs is a good mayor and alderman , the school is pretty good as long as you are involved with your kids .If someone built a store added a pool table and video games you would make a fortune as there is nothing and most work out of town so some of the people have money there are about 189 houses with people in it ,and about 25 empty , the power seldom goes out ,sask energy is on top with keeping you plugged in , sasktel phone is a fair deal ,no cable tv no sasktel tv 2 air channels ,ctv and cbc , the water is ok I am not dead yet and I drink a gallon a day the water is treated with chlorine as the pipes are old , there is the bottle building as I call it the sides are covered with old glass bottles in the cement which is cool to see the glass the building needs to be restored would make a awesome busniess

Minuses: curling rink closed used to store stuff, memorial park is falling apart , sidewalks are falling apart streets have over grown weeds ,sports grounds are blocked with iron bars ,nature trail has animal traps ,leg traps according to town workers ,cats require leashes,

A great place to... grow food, retire, breath clean air, cow tipping , run into a ufo , snowmobile or atv , everyone is zooming around , the alderman drive slow and look in your yard all the time so crime is at a low very low

Other info: Has a mayor and some alderman they have 1 part time town foreman and they get the trash taken away , they mow grass . getting anything else done priceless.
- merman1962

Oct. 20, 2008

Pluses: Full Cree Immersion Program
~Muskwachees Cultural College: raises the bar on Wholistic Education~3 Storey Tribal Office w/t many branches on and off reserve~Peace Hills Trust Bank~Peace
Hills Insurance~

A great place to... Every place on earth has a minus. And Every "RESERVE" has great media coverage. You will never hear the good about most reserves. We are part of the what society wants to kill. Mother Earth Beings will suffer far greater in every walk of life because we represent love, honest, humility, compassion, acceptance and so on. We see far past today and will always be here no matter what "the 7 Family Powers" put on us. A minus~suffer at the hands of prosperity, eating thier crumbs which slithered off the white cuffs! A minus~knowing that my grandkids will suffer for the sake of efficiency.

No elders homes.

Other info: Population: is over 12,000. And not all are from Hobbema, will find all races here.

All reserves once had an elders home. Now where are they? Their are no elders homes left.

Hobbema built Wetaskwin, AB.

Samson Management is a thriving business. They have Subway, Samson Grocery, Samson Real Estate, and many properties in Edmonton.

Samson recognizes thier elders through meetings, special invitations and functions. We have strong values and beliefs. Which is why I am always amazed at the fact that where ever I go I meet "Hobbemians", doing great things and involved in many organizations OFF reserves and On reserve.
- AlanaKC

Oct. 15, 2008

Other info: I am searching for information about my grandmother Florence A. Nevill and grandfather Frank George Smith who I belive lived in Kinistino in the late 1880s before moving to the UK. I think my grandmother was native Canadian Indian and my grandfather worked on the Canadian Pacific Railway.
- writerken

Oct. 14, 2008

Pluses: My family roots are from there. I met Mr. Richard Beresford there and would have loved to go to gooseberry Island, but it didn't happen. I did see the house my grandfather Joseph grew up in. It is a very small place but very quaint.
- pberesford

Oct. 12, 2008

Pluses: Very Scenic.
Very welcoming

Minuses: The only way to get out is to go up.

A great place to... Raise a family
- victor1977

Oct. 7, 2008

Pluses: Looking back, I was fortunate to have grown up with a core group of kids; we were the bratpack. There was a friendship amoungst us. Summer nights were spend playing a game of "kick-the-bucket", riding bikes for endless hours, taking for granted the pure air and the ability to explore our curiousities building contraptions that would make any inventor proud.

Looking back, I wonder how much we learned from our personal discoveries. The frog-farms, BMX tracks, street hockey (with skates), the igloos, the hot summer days cutting grass, the videogames at Rudi's hotel, and watching the routines of people in town.

Given a choice, I would never change a thing.

Minuses: Never knew of any. Boredom, but that went away as quickly as you found someone to hang out with...and mischief was soon to trail closely behind. Bladworth was a kids playground; no limits and no restrictions - just don't get caught. It wasn't like we did "bad" things like the world knows them to be now. We were just kids. Taking radios apart, building motorized pedal-bikes, searching for adventure in an open playground.

A great place to... Grow up. It might seem like a quite town, but the people have hearts of gold. The kindest in the world. It's a small town, not much to hide.

Other info: If you are driving the No.11 between Saskatoon and Regina don't bother driving through the town asking kids for gas - there is no gas station.

We were the kids selling you syphoned gas out of lawnmowers for $20. a litre!
- bratpack

Oct. 6, 2008

Pluses: I just moved to Copper Cliff in August 2008 and I love it. It is quiet, I have only heard one siren since moving here. When we lived on the corner of Laforest and Kathleen in the city sirens were a constant thing. We live near the stack, in Little Italy, we have a front yard, a back yard and can leave our bbq out on the patio and not worry it is going to disappear. I have decorated our front stoop for fall and halloween. I could never do that in the city. The people here are friendly and I look forward to getting to know them better. The atmosphere here is very small town and reminds me very much of Manitoulin.

Minuses: The nightly blasts from Inco. Sometimes I actually look to be sure we still have a basement floor. Our daughters bedroom is in the basment and she tells us to check on her after some of these blast, just in case she ends up dropping in to visit the miners and we may have to go reclaim her, chuckle chuckle.

A great place to... kick back, relax and do some gardening.

Other info: I am sure there are many activities going on the community and I would love to take in some of these, I am just not sure how to find out about them. I have many interests as far as crafts go. I take weekly paintly classes with Wendy Fahey in Lively and love it. I crochet, knit, sew, quilt and garden to name a few of my interests. I would love to learn more about the Italian culture and learn to prepare more authentic italian foods. I am wondering if there are any clubs here in Copper Cliff for these kinds of things. I can be reached via email at
- manitoulinangel4

Sep. 28, 2008

Pluses: I am looking for information on George Peters who was shot and killed in 1972.. if you know of anything.. about him or his family please contact me.
- bcdreamer64

Sep. 16, 2008

Pluses: I just recently purchased a home in Hant's Harbor and I am just getting to know the lay of the land . Any one have any info on this little community?
- ksevern

Sep. 10, 2008

Pluses: Over the last few years I visited my daughter, Michelle Hooey, who lives in Conquest and have enjoyed the Town of Conquest and the nice people.I have met. I especially have enjoyed taking pictures of all the birds I have seen in the area. I am sure some of the farmers in the area have noticed my beige Chrysler driving up and down their country roads.

Being a beginner in bird photography I have spent many hours driving from one water hole to another taking pictures of the many different water fowl that I was so happy to find.

I have been searching for the Sand Hill Cranes that are exclusively to the area around Conquest. Also I have been lucky to have the opportunity to photograph the differnet hawks I have seen.

I would like to linvite all bird watchers to visit your town and area. Thank you.
- mimruff

Sep. 7, 2008

Pluses: its home...very small, everybody knows everybody, family town, the community it self has a heart the size of the ocean, quiet place to live, lots of scenery...the bay on one side the ocean on the other.

Minuses: not much work

A great place to... live, retire, visit...etc

Other info: right on the northern pen...gross morne national park! largest free standing bridge in canada. you have to drive straight throught it when traveling the highway, impossible to miss!!
- debbypayne

Sep. 4, 2008

Pluses: close to Oshawa, but small town feel

Minuses: No downtown area

A great place to... Bittmores

Other info: Great schools.
- julieb

Aug. 31, 2008

Pluses: would like info on the price a a small house interested in selling in ontario and resettling in fork river or a similar community
- rwgnamvet
Pluses: real estate price for a home gardening and my dog kennel

A great place to... finish out my retirement
- rwgnamvet

Aug. 30, 2008

Pluses: I absolutely love living by the water. It is very peaceful and serene here. You can truly relax and enjoy nature around you. To me, living here is like enjoying a bit of heaven.

Minuses: There are none. This is truly one of the best places on earth to live.

A great place to... raise a family and to have your own privacy as well as to be close to the water.

Other info: The nearest store is about 15 minutes away which isn't far at all. We are only about a half hour from the city of Charlottetown.
- CindyMae

Aug. 28, 2008

Pluses: I visited Mt. Albert today (August 28th, 2008) I took my daughter who is 23 months old and she loved your water splash pad behind the library! Then we went into the library and read a few books, and then visited your lovely main street and had a coffee at the Banana Cafe! What a lovely little town and everyone is nice and friendly and I loved the peacefulness, no noisy cars. I live in Newmarket and have been here all my life, but live in an area which is very busy now. I am looking forward to coming into Mt. Albert again for your fall fair on the 13th. Also if anyone here knows, I am trying to locate a lady who lives in Mt. Albert named "Marina". I met her about a year ago at the playpark here in the Newmarket, Upper Canada Mall! We both have daughters from China and I am hoping to meet up with her again for playdates for the kids! And anyone else who would be interested, who has adopted from China! I am in Newmarket, as I mentioned. Please think about this wonderful experience!

Minuses: my e-mail is:
- lindawhite46
Pluses: Visited Arnolds Cove 1998 went fishing with chap name Felix anyone can tell me if you know of him this was on mothers day and we tosted at the Tankers Inn Bar what a great day that was. I believe he was an ex RCAF man as I can remember If you know of him love to hear from you.
Jim Bennett
- jimbob1004
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