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Sep. 28, 2008

Pluses: I am looking for information on George Peters who was shot and killed in 1972.. if you know of anything.. about him or his family please contact me.
- bcdreamer64

Sep. 16, 2008

Pluses: I just recently purchased a home in Hant's Harbor and I am just getting to know the lay of the land . Any one have any info on this little community?
- ksevern

Sep. 10, 2008

Pluses: Over the last few years I visited my daughter, Michelle Hooey, who lives in Conquest and have enjoyed the Town of Conquest and the nice people.I have met. I especially have enjoyed taking pictures of all the birds I have seen in the area. I am sure some of the farmers in the area have noticed my beige Chrysler driving up and down their country roads.

Being a beginner in bird photography I have spent many hours driving from one water hole to another taking pictures of the many different water fowl that I was so happy to find.

I have been searching for the Sand Hill Cranes that are exclusively to the area around Conquest. Also I have been lucky to have the opportunity to photograph the differnet hawks I have seen.

I would like to linvite all bird watchers to visit your town and area. Thank you.
- mimruff

Sep. 7, 2008

Pluses: its home...very small, everybody knows everybody, family town, the community it self has a heart the size of the ocean, quiet place to live, lots of scenery...the bay on one side the ocean on the other.

Minuses: not much work

A great place to... live, retire, visit...etc

Other info: right on the northern pen...gross morne national park! largest free standing bridge in canada. you have to drive straight throught it when traveling the highway, impossible to miss!!
- debbypayne

Sep. 4, 2008

Pluses: close to Oshawa, but small town feel

Minuses: No downtown area

A great place to... Bittmores

Other info: Great schools.
- julieb

Aug. 31, 2008

Pluses: would like info on the price a a small house interested in selling in ontario and resettling in fork river or a similar community
- rwgnamvet
Pluses: real estate price for a home gardening and my dog kennel

A great place to... finish out my retirement
- rwgnamvet

Aug. 30, 2008

Pluses: I absolutely love living by the water. It is very peaceful and serene here. You can truly relax and enjoy nature around you. To me, living here is like enjoying a bit of heaven.

Minuses: There are none. This is truly one of the best places on earth to live.

A great place to... raise a family and to have your own privacy as well as to be close to the water.

Other info: The nearest store is about 15 minutes away which isn't far at all. We are only about a half hour from the city of Charlottetown.
- CindyMae

Aug. 28, 2008

Pluses: I visited Mt. Albert today (August 28th, 2008) I took my daughter who is 23 months old and she loved your water splash pad behind the library! Then we went into the library and read a few books, and then visited your lovely main street and had a coffee at the Banana Cafe! What a lovely little town and everyone is nice and friendly and I loved the peacefulness, no noisy cars. I live in Newmarket and have been here all my life, but live in an area which is very busy now. I am looking forward to coming into Mt. Albert again for your fall fair on the 13th. Also if anyone here knows, I am trying to locate a lady who lives in Mt. Albert named "Marina". I met her about a year ago at the playpark here in the Newmarket, Upper Canada Mall! We both have daughters from China and I am hoping to meet up with her again for playdates for the kids! And anyone else who would be interested, who has adopted from China! I am in Newmarket, as I mentioned. Please think about this wonderful experience!

Minuses: my e-mail is:
- lindawhite46
Pluses: Visited Arnolds Cove 1998 went fishing with chap name Felix anyone can tell me if you know of him this was on mothers day and we tosted at the Tankers Inn Bar what a great day that was. I believe he was an ex RCAF man as I can remember If you know of him love to hear from you.
Jim Bennett
- jimbob1004

Aug. 13, 2008

Pluses: good place study geological
- dimsum
Pluses: family values

Minuses: highway single lane

A great place to... rest
- martyguy
Pluses: An excellent comunity to raise children. No crime, drugs or gang activity.

Minuses: No jobs

A great place to... Raise good children.
- Sillsygirl
Pluses: beautiful

Minuses: lack of variety of places to eat, shop, etc

A great place to... live
- vickis

Aug. 11, 2008

Other info: I have a "baby's ring" which belonged to my grandmother, in its original box. It came from W.L. Near Jeweler & Optician, Humberstone Ontario. I am trying to find information on this jeweler....can anyone help? This ring is over 100 years old.
- megsarbou

Aug. 9, 2008

Pluses: My Fiancee and I were taking the kids to the lookoff near Wolfville on our way to the Drive In and ran out of gas on the way back into town. A nice couple and thier daughter drove by and saw him walking with the gas container and picked him up, drove him to the gas station and back without accepting any money as thanks. We would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts and let them know that it's nice to know there are still nice people in this province! Thanks again.
- Lis

Aug. 6, 2008

Pluses: living there is really relaxing. the life style is laid back and there are no worries in the world. visiting the campbellton river in the season, there are salmon in the river that jump out of the water, which is a nice event to see.the rent is very cheap

Minuses: the jobs down there are very scarse and if you do find a job the mininum wage is 7.50 which isn,t very good.

A great place to... cool off and go for a swim is the upper part of the river where the damn broke away.also a nice historic site.
- aidensdada
Pluses: its beautyfull,im from cabano and its to die for,the ebach when the sun goes down the way it shines ont he water and then u look forward and u got them big huge mountains,the rue commercialle is so nice with great restaurants and the ebst bars to hang out in with hot hot sexy waitresses,the park right in front go for a couple of beers at the park hang with the CGS and then go ahve the famous chicken at LE NID,its just beautyfull

Minuses: none

A great place to... go camping,drink,live,grow up,im gonna be buried in cabano

Other info: its jsut upt o you to discover ti cant be explained.
- cripto

Aug. 5, 2008

Pluses: wonderful memories of a festival day there im 1999 and that night a chowder tasting at the Fire House and a loveley nites rest at a bed and breakfast. All recommened by Mary of the Parsons House who supplied our foursome with lunch and rest at her establishment in the afternoon.

Minuses: Absolutely None

A great place to... Relax and spent a few leisure Days

Other info: We have very good memories and spent not enough time in a lovely and Beautiful Town with most Hospitible people Submitted by a south carolina resident.
Thanks for the Memories
- kf4omp

Aug. 4, 2008

Pluses: We moved here in march of 07 from calgary, and it is the best move we ever made. It is peaceful and quiet. The people are friendly and say hello and wave when you pass them in the street.

Minuses: No grocery store, or bank machine or lotto machine
and the taxes are to high

A great place to... retire or start and raise a family
- carrieninnim
Pluses: Small, small town

Minuses: small, small town

A great place to... visit relatives

Other info: 3 miles from Sk border, about 25 miles from USA border
- kjjohnson

Aug. 3, 2008

Pluses: There are good doctors in Oxbow.

Minuses: There is not much going on for you, if you have no job. And there are no jobs. People are not nice here and not to be trusted. When you need help, you will find out, how many cowards you live with. This place is exploited by religious sect, blackmailed and overtaxed by own township and no place to live. Everything is strange here, including the law, and the police. stay away.
- hp2170
Pluses: Denner's Chip Stand is an awesome place to stop by for a snack
- emilieee1338
Pluses: Small town
Recreation Facilities
Great former school system now amalgamated schools
Centrally located
Lots of Pride

Minuses: Lack of jobs
Losing our young people
Small town survival challenges

A great place to... grow up, raise a family, explore the world from and come back to.

Other info: Good people, hard workers, real solid, friendly atmospherre.
- boboswego

Aug. 2, 2008

Pluses: i live in fleming and i am 11 years old and there are lots of kids and really no boys that are kids the only ones i can think of are our neighbors. the boys are all under 6

Minuses: there are no kids my age

A great place to... run around and not have to worry about so many things
- kassidygreen
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