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Apr. 30, 2009

Pluses: Melfort not so small anymore ,melfort is like going back in time ,clean hardworking people , great places to shop ,the extra foods and co-op supermarkets are awesome ,has great small places to dine ,awesome swim center ,has a RCMP station ,great hospital the staff is awesome , thrift store ,subway , DQ , A&W , KFC ,pizza hut , fast food places and has some good sit down dinning ,its easy to get around and the people are friendly , hardware stores ,home hardware and co-op building center are well stocked and great people ,so if you are looking for a good small town with places close buy Melfort is a good choice

Minuses: I do not know of any bad things really as I do not live in melfort but I also do not hear bad things .

A great place to... shop, eat, live, gossip,

Other info: about 2 hours from saskatoon, 25 mins from tisdale easy to get to from any area ,has RCMP ,Hospital, cheapest gas in SK
- merman1962

Apr. 27, 2009

Pluses: Quiet, serene, beautiful, and friendly. A place you could call home.

Minuses: Bugs! Isolation.. 70 kms to Pinefalls. However you can buy milk/bread at Pappa Georges..

A great place to... A good place to reconnect with your soul.
- mmcnish

Apr. 22, 2009

Pluses: The greatest country I have ever visited. Your pluses are the great people, the beaches, the clean air, snow, and the just feel at home and never want to leave feeling you get being there.

A great place to... A great place to visit is Gran Pre, roadside grill, and the beaches.

Other info: I met my husband there in Saulnierville. He was the most amazing man that God let live. Kevin Joseph Comeau was my hero and love of my life I lost him on January 15, 2009 and miss him dearly. anyone wanting to have the best vacation go to Saulnierville or any of the small little communities. You will never regret the visit here.
- barbaracomeau1
Pluses: you won't get robbed and we have bingo night!!! win 5$!!!

Minuses: only old people live here and canwood is always dead

A great place to... to live in a funeral home or to die or a good place to hide out from the cops since there are never any here

Other info: has like 300 people living in the town great for drifting in the winter
- Dillo

Apr. 20, 2009

Pluses: Parks, paths and streets to walk and enjoy, whether in Town or the conservation forest. Far enough away from the city to view wildlife like rabbits, beaver and deer, but close enough to be anywhere within 30 minutes.

Minuses: The secret of Kleinburg has been spreading way to fast, many people are visiting the Town on the weekend. Lots of wedding pictures and parties.

A great place to... raise a family, run your business, walk your dog and relax.
- gcarloni

Mar. 31, 2009

Pluses: beautiful place quiet

Minuses: no school buses

A great place to... raise a family.

Other info: lived there for a few years in the late 60,s early 70 .fun times ,nice people
- jacki
Pluses: I grew up there. A nice quiet community, which revolved around the Concordia Church, a Lutheran church.

My relatives and I had the most wonderful jam sessions with accordian, mandolin, guitars and piano. I miss that immensely. They are all gone now.

My teenage memories all lie there, and they are good ones. Farm life is the best.

The lakes all have nice sandy beaches.

Minuses: Mosquitoes in the summer!


A great place to... Remember.

Other info: The people are kinder, and there is more time in Sk
- bernicemurcheson

Mar. 30, 2009

Pluses: A beautiful, quiet, scenic spot that has the highest tides on earth at its doorstep. This picturesque fishing village is one of the oldest villages in nova Scotia, founded by Champlain in 1606. You can still view the old Acadian Dyke's here. On one side of the village Cape d'Or rises, where yo will find the amazing Dory Rips, on the other side the highest cliffs in Nova Scotia rise to form Cape Chignecto with some of the finest hiking in Canada. Great fresh seafood can be found in the village.

Its a special place to escape to and immerse yourself in the culture of a authentic Maritime fishing village.

Minuses: a small village so not a lot of people, no city nightlife - or maybe those are also pluses!

A great place to... relax, find yourself, hike, sea kayak, beach-comb, take awesome photos, indulge in fantastic food, star gaze, explore

Other info: Situated on the upper Bay of Fundy, 3 hours from Halifax.
- kayakadvocate

Mar. 25, 2009

Pluses: Fun place to visit and good friends live there.

Minuses: Probably the weather but its no different then other places.

A great place to... visit friends and entertain others.

Other info: We have two boats that would like to spend the 4th of July at Sullivan Bay. I am looking for a way to make reservations for two 60' boats. Please respond.
- samwingard

Mar. 24, 2009

Pluses: great scenery great people, great school, great sport teams

Minuses: snow build up in the winter

A great place to... meet new people and grow up

Other info: its sweet in salmo
- Scobie55

Mar. 20, 2009

Pluses: Well i have been living in eastmain since i was 12, and i think the best part about eastmain is that its a small community and it can be expandable, with any buisness.
The best sunsets in the world that you could possably ever see in the north sky. going hunting in the bush, if you like to be a peace with yourself. people are friendly and are clam, the elders have the best stories and legands. and the nature is beautiful, lots of animal life.

Minuses: The worst things about living in eastmain, harsh weather, bad education, but u have you're options given to you.
it's small not enough work for people.

A great place to... to relax, come visit eastmain make friends, go hunting in the bush with them, come taste the goose! and the moose, bear and caribou, and any other large game or small game, the elders are the best cooks!
a good place to come and enjoy you're self for a getaway in the north, snowshoing, ice fishing, and more.

Other info: !Eastmain Rocks!
- katherine06

Mar. 19, 2009

Pluses: Cottrell's Cove is a beautiful little community located along the shore of the atlantic ocean. It is a quaint and very quiet place. Life in Cottrell's Cove is like cottage life all year round. There is lots of snow in winter for snowmobile fanatics. Summer is great too many people like to go for boat rides and for a while you can even catch a cod fish or two. It is a beautiful place to visit, and in nearby Fortune Harbour there is a Bed and Breakfast called Gillespie House a great place for visitors to stay. In season you may be lucky enough to buy a meal of fresh lobsters from some of the local fishers. There is a mussel farm in Fortune Harbour also. Anyone who enjoys peace and quiet away from everyday hustle and bustle Cottrell's Cove is a great place.

Minuses: Cottrell's Cove is a fair distance from grocery stores and basically all types of businesses. Also a fair distance from the nearest hospital. There is no gas station in Cottrell's Cove, so for all visitors make sure you fill your gastanks in Botwood.

A great place to... A great place to visit and have a relaxing time and a chat to some of the locals here.

Other info: There is one convenience store in Fortune Harbour, and a Roman Catholic Church. Cottrell's Cove however has four churches, Pentecostal, Salvation Army, United and Seventh Day Adventist. We have one School, Cottrell's Cove Academy, and a volunteer Fire Department.
- abaker

Mar. 14, 2009

Pluses: My sister & I were in Springhill this past July.I am a long-time Anne Murray fan.The time spent,the friendly,helpful people was a very special. A return trip? Who knows?

Minuses: I cannot think of a minus.

A great place to... spend time,the people are great,just hang out.
- countryluv

Mar. 12, 2009

Pluses: close to all great places to shop eat and see a dentist and doctor

Minuses: full of selfish yuppies, status symbol neighbours, snotty people who want to run you down in cars when you try to cross the street cause they think they are thatmuch more important than you. your income predicts on how well they teach your kid at they have a APM centre right on ghetto drive

A great place to... lose yourself and become a money hungry horny cougar
- urbanchic
Pluses: lovely scenery, quiet location

Minuses: forget about modern technology you are left to deal with dial-up and a three month wait list for cable BASIC at that ,
you are out in the middle of nowheres but at least bobby clows is your closest store

A great place to... retire then die
- urbanchic

Mar. 11, 2009

Pluses: My hometown!

Minuses: Don't live there anymore

A great place to... Vacation
- kwoursin
Pluses: Brig Bay is one of the many picturesque and peaceful villages sprinkled along the coastline of Newfoundland. Once a thriving community supported by fishery and forestry activities, it is now without any real economic foundation. But it still has a richly hospitable cultural foundation, which is probably of greater vaue than the economic one anyway! Any visitor in Brig Bay will have no trouble finding a friendly face, a comforting voice, or an invitation to "a cup o' tea" in someone's home. And the "cop o' tea," as anyone who has accepted such an invitation knows, would qualify as a full course meal anywhere outside of Newfoundland!

Minuses: Economic deprivation is by far Brig Bay's greatest enemy. The great traditions of earlier times have ground to a halt. Honest work, proudly maintained properties, and family lands fillling with the homes of each new generation were once an unquestioned expectation. Now each generation of youth must leave to find employment, landmark homes fall into disrepair, and family lands remain as lonely empty fields. The people who still live there continue to display the pride of the old days but the population is dwindling. Contemplating such a condition stirs a deep sadness.

A great place to... on a warm summer day with a gentle westerly breeze... A good place to stay away from any day there is even the tiniest hint of northeast wind and rain!!!

Other info: The establishment of Brig Bay as a community is thought to have been started by Louis Garreau, a French fishing captain who based his operations there in the 1800's. The names of some of the families who lived in Brig Bay around Garreau's time were Jackman, Hoddinott, Lawless, Rumbolt, and Sheppard. Families today with connections to some of those pioneers are: Allingham, Cunard, Etheridge, Hoddinott, Samson, Sheppard, and Wells. Ancestral roots for most of these families can be traced to Britian and France.
- ralphsfirst

Mar. 10, 2009

Pluses: Very nice museum that is well done. We visited it when it was first opened . We were with friends and were the 4-7th visitors to sign the guest book.

Minuses: Nothing but pluses.

A great place to... Shop for very nice things that are made there. My wife bought a reall nice knitted coat that she is still wearing and gets lots of compiments on. I will put a picture of her in it if I can on here.

Other info: Lots of history here to soak in. Nice people to visit with. If I can i will put a video of the young man and his brothers dog trying to get in his pick up. Very custe.
- vango2002

Mar. 9, 2009

Pluses: Great place to hike around and enjoy the sandy beaches with the beautiful views. Very friendly people , like the manager of the grocery store that offered us his car keys to travel around town when we asked him if we could leave our camper in the parking lot will we walked around. Never have that happen in the States. Also met Mr. Stricklan who put that great monument up in memory of his parents in honor of all the fisherman. May not have spelled his name right. Would like to know if he is still alive and well. The two park officers were really nice people too. The camp ground was super too.

Minuses: Only minus was that the park officers told us if we were to leave early in the morning , we would be able to see the caribo along the road. Welllll I guess we weren't supose to see any LOL Only 2 moose and we followed one down the road for 2 miles. LOL

A great place to... Good place to go to soak in more of the Newfoundland atmosphere and relax. This was the first of many places we visited in the 5 weeks we spent on the island. We traveled 4700 miles and 100 plus was taking the road to Burgeo and out. And no Caribo LOL Would recommend Burgeo to everyone.

Other info: Go see Burgeo
- vango2002
Pluses: Great historical town. We spent a day going all around and seeing as much as we could. Ran into a guide that told us how to get to the light house and see the puffens. His name was Zackary Bath and later he came out to watch them with us. What a site to see. We enjoyed staying by the light house in our campers that night. have great video of all the things we saw there. Puffens are had to video though. LOL

Minuses: None that I know of.

A great place to... Spend as much time as you can. Wish we could have spent more time there. We spent 5 weeks and traveled 4700 miles on Newfoundland. That wasn't nearly enough. We heard about Newfoundland from people coming off the island while we were on Nova Scotia. That was in 1997 and in 1999 we headed right over there.

Other info: Spend at least 2-3 days at Bonavista if at all possible.
- vango2002
Pluses: We were there in 1999. Mrs. Collins and her daughter waited for about 2-3 hours till we got done having lunch across the lake at the table and then going down and looking over the old mine. She and her daughter were waiting outside the super little museum they have for us to see if we would visit it. Boy, were we surprised at how well it is set up and the many things in it. I believe at the time there were only 13 people living there and one( their daughter was at college. There are many pluses to Tilt Cove. It was a delightful setting to have lunch at. The grave yard at the top of the hill is nice to walk around and see all the people that had been there. We were sorry to hear that Mrs. Collin's relatives graves were disturbed when they put in the road. Well I could go on , but I will stop here.

Minuses: Only one I can think of is the 7 miles of dusty road getting in there, but maybe it is fixed better by now. But it was certain no problem.

A great place to... Sit back and enjoy Life

Other info: I highly recommend Tilt Cove as a place to sped a bit of your life. Ted Smyth in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
- vango2002

Mar. 7, 2009

Pluses: Bilingual, friendly, close to both Northumberland Straight and the Bay of Fundy, has nearly all of the amenities of bigger cities.

Minuses: Small city, not graced with very appealing geography, the casueway has destroyed the lower river and damaged the ecosystem.

A great place to... Retire or to work in small business
- raygeo

Mar. 6, 2009

Pluses: Quiet, faces due west if you are lucky enough to have waterfront. It has a micro-climate that is amazing.In winter, you can have a snow free zone at the bottom of the big hill.... as the people know. At the top of the hill it can be a white-out condition for driving. The township will plow the roads out quickly. The area is not well known. 5 km to fire rescue. Brilliant sunsets, amazing Meteroite showers every summer. Great bonfires on the public/private beach......heaven,

Minuses: Dog haters. It requires a 4X4 to safely navigate the roads when the weather is bad. Geting very expencive to own. Taxes are startimg drive owners off their family owned land. The township thinks that the cottage owners are a cash cow that they milk at will.

A great place to... Live and invest in the local community
- buckup
Pluses: The Best food in Miles served at the Bonanza Driftwood restaurant.
Great Prices
An owner that always greets people coming in
Very Clean
Really top notch waitresses
It is a pleasure to have gone to the Drayton Little Theatre and gone to eat there. I also stop every time I go to Guelph, Toronto, Mt Forest or Palmerston to visit friends.
The restaurant is open Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
and closed on Sundays and Hollidays.
I have been going there since 1951 and wouldnt go anywhere else.
I paid around 8 dollars for a delicious turkey dinner with
They have a dining room that holds 60 people and I am thinking of having all my friends from the area phone the restaurant and go there for a week end.

Minuses: Get your gas before you go there.

A great place to... visit==You meet a person once at the restaurant and after that they know you and say hello.
I found the restaurant across the street too expensive for what it serves.

Other info: A great place and growing larger every day tripling in size in the last 5 years.
Forgot to mention the restaurant is right across the street
from the Drayton Little Theatre.
- McIntosh

Mar. 5, 2009

Pluses: Great place to have a picnic and walk around seeing all the things left by the mining. Also walking thru the grave yard and reading all the dates and names. Can't leave out the super museum that the Collins family take care of. The seven mile trip to get back there is well worth it. The lake in the middle sets off the beautiful view of the whole place with the ice bergs in the distant water.

Minuses: Not a minus any where

A great place to... Picnic. Walk around. Visit the museum, and talk with Mrs. Collins and Family

Other info: Seven miles off the main road.

Anyone wanting to contact us

Mary Le and Ted Smyth
1608 10th Ave. S. W.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

- neffielover
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