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Feb. 25, 2009

Pluses: Everywhere you go you will bump into someone you know.

Minuses: Have to leave to go really shopping.

A great place to... Raise a family, make memories.

Other info: I hold Aylmer very near and dear to my heart. A beautiful town with wonderful people. I wish I could live there, and I really miss 32 Pine Street West.
- goozeake

Feb. 24, 2009

Pluses: Quiet and peaceful
Friendly atmosphere
lots of space to be worry-free
leave from doorstep to wilderness without haveing to travel
conviences of deerlake only 10 min drive
conviences of corner brook only 48min drive
not so cold winter but lots, lots of snow, which may be a minus to some
swimming hole in town, also swimming pool and waterslide located at funland, also a bar
town hall, library
community activities
on the boarder of beautiful gros morne
nation park big falls is in cormack
local gas station and convience store

A great place to... relax
raise a family in a safe surronding
enjoy nature
cultivate land
spend the summer for swimmers, campers, sightseers, quaders and dirtbikers,
or the winter for skidoos, snowshoers, sightseers

Other info: argicultural community
located on the western coast of newfoundland
- alwaysgoing

Feb. 22, 2009

Pluses: nice views in spring sunner fall and winter good neighbors

Minuses: toooooooooo much snow in the winter

A great place to... to go to a small beach for a swim or a bbq with the family

Other info: one of the best spots to live in my eyes
- louisgeorge

Feb. 20, 2009

Pluses: When I was a kid I could walk to school and ride my bike any where and always feel safe...I always liked Clinton and felt connected there...
my grandfather ran the picture show after the war...I know George Germann and is son Bill, his wife Grace...actually that is who I am searching for...Bill ran the bowling alley at one time...Geo ran coal...and they had horses...and Grace was a great cook...

Minuses: small town so as a teen...long drives for parents to take you places....most of my ancestors are buried there...

A great place to... grow up as a kid

Other info: I have lots of family hx of Clinton...
- hollymunroe

Feb. 17, 2009

Pluses: this road is a very interesting road into the woods,a plus if your like me and love outdoor adventure in all is a convience to still have this road today.

Minuses: this road like all others in our fine provence is very rough!

A great place to... enjoy nature&the sceenery.
- craig00

Feb. 16, 2009

Pluses: Hoping to find my relations who lived around there from 1901, last known in the area c 1979
Family of the Minshull, originally came from Liverpool, England in c 1900.
Jack Littleton Minshull or his family or of his brothers.
My g.mother was a Minshull and was Jacks fathers sister.

Other info: Sorry if I have put this info on the wrong pages, but any help would be great
Many thanks
- takanni

Feb. 15, 2009

Pluses: nice & quiet

Minuses: old

A great place to... relax

Other info: refereshing landscape
- frederic
Pluses: Plumas, Manitoba is an agricultural village, so it is great for fertile and easy farming land, surrounding the village. The people of Plumas are friendly, so you are always welcome to Plumas. Plumas contains a restaurant and bar, called The Plumas Inn, where Plumas citizens like to meet, and anyone is welcome here. The inn also contains a four-room motel, where tourists may stay the night. Plumas has a skating rink, where people also play hockey, as well as a curling rink, for bonspiels, and Plumas has a community hall, and a senior's hall, all to create recreational hospitality. Plumas is home to two stores, the Kickass Country Store (a knitting/fabric store), and the Plumas Stop N' Shop (grocery store). There are two churches; a Lutheran Church, and a United Church. Plumas also contains an elementary/middle school. Plumas is also home to the annual Ski-doo Poker Derby! See Plumas!

Minuses: The train station has been closed, and moved away, so Plumas does not get delivery by rail, unless someone decides to construct a new train station.

A great place to... Become a farmer, and to farm fertile land. If you like the country, come to this farming town, and check out nature, and the country. Birdwatching, trails, forests, nature.....come to Plumas. If you are just a 'small town tourist,' come to Plumas to check out this friendly village.

Other info: Plumas is a village in the Canadian province of Manitoba, and is located where HWY 265 and HWY 260 meet. The population of Plumas is about 250, according to the latest census, and town folks, and has been intermittently shrinking and growing, so balancing around the 250 mark. Plumas was founded in 1872, as the town of Richmond, and later changed to the town of Plumas, when a man from Plumas County, California, came to reside in Richmond, and then changed the name to his home county. Plumas' streets are Queens Rd, Evenson St, MacKenzie St, Richmond Ave, Burrows Ave, Church St, Jordan St, White St, Plumas St, and Anderson St. Plumas' motto is "Proud to be Prairie," which can be viewed on Plumas' village sign, coming onto Jordan St.
- travelbug

Feb. 12, 2009

Pluses: My grandfather Michael J Cummings was born in North River in about 1861. Members of his is immediate family resided there until about 1958.
- michaeljcummings

Feb. 11, 2009

Pluses: The city is small and friendly. Residents are warm and welcoming they say "hello" to you as if they've known you for years.
The city is picturesque and has a feeling of old world charm to it.
The buildings are of architectural significance and history.
Great potential for a thriving arts community.
Great shops.

Minuses: Insufficient resources for the theatre and arts community.

A great place to... Paris is a good place to spend the day exploring the sites and shops of the downtown area.
A great place to escape the city life and return to a simpler and calmer pace of life.
- bccfundraising
Pluses: Absolutley beautiful moumtains, fresh air and rich in heritage

Minuses: often much too windy and a bit too cold in the winter

A great place to... spend a peaceful vaction, go hiking, fishing or take photos andjust unwind and relax

Other info: Both sets of my Grandparnets resided in Coleman. The family names were Zinook and Sikora. Some of the family still lives in Coleman, but most have moved away fron the area. I still love to make return visits to the area to walk the mountain paths I used to walk with my Grandmother Zinnok in search of shaggy main musrooms and wild berries.
- Ardel

Feb. 10, 2009

Pluses: its small..its memories, its the home of my happiness

Minuses: im not there anymore

A great place to... be young, b old, and all inbetween...
- teachme2night

Feb. 9, 2009

Pluses: What can I say? Lots!
Elgin, while small in size is BIG on hospitality.

There is a lovely park nearby with camping facilities and a golf course. The museum displays artifacts, local and family history, old time farm implements and an operating windmill and water pump. The nearby Dodds Farms grain elevator is an example of a 'prairie sentinal'.

The cemetery north of town has a number of older gravesites and ornamental headstones that were popular in the early 1900's.

The Elgin Senate meets at the West Elgin Mall on a regular basis to solve the problems of the world, tell lies and make slanderous remarks about the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Elgin is close to Bunclody which also has a very nice picnic park and is home to the Bunclody Marching Band which is always the 'invited band' for various celebrations in the district.

Hey, if you are looking for a wild and crazy time, stay home. But for a pleasant visit for a day, or over the weekend, Elgin welcomes you.

Minuses: Let's not be negative about the positive.

A great place to... Visit and get in touch with the relaxing mood of a friendly village.

Other info: A pleasant drive from Brandon, Souris, Deloraine or Boissevain and the International Peace Garden.
- Dudleydidit

Feb. 6, 2009

Pluses: THe peacefulness of the town
Good place to raise kids,
Friendly neighbours,
Your self contained,wells great!
Beautiful sunsets.
Feel safe ,no crime,no vandals,
walk at nite and feel safe,lots of street lights.
Good snow removal, main street cleaned fast!
Halloween and be great we give good stuff,less kids here!
Winter fun ,snowmobile across country.
Summer quade ride or trail rides are available.
Motorcycle clubs do poker runs for charity in area around and in Assiniboia 45 min from Fife Lake.

Minuses: No doctors for the last year close by,
Must travel 15 min to local food stores and gas,
Winter can be tough to get out of town in Blizzards,
if garage is in ally.
45 min from Hospital in Assiniboia

A great place to... Raise a family,safe,clean Start a small busness
Retire if your in good health!

Other info: Call the only busness here and talk to Lawson the Hotel
owner. He is very friendly and will talk you ear off about the Village and its history 476-2605 11 am to 11;pm
- Mare

Feb. 5, 2009

Pluses: Family Oriented community.
Tight knit group of neighbors who are eager to help out one another.
Summer Camp program available Tumbleweeds Ranch Equestrian Facility.
Fantastic Brand new huge hall that hosts a multitude of community events.
Community rec center that although is small, is a good size for the population.
Two churches right in town, hotel, B&B, post office and general store and camp ground.
It has a welcoming small town feel.

Minuses: There needs more young families moving to the area.
We are overshadowed by the surrounding tourist towns.

A great place to... Raise a family
Go horseback riding.
Go to summer camp.
Board a horse.
Learn about Bison.
Party at a karaoke night at the hotel.
Play bingo in the new hall.
Stop in for a stroll or lunch on the way to the cottage.
- FraserwoodCowgirl

Feb. 2, 2009

Pluses: Love Nipawin as it is a friendly people town.
Great area for nature photography.
would like to meet casual nature photographers in and near Nipawin.

A great place to... Go for coffee, shop and all else necessary,

Other info: How about a note or two telling what they like to do in Nipawin.
- patches2008

Feb. 1, 2009

Pluses: Quiet and no tourists

A great place to... Great place for kids and the fishing is great
- sparks602
Pluses: Nice friendly community

A great place to... enjoy the beautiful picturistic landscapes
- home

Jan. 31, 2009

Pluses: Beautiful lake & river for boating & fishing, friendy people, quite, good ski-doo trails, good hunting.

Minuses: No service station. Not a lot of jobs.

A great place to... Raise a family
- cokespb

Jan. 28, 2009

Pluses: Cape Race has been called Canada's most significant landfall.
the curent lighthouse was built in 1907. It is one of few manned lighthouses in Newfoundland.
Cape Race is also the site of the newly reconstucted Marconi Wireless Station that received the famous distress call from the Titanic on April 14,1912.

stop by the visitor centre in Portugal Cove South and get information on getting a tour of the lighthouse and Wireless Station.

Minuses: 20km drive on a gravel road .
the drive is worth it because the scenery is breathtaking!!!

A great place to... hike , do some whale watching and bird watching
- promotions
Pluses: Portuguese explorer Gasper Corte Real erected a banner near Portugal Cove South in the early 1500's to mark the most westerly point of his voyage. Soon after it was used as a summer fishing station for Portuguese,Basque, French and English fishermen. It was the Irish that decided to stay. By 1921 there were 181 people living here.In the 1950's more people arrived from tiny communities along the coast towards Cape Race. Population 1956 was 251.
After the colapse of the cod fishery in 1991, people retrained , resettled , those that remain here are employed in the crabfishery, work offshore or go to Alberta on shift work.
In 1998 CAPE RACE-PCS HERITAGE INC. was formed by a group of volunteers with a mandate to preserve, protect, promote and develop the natural , cultural and historical resources of the Cape Race Heritage Area from Cape Race to Portugal Cove South.This includes Cape Race National Light house,Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre and Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve.

Minuses: no restaurant or motel in community . However there are 2 restaurants , a motel and a B&B in the nearby town of Trepassey

A great place to... hike, birdwatching, whale watching, fishing , hunting , berrypicking and more. Stop by the Portugal Cove South Visitor Centre which houses an exhibit area and a gift shop.
The exhibits provide an introduction to Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve, Cape Race light station , shipwrecks and local ecology , as well as cultural and historical attractions in the area. Browse around our giftshop where locals display there talents in rug hooking, quilt making,knitting, painting , photgraphy, jewelry making and more.

Other info: Visitor centre provides guided tours to Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve,(which protects 575-565 milions years old , globally significant, Ediacaran Fossils) Cape Race Nsational Historical Light house ( built in 1907 from reinforced concrete ,it was the second in the world to use this material and the first of its kind in North America)and Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre( received the famous distress call from the Titanic on April 14,1912.

for more information contact the Visitor Centre
- promotions
Pluses: ?vibrant downtown with lots of shops and restaurants
?located at the fork of 2 beautiful rivers
?lots of recreation options, high quality golf, canoeing, rafting, kakyaking, mini golf, hiking, biking and more
?lots of history associated with the area, including aboriginal
?unique vegetation for nature lovers to enjoy
?very worth a visit for a short while or a life time
?unique accommodation providers at reasonable rates
?home of Mary Maxim's and then some

Minuses: ?places to stay in town are not apparent when in downtown area

A great place to... ...for a weekend getaway, or day trip from Toronto, Hamilton or KW area
...use for a home base when visiting southern Ontario from other parts of Canada or from other countries
...raise a family or retire

Other info: ..has been named the 'Prettiest Town in Canada' at the junction of the Grand and Nith Rivers
...lots of beautiful homes with unique architecture
...lots of culture and diversity in this town
- riverridge

Jan. 27, 2009

Pluses: Well, my g-g-g-grandmother was there and survived it so here I am today!

Minuses: War, starvation, atrocities.

A great place to... dig into history and discover what happens when cultures clash.
- dkeyes48
Pluses: Downtown Millbrook, Millbrook, Village Food and Beverage, Alison Realty GMAC Real Estate

A great place to... Enjoy lunch or dinner at The Village Food and Beverage

Look at homes with Alison Realty GMAC Real Estate
- DowntownMillbrook

Jan. 25, 2009

Pluses: Rockglen is beautiful, the people are friendly and I love the wide open spaces. House is very affordable and the streets are very safe. Rockglen is only a short drive to larger centers with national bank chains and chain stores.
Rockglen is neatly tucked into the rolling hills along the Montana border.
You would be delighted of you visited. We have an old Train Station that features our Art Gallery, Museum, Gift Shop and Tea House.

Minuses: There are very few minuses

A great place to... Live or visit

Other info: Rockglen has a bank, movie theater, bowling alley, hair salons, beauty and supply outlet, library, butcher shop, grocery store, insurance company, K-12 school, churches, post office, boutique and more!
- rockglengiftshop
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