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Jan. 31, 2009

Pluses: Beautiful lake & river for boating & fishing, friendy people, quite, good ski-doo trails, good hunting.

Minuses: No service station. Not a lot of jobs.

A great place to... Raise a family
- cokespb

Jan. 28, 2009

Pluses: Cape Race has been called Canada's most significant landfall.
the curent lighthouse was built in 1907. It is one of few manned lighthouses in Newfoundland.
Cape Race is also the site of the newly reconstucted Marconi Wireless Station that received the famous distress call from the Titanic on April 14,1912.

stop by the visitor centre in Portugal Cove South and get information on getting a tour of the lighthouse and Wireless Station.

Minuses: 20km drive on a gravel road .
the drive is worth it because the scenery is breathtaking!!!

A great place to... hike , do some whale watching and bird watching
- promotions
Pluses: Portuguese explorer Gasper Corte Real erected a banner near Portugal Cove South in the early 1500's to mark the most westerly point of his voyage. Soon after it was used as a summer fishing station for Portuguese,Basque, French and English fishermen. It was the Irish that decided to stay. By 1921 there were 181 people living here.In the 1950's more people arrived from tiny communities along the coast towards Cape Race. Population 1956 was 251.
After the colapse of the cod fishery in 1991, people retrained , resettled , those that remain here are employed in the crabfishery, work offshore or go to Alberta on shift work.
In 1998 CAPE RACE-PCS HERITAGE INC. was formed by a group of volunteers with a mandate to preserve, protect, promote and develop the natural , cultural and historical resources of the Cape Race Heritage Area from Cape Race to Portugal Cove South.This includes Cape Race National Light house,Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre and Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve.

Minuses: no restaurant or motel in community . However there are 2 restaurants , a motel and a B&B in the nearby town of Trepassey

A great place to... hike, birdwatching, whale watching, fishing , hunting , berrypicking and more. Stop by the Portugal Cove South Visitor Centre which houses an exhibit area and a gift shop.
The exhibits provide an introduction to Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve, Cape Race light station , shipwrecks and local ecology , as well as cultural and historical attractions in the area. Browse around our giftshop where locals display there talents in rug hooking, quilt making,knitting, painting , photgraphy, jewelry making and more.

Other info: Visitor centre provides guided tours to Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve,(which protects 575-565 milions years old , globally significant, Ediacaran Fossils) Cape Race Nsational Historical Light house ( built in 1907 from reinforced concrete ,it was the second in the world to use this material and the first of its kind in North America)and Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre( received the famous distress call from the Titanic on April 14,1912.

for more information contact the Visitor Centre
- promotions
Pluses: ?vibrant downtown with lots of shops and restaurants
?located at the fork of 2 beautiful rivers
?lots of recreation options, high quality golf, canoeing, rafting, kakyaking, mini golf, hiking, biking and more
?lots of history associated with the area, including aboriginal
?unique vegetation for nature lovers to enjoy
?very worth a visit for a short while or a life time
?unique accommodation providers at reasonable rates
?home of Mary Maxim's and then some

Minuses: ?places to stay in town are not apparent when in downtown area

A great place to... ...for a weekend getaway, or day trip from Toronto, Hamilton or KW area
...use for a home base when visiting southern Ontario from other parts of Canada or from other countries
...raise a family or retire

Other info: ..has been named the 'Prettiest Town in Canada' at the junction of the Grand and Nith Rivers
...lots of beautiful homes with unique architecture
...lots of culture and diversity in this town
- riverridge

Jan. 27, 2009

Pluses: Well, my g-g-g-grandmother was there and survived it so here I am today!

Minuses: War, starvation, atrocities.

A great place to... dig into history and discover what happens when cultures clash.
- dkeyes48
Pluses: Downtown Millbrook, Millbrook, Village Food and Beverage, Alison Realty GMAC Real Estate

A great place to... Enjoy lunch or dinner at The Village Food and Beverage

Look at homes with Alison Realty GMAC Real Estate
- DowntownMillbrook

Jan. 25, 2009

Pluses: Rockglen is beautiful, the people are friendly and I love the wide open spaces. House is very affordable and the streets are very safe. Rockglen is only a short drive to larger centers with national bank chains and chain stores.
Rockglen is neatly tucked into the rolling hills along the Montana border.
You would be delighted of you visited. We have an old Train Station that features our Art Gallery, Museum, Gift Shop and Tea House.

Minuses: There are very few minuses

A great place to... Live or visit

Other info: Rockglen has a bank, movie theater, bowling alley, hair salons, beauty and supply outlet, library, butcher shop, grocery store, insurance company, K-12 school, churches, post office, boutique and more!
- rockglengiftshop

Jan. 24, 2009

Pluses: free and easy life with lots of fishing,hunting and hiking in the woods

Minuses: none altho it was a dusty dirt road that ended in napadogan

A great place to... fish,hike or hunt
- harry1234
Pluses: My father George Joseph Smith as a 15 yr old came from Stockport England as a home children and was placed with a family Thomas Joseph Myles & wife Carrie (Maher) Myles they had 2 children of their own Catherine & Louis. their farm was on Lot 7 concession 8 of Aspodel twp in 1924.
I know a lot of years have gone by, but I just found this information from the Catholic immigration Ass.
I'm hoping there might be someone around still that might remeber my dad & even have a photo of him living with wonder family that took him in and gave him a home.
I know it a long shot.
How could I get a map the the area Lot 7 8 concession?
Also do you know anyone that could help me?
with Kind regards
Mike Smith
- mdrynan

Jan. 18, 2009

Pluses: Tranquility, beauty and silence.

Minuses: No employment

A great place to... Get away from the world.
- patrizia88

Jan. 17, 2009

Pluses: quiet

Minuses: 25 km to any services

A great place to... hide

Other info: Home of FOLK ART BY RIC
- folkartist

Jan. 15, 2009

Pluses: Green Road, beautifull bicycles ambiance place.Nature, animal.Close to all amenities.

Minuses: The hundred motorcycle pass on the road each day in summer.Is the reason why we moved out of there, really too bad this noise destroy the beauty of the nature.Really the Govertment have to do something for control this thousand of noisy motorcycle pass there all summer long.

A great place to... Raise kids.To be quiet after souper time, not realy in summer.

Other info: 10 Minutes from Lachute were you can find all you need.Or 15 minutes of Ontario, were all price is cheaper.
- pse2007

Jan. 13, 2009

Pluses: close to city.

Minuses: taxes taxes taxes and more taxes but no services

A great place to... have fun

Other info: waterfront lot on the river
- sidvicious

Jan. 11, 2009

Pluses: I grew up there.

Minuses: Must drive everywhere else for services.

A great place to... bring up a family
- jjanel
Pluses: Cool that a community is named after my family.

Minuses: Sad that I can't register Meadows as a web domain because there is a community named after my family.

A great place to... Hold a Meadows Family reunion on the 100th+ anniversary of the founding of Meadows Newfoundland. Something the community should look at to promote itself, much as Owen Ontario held a Owen Family reunion of the 100th Anniversary of Owen.
- NanooseBoy
Pluses: Small quiet town helpfull neighbours low taxes

Minuses: poor snow removal highway comes in to do it once and a while out of the kindness of their heart

A great place to... be yourself and settle down
- madtrayvon5

Jan. 9, 2009

Pluses: good people

Minuses: 'hibernates' in winter

A great place to... buy pottery at ANITA STUDIOS - POTTERY
- Valdis

Jan. 8, 2009

Pluses: Beautifull Scenery!

Minuses: Road from Trout Lake to Gerrard "Scary!
Suggest alternative route.
- kWheeler

Jan. 6, 2009

Pluses: Its was a great place to grow up. As a child you could jump on your bike and just go. As long as you were home for meal time.
The scenery is beautiful. The people for the most part are warm and friendly.
There is so much do you as long as you love the outside. Fishing, hunting, boating, snowmobiling, skating, the list goes on and on. If your a city person, needing the malls and resturants, its not the place for you. The nearest Tims is 2 hours away!

Minuses: Unfortunatly there is not much of a self sustaining economy in River of Ponds. Mostly the fishery and thats not what it once was.

A great place to... Grow up. Relax. Get away from the hustle of everyday life. I want to retire back home. A reverse snowbirds paradise. I love winter and winter hobbies. Its the dream place for me. River of Ponds in the winters and stay in Nova Scotia for the summer.
- newfiegirl78

Jan. 5, 2009

Pluses: Friendly town where you can make life long friends

Minuses: Black flies and misquitoes can be unbearable

A great place to... meet new people
- SweetGogamaGal
Pluses: well it has a dry cleaning plant, has a school and a hall along with like 3 stores in around the surrounding area. it's the place too be if you are broke and don't have any goals in life.. and well jobs are scarce.

Minuses: jobs are given mainly to peeps who are related to thief (oops I mean chief) and council. it would be a plus if we could get our oil monies we so much need.. every head is accounted for on the reserve.. so why then don't the band members receive any monies the federal gov't gives to the band? also, band members who live elsewhere besides on the reserve should recieve some kind of monies instead of having to receive assistance.. I mean we can pay our own medical if the gov't gives it to us instead of the bands.

A great place to... just hang out and become a veggie

Other info: nice place to score dope and very loose ladies!
- insatiabledude

Jan. 4, 2009

Pluses: Small town atmosphere with city conveniences
Easy walk to shops and restaurants
Lots of social activities
The Credit River
Beautiful parkland
Lots of places to walk
Lots of history
Beautiful old houses/buildings

Minuses: No grocery store to walk to

A great place to... ...spend the day
...go for a walk
...have dinner together with family
...learn about history
- kfurster

Jan. 2, 2009

Pluses: skating rink, curling rink, seniors centre, library, fitness centre, dance club, co-op store, grocery store, campground, swimming pool, agricultural fair, a clean, active community on a twinned highway, an abundant supply of excellent quality water at reasonable rates, and close to major centres for all services.

Minuses: no minuses, if you want a safe rural community Radisson is the right place

A great place to... Agood place to live, retire, conduct business, or enjoy the recreational facilities.

Other info: Radisson is located on a major twinned highway and is well worth consideration as a home. Its population is about 450 and growing, with some limited housing available at reasonable prices. Taxes are low and services are excellent; it's a warm, welcoming community.
- cochld

Dec. 28, 2008

Pluses: the sound of the dam spillway "roaring" in the Spring,
the unlimited coulees to explore,
the nearby hills,
wild crocuses in the Spring,
the great snowmobiling, kite flying, gopher watching (ha)
friendly people,
cool elevator.
great skating rink and fun times
always whipping Avonlea's butt at Sportsdays
Cool schools

Minuses: everyone moved away!
the rinks are gone
the stores are gone
attracting losers & pot growers now
soon to be a ghost town of not already
schools are gone, replaced by Avonlea (ugh!)

A great place to... snowmobile, hunt, walk, enjoy country quiet, bird watch, sit in the coulees and observe the wildlife, pick Saskatoons, get away from it all.

Other info: Real estate is going up, get a lot or a house while you can!!
- cragmont

Dec. 25, 2008

Pluses: the comunatie is growing

Minuses: the death cause from drug and suicide is a real problem and they need too get better law infocerment

A great place to... yah cause the school is finly build
- leemattatall
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