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ePodunk gathers information from thousands of sources, including government agencies, databases, print reference works and news organizations.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of this data. However, the availability and reliability of information vary, and some data can change frequently. If you come across information on our site that you believe is erroneous, please let us know.


Data sources consulted by ePodunk include:

Canadian government

Provincial government

ePodunk has obtained information from agencies of every province.

Local government

ePodunk databases include information from community and regional governments, economic development agencies and convention bureaus.

Reference works & databases

Books, databases and reference works consulted by ePodunk include:

1812: The War that Forged a Nation, Walter R. Borneman


Acadian Awakenings, William D. Gerrior
Amalgamation vs. Inter-Municipal Cooperation, Andrew Sancton et al


Beautiful Ontario Towns, Fred Dahms
Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw, Will Ferguson
British Columbia Coast Names, Capt. John T. Walbran
British Columbia coast names, 1592-1906, L.P. Brodeur
British Columbia Place Names, G.P.V. and Helen B. Akrigg


Canada Firsts, Ralph Nader et al
The Canadian Encyclopedia, Hurtig Publishers
The Canadian Family Tree, Multiculturalism Directorate
The Canadians, Andrew H. Malcolm
Casselman's Canadian Words, Bill Casselman
China Tide: The Hong Kong Exodus to Canada, Margaret Cannon
City to City, Jan Morris
Colombo's 101 Canadian Places, John Robert Colombo
Community Names of Alberta, Ernest G. & Austin A. Mardon
Company of Adventurers, Peter C. Newman


Dictionary of Canadian History, David J. Bercuson and J.L. Granatstein
Dictionary of Canadian Place Names, Alan Rayburn
A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles, ed. Walter S. Avis
Dictionary of Newfoundland English, ed. G.M. Story, W.J. Kirwin, J.D.A. Widdowson
Dictionary of Prince Edward Island English, T.K. Pratt


Empire of the Bay, Peter C. Newman
The Encyclopedia of British Columbia, Daniel Francis
Encyclopedia of Newfoundland & Labrador, Robert D.W. Pitt
Encyclopedia of Ontario, Nick Mika
Encyclopedia of the Great Plains, David J. Wishart, editor
The Estates of Old Toronto, Liz Lundell


Farewell, Town of Streetsville, Tom Urbaniak
Fitzhenry & Whiteside Book of Canadian Facts & Dates, Richard W. Pound


Gathering Place: Peoples and Neighbourhoods of Toronto, 1834-1945, Robert F. Harney
The Group of Seven, Charles C. Hill


Historic Canada, Kildare Dobbs and Marjorie Harris
Hockey Towns, Bill Boyd
How to Be a Canadian, Will Ferguson


Irish Migrants in the Canadas, Bruce S. Elliott


Kamouraska, Anne Hebert


The Last Spike, Pierre Burton
Let's Call It Canada, Susah Hughes


The MacMillan Book of Canadian Place Names, William B. Hamilton
Main Street: Windsor to Quebec City, Maurice Yeates
Memories of Ontario, Terry Boyle
Mondo Canuck, Geoff Pevere and Greig Dymond
My Country: The Remarkable Past, Pierre Burton


The National Dream, Pierre Burton


Ontario Place Names, David E. Scott
Ottawa, John H. Taylor
Over 2000 Place Names of Alberta, Eric J. & Patricia M. Holmgren
Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature, ed. William Toye


Place Names of Atlantic Canada, William B. Hamilton
Place Names of Manitoba, Penny Ham
Place Names of Ontario, Alan Rayburn
Place Names of the Pacific Northwest Coast, Lynn Middleton
Places in Ontario, Nick and Helma Mika


Queen Charlotte Islands - Places and Names, Kathleen E. Dalzell


Shattered City, Janet F. Kitz
A Short History of Canada, Desmond Morton
So You Want to Be a Canadian, Kerry Colburn


Titanic Halifax: A Guide to Sites, Alan Jeffers & Rob Gordon
Titanic Victims in Halifax Graveyards, Blair Beed
The Toronto Guide: The City, the Fringe, the Region, Edward Relph
Transatlantic Scots, ed. Celeste Ray


Weird Canadian Words, Edrick Thay
What's in a Name, E.T. Russell
Wolf Willow, Wallace Stegner


Your Guide to Toronto Neighbourhoods, David Dunkelman
Your Guide to Toronto Suburbs, David Dunkelman
Yukon Places & Names, R. Coutt

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